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Astrology and your physical body

Astrology and your physical body
Each Sign relates to a different part – or parts – of the body, and here’s our head-to-toe guide to which part relates to which sign, and how this impacts on our health.

Zodiac Body Parts

Aries: Head 

A battle scar on the head or the face often gives combatant Aries away, whether this is the sun sign or the ascendant. Like the ram, they effectively head-butt their way in life, so perhaps it’s this mental attitude that makes their heads more vulnerable generally. They’re occasionally visited by headaches arising from stress and tension, so both need to be managed to keep these at bay. Although with Mars as their ruling planet, they know their own minds, are quick-thinking, and astonishingly self-aware when it comes to what’s good and bad for them.

Taurus: Throat

Sticking out their tongues and saying ‘aah’ is a road well travelled for the tickly-throated Taurus, and coughs and splutters can be related complaints. They must watch for losing their voice, and they also shouldn’t sit in draughty surroundings because they’re prone to getting stiff necks. Their general constitutions are pretty robust however, and many of them look and feel pretty impregnable to the onslaught of illness, and they get annoyed when it does happen to them.

Gemini: Lungs

Respiratory problems can beset Gemini, so smoking should be avoided, even though a lot of this sign’s excess energy does seem to find an outlet in the habit. Their hands can also give them gyp, and so it’s important that they take the utmost care of both these areas. They are a multi-faceted sign, and a cerebral one, so plenty of sleep together with the positive expression of nervous energy is vital for good mental health.

Cancer: Stomach

If Cancer worries – which they’re prone to do – it manifests in their stomach area. This is a sensitive sign, and it rules many sensitive parts of the body that are located in this general area, like the breasts and the pancreas. The right foods are therefore also a key part to them remaining in tiptop health, and preventing bloating and indigestion.

Leo: Heart

Leo has big heart and this is the part of the body it rules, as well as the spine. These areas are susceptible to emotional trauma and upset, and so it’s important that any negativity finds a positive outlet instead of being bottled up. This is a proud sign, and they like to prove that they can still cut it as they get older, leading to strains on the heart or back when they get carried away.

Virgo: Digestion

All the little details in life are where Virgo fits neatly into the picture, and the small intestine and the lower digestive tract are the pars of the body concerned with this sign. The nervous system is also under Virgo’s jurisdiction, and so, like Gemini, they can be prone to nervous exhaustion. Their delicate mental sensibilities make them a finely tuned machine, and one that requires careful maintenance.

Libra: Kidneys

Libra rules the kidneys and so they need to keep hydrated and avoid anything in excess. The lower back is also a weak spot, so yoga is great for them, likewise any core-strengthening exercise. This type of activity also lets a Zen-like energy into their lives, which can help them process the everyday stresses and strains rather more comfortably.

Scorpio: Bowels

The bowel is the most intelligent organ after the brain, and the Scorpio gut feeling is legendary. Scorpio people live by their instinct and are street smart with it. The one thing they must remember to do is to have a balanced diet with plenty of roughage. They also rule the sex organs too, so they’re more susceptible to STDs.

Sagittarius: Thighs 

Sagittarius likes to keep on the move, and so it follows that it rules the hips, thighs and the sciatic nerve. These are areas they need to take care to look after, and this often comes down to something as simple as sitting down. Conversely, if their job calls for long stretches of sitting, walking is a great way for them to relieve any stress and strains of the day, and lower blood pressure at the same time.

Capricorn: Knees

Capricorn rules the skeleton and the teeth, which is what keeps us all hanging together, and that’s very much what this Saturn-ruled sign is all about: structure. Their knees and the joints in general must be kept well oiled, so a diet rich in omega 3 doesn’t go amiss. This sign also rules the hair, and it often has luscious locks that remain that way until a ripe old age.

Aquarius: Ankles

Ankles are the focus for Aquarius. This is a sign that must feel that everything is balanced, and as the sign of the people, Aquarius carries the weight of expectation heavier than any other sign. They can also have circulation problems stemming from too much isolation, so they need to make sure they aren’t living in an emotional deep-freeze.

Pisces: Feet

Pisces is all about the feet, an area that tends to get neglected. If Pisces do this they can be prone to all the things that the feet are susceptible to, like bunions, blisters and athlete’s foot. Feet problems can be pretty painful and impede mobility if left unchecked, and as the most fluid of all the signs, this is definitely not a dream scenario.
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