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Born on the Cusp Between Two Zodiac Signs

Born on the Cusp Between Two Zodiac Signs

Is your birthday right on the zodiac cusp, when the sun moves from one star sign to the next? Are you, as they say, ‘born on the cusp’? Well, there’s strictly no such thing as ‘born on the cusp’. The Sun either falls in one star sign or the other, never in two signs at once! (If in doubt and you want to get technical check your free birth chart and find out which zodiac sign the sun was in when you were born.) But hey, who knows? Maybe there’s something in all this cusp business after all? You cuspers out there seem convinced that there is! And, let's face it, you’re talking from experience! Maybe the zodiac slices of this big imaginary pie in the sky bleed into each other after all - a bit like the seasons, rather than like the discreet seconds on a clock? So let’s find out more about what it would be to be a 'cusper'. Here are the zodiac sign cusps for all you undecideds out there as well as those born roughly between the 19 and 23 of the month, give or take a couple of days…

Partaking of two star signs not only brings twice the gifts. It also brings twice the faults! Here's a humurous look at the zodiac signs and their negative traits for your amusement!

Born on the Pisces-Aries Cusp (March 19-23) – The Cusp of Rebirth

Hey there, dreamer! Better yet, you’re a dreamer and a doer! A go getter! Shy yet also heroic you, dear Pescaries or Arifish, secretly fantasise about being a superhero and using your magical powers to save the world. You’re the inspired hero: imaginative, spontaneous and marching to your own drum! There’s a kind of fearlessness about you too, half out of ignorance, half out of pure faith. You’re here to push forth and express your true identity, realise your dream and experience life as a thrill! Fly in the ointment? You’re very impatient, a sucker for instant gratification and easily distracted by all things new and shiny. Your rulers are dreamer Neptune and action hero Mars and your elements fire and water, which turn you into something like a steam engine!

Born on the Aries-Taurus Cusp (April 19-23) — The Cusp of Power

You’re a true force of nature! Whether you like to think of yourself more as an immovable force (a ‘Tauries’) or a torrent of fire and brimstone (an ‘Arus’), others can only ignore you at their own peril! You’re a natural born leader, instinctively taking charge, dynamic yet tenacious, fast yet strong, a conqueror who will hold on and fight till the end. Whether you want to rule the world, rule the charts or make a ton of cash as a fearless business innovator and pioneer, nothing can stand in your way. Flaws? You can be impulsive, headstrong (it's those double horns) and self-involved, lacking somewhat in sensitivity and dominating those around you. Your rulers are the sexy lovers of the zodiac, Mars and Venus, giving you oodles of confidence, and your elements earth and fire, which make for explosive lava!

Born on the Taurus-Gemini Cusp (May 19-23) – The Cusp of Energy

Agile, yet strong, clever yet down to earth, curious yet thorough you’ve got a real head for business, dear Gemrus / Taurini! Yours is a combination of practicality and intellectual curiosity. Taurus is quite musical and artistic and Gemini has a knack for words so you could be quite gifted with lyrics or a paintbrush too! You’re very much present in the here and now, you're in the flow and ready to make the most of opportunities for pleasure, gain and comfort. You’re playful yet reliable, have common sense yet are never dull. You might hold a lot of nervous tension in the body around your neck and shoulders and you might be somewhat insensitive to big worldly concerns. Your rulers are Venus and Mercury, the culture planets, and your elements earth and air, which give rise to interesting shapes and patterns.

Born on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp (June 19-23) – The Cusp of Magic

Are you a cultured and intelligent Gemincer or Camini? This is rightly called the cusp of magic as you possess the perfect mix of intellect and curiosity alongside an uncanny intuition and a fertile imagination. It’s a very creative combination, especially in writing, sales and communications, as well as in delving into the past, the occult and life’s mysteries. You’re bubbly, flirtatious and light-hearted but also fiercely protective of and loyal to those you love. Bored in an instant, your mood and thoughts fluctuate alongside the winds and tides, making you shimmery, slippery and difficult to read. Your rulers are the ever changeable, fastest moving planets, Mercury and the Moon and your elements air and water, creating a magical morning mist.

Born on the Cancer-Leo Cusp (July 19-23) – The Cusp of Oscillation

You’re quite a handful, dear Canleo (or Lencer) as you’re very moody and sensitive on the one hand, as well as nursing a big ego and lots of pride on the other. You’re one big kid with a big generous heart and a deeply caring disposition and you can love passionately once someone gets under your skin. This is a very creative cusp too as you combine Leo’s performing talents with Cancer’s bottomless imagination and responsiveness to others. You can swing from being shy and reclusive to domineering and expressive in a heartbeat and you’re definitely a bit of a drama queen! Your rulers are our esteemed luminaries, the Sun and Moon, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, and your elements are water and fire, creating one hot steamy situation!

