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The Astrological Sign of Cancer and the Imagination

The Astrological Sign of Cancer and the Imagination
The astrological sign of Cancer tends to worry more than normal. Here's a look on how Cancerians can use their imagination for a good purpose rather than worrying too much.
Ask a Cancerian if they’re a worrier and the answer will probably be a reluctant ‘yes’. If you followed this up by asking them if, looking back, which they’re prone to do, many of their worries had actually materialised, the answer would most likely be ‘no’. Their worries are usually a product of their rich imaginations, which if not given purpose can cause them to blow lots things out of all proportion.
If you’re a sun, ascendant or moon in Cancer person reading this nodding away to yourself, then there is an alternative to knitting worry. We are all our thoughts, and so they can make us their prisoner if we let them, and left unchecked, negativity can lead to stomach problems, a nervy disposition, and clinging on to unhealthy mental habits.
You’re perhaps never going to eradicate this entirely, but by tapping into your imagination in a different way, you can open up a whole other world to keep you occupied, and that means less time worrying…
Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Positive channels for the Cancerian imagination

Tell yourself you’re worth it
Your ruler, the moon, reflects back the light of the sun and the danger is that you bask in the light of other people’s reflected glory without searching for that inner light of your own. Self-belief comes when you add value to what you contribute, and then others will follow your lead. Uranus at the top of your chart is helping you immensely right now, so tap into this energy by expressing your individuality without apology. Don’t write off an idea as being too crazy or too ‘out there’ either, as you need to stand out in this competitive world, and the way the sky is looking right now, you’ve got the edge. Putting a positive spin on things will also diminish the tendency that others have to project their negative feelings on to you.
There are many wonderful Cancerian writers out there past and present, and much of what they pen comes from a reservoir of nostalgia and memories. As the first, and arguably the wateriest water sign (see the 4 elements), as well as retaining water (we all have our cross to bear), you also absorb a lot of what goes on around you, especially when young, This vast bank of data can find an outlet in writing, or some other creative pursuit. George Orwell had a heavy Cancerian influence in his chart, both the sun and the moon, and his imaginary vision through his work made for spectacularly good reads that were spookily prescient.
Expand your world
Are you guilty of sizing new people up and giving them a frosty reception? You can regard the unfamiliar as a threat, but by showing this parochial attitude the door, you will open yourself and your world up to new people and new experiences, and this will bring you greater confidence.
Trust logic as well as instinct
Your ruler the moon moves so rapidly through the signs that you are sometimes right on the money, yet at other times you’re so wide off the mark it’s frightening. Of course you must trust your instinct, it’s marvellous, but there are other times when logic serves you best.  This can help turn off your worrying mind, and remember that you’re heavily influenced by the company that you keep, so when you do feel the spectre of irrational thinking looming, surround yourself with upbeat and carefree types. Life is a delicate balance for you, and living in your head can make you fairly self-absorbed, as well as super absorbent of others’ moods, and this can make things pretty tough for your loved one.
Appear on Dragons’ Den
Your rich imagination also has another positive means of expression, and that of course is a flair for business. You are the entrepreneur, the money-maker, and at least one or two of those crazy thoughts that you have could probably find their way to a pretty nifty business plan. When channelled in this way your memory banks are full of potentially amazing business ideas. You also have the tenacity to make them work, and the charm to get financial backing and convince others that by backing you they’re backing a winner.
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