Born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp (August 19-23) – The Cusp of Exposure

You’re one formidable cusper! As a ‘Veo’ or ‘Lergo’, you combine Leo's virtuosity and desire for applause with Virgo’s perfectionism and self-awareness to present a super-polished impenetrable image, like a burning gem! Shining brightly yet discreetly, you’re a master of skilled self-expression. You’re also proud and quite sensitive to criticism and so you seek to be someone who’s got is together. You can be quite the hypochondriac and a bit melodramatic too and you might find personal relationships challenging simply because of how messy they are and how exposed and vulnerable you feel in one! Your rulers are the brilliant Sun and his whizzy messenger, Mercury, and your elements are fire and earth, crystallising hot coal into diamond!

Born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp (September 19-23) – The Cusp of Beauty

Whether you want to think of yourself as a Vibra or a Lirgo, you’re one truly beautiful soul! It’s not for nothing that yours is called the cusp of ‘beauty’. You’re one classy individual for this is the most refined and elegant combination of all - Virgoan purity and Libran harmony make you divine inside and out! It’s not just about looking good but also about being healthy and on top form, and you care equally about appearance and substance. Soft spoken and polite you nonetheless possess strong critical faculties, an impeccable sense of justice and an ability to find the best solution for all concerned. The only thing? You soon run away from any pressure and ugliness and suffer from procrastination and indecision. Your rulers are Mercury and Venus, the most civilising influences in the zodiac and your elements are earth and air, creating the - what else? - perfect filtration system!

Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp (October 19-23) – The Cusp of Drama & Criticism

We’re right in the heart of relationships with you, dear Scobra (or Librio if you wish, which sounds less threatening by a smidgeon). You, more than anyone, need a companion in life in order to face the world together but also because you need to experience true love and intimacy. You’re artsy and gutsy, sexy and romantic, rough yet beautiful, tactful yet deep. You are usually to be found right there in the midst of drama because you take a real interest in people and are passionate about fairness, getting to the heart of the matter and doing things right. The downside? You can get too lost in other people’s affairs, a bit like a maiden abducted into the deep. Your rulers are the beautiful Venus and her dark sexy stranger Pluto and your elements air and water, creating some rather misty windows!

Born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp (November 19-23)– The Cusp of Revolution

Oh boy, you’re an uncompromising truth seeker, adventurer and thrill seeker! And you certainly like a good challenge. Wild and blunt, you say it like it is. As a fearless Scorpitarius (or Sagicorpio) nothing fazes you! You can scale the heights or plump the depths in your thirst for adventure and you simply thrive on crisis and intensity. You’re passionate yet aloof, intimate yet freedom loving, in control yet philosophical and with a good sense of humour. Your instincts and wisdom mean you have a knack for understanding people although you yourself might often be misunderstood. Your rulers are transformer Pluto and lucky expansive Jupiter, giving you unbending faith and X-ray vision. Your elements are water and fire, creating a jet of steam that can burn through anything!

Born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp (December 19-23) – The Cusp of Prophecy

Welcome to the fast paced world of Sagicorn and/or Capritarius! You’re a true visionary and a hard worker who’s not content to just sit about philosophising. You’re driven to succeed, pursue your vision to the ends of the earth and see your dreams come to pass! A pioneer and pathfinder, you’re guided by your excellent business sense, as well as your unquenchable faith and love of adventure. The world is your oyster. Serious yet optimistic, you’re a forward thinker and where you tread, others may or may not be able to follow - whether for laziness or lack of foresight. Your rulers are expansive Jupiter and hard working Saturn, giving you the perfect blend for success, and your elements fire and earth creating rising lava and volcanic rock.

Born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp (January 19-23) – The Cusp of Mystery & Imagination

You’re a Capriquarius or Aquacorn and quite unique for that too! You sit uncomfortably between two worlds, trying to belong to both: conservative yet eccentric, responsible yet rebellious, traditional yet unconventional. You’re driven to succeed and gain world recognition but you also march to your own beat, guided by your unusual ideals, then wonder why others don't follow. You have a great head for abstract ideas as well as business. The only thing? You're quite cool and self restrained and can be distant and aloof. Your rulers are Saturn, representing the old guard, and Uranus, the rebel! Your elements are air and earth, giving rise to clever ideas, like windmills and turbo jets.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp (February 18-22) – The Cusp of Sensitivity

So you’re an Aquafish or Pesquarius? You’re one deeply sensitive soul! Did you arrive from another dimension? You have your finger on the pulse and your eye on bigger things than what you’re going to have for dinner. You can excel in the arts and sciences alike, as you’re highly innovative and imaginative too. You’re a humanist with a vision for the world and a compassionate bleeding heart. Downside? You can be quite naive and overly idealistic, expecting the world to fit into the perfect fantasy utopia you carry in your head. Your rulers are Uranus and Neptune, the blue cool giants out there in the far reaches of our solar system, giving you a definitely cool edge. As for your elements, they are air and water, a bit like stardust in the evening mist.

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