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Chinese horoscope 2015 - Year of the Sheep (Goat)

Chinese horoscope 2015 - Year of the Sheep (Goat)
With the Year of the Goat there are a lot of contrasts and I have come to believe that the different names we give the year are all correct. By that I mean that this is known as the Year of the Goat, the Year of the Sheep and the Year of the Ram – so which one is right? A sheep and ram are part of the same breed, in that a Ram is a male sheep, but he’s a very different beast. The image of the Sheep is of a gentle, peaceful and rather passive soul, happy to munch all day on life’s grassy pastures without a care in the world, while a Ram is a lot more aggressive animal, stubborn and ready to butt horns with anything that stands in his way. If the going gets tough the Ram will put its head down and just push through regardless. At the same time a Goat is ambitious, wanting that one tasty morsel on the highest craggy outcrop, climbing, nimble footed over tough terrain, determined to get what it wants. To me, the mystery that each Animal Year portrays and the mystery of the different names of each year are not only one in the same, but they explain it all.

The Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat Overview for 2015

2015 is not the Year of the Sheep, the Year of the Goat or the Year of the Ram it’s all three and in that we find the complexities of this year. Yes, we have the passive, easy going nature of the Sheep, but we’ve also got the fearlessness of the Ram and the determination of the Goat, all rolled into one. Herein lies the clues to making the most of a year that I believe has a hard wrap. If you can work with the Sheep to establish what you and the Sheep wants a lot, loving to be indulged, can approach things with the steely determination of the Ram and the competitiveness of the Goat, then this can be a highly successful year. Key is working with all three animals. The Sheep says ‘I want it’, the Ram says ‘pity help anything that gets in my way’ and the Goat says ‘why not aim higher and seek more’? The Sheep doesn’t want to put in the effort but the other two do, but without the motivation the Sheep brings you wouldn’t have something to aim for.
The Year of the Sheep is given a hard wrap as a lazy and indulgent year, until you factor in that this is also the Year of the Goat and the Ram. You will still want the finer things in life, want to be indulged and to have nice things, but you’ll also be determined to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to make it happen. The words ‘no’, ‘it’s not possible’ or ‘it’s too hard’ won’t be in your vocabulary.
To work with the energy of this year then you need to work with the Sheep, the Goat and the Ram. To work with the Sheep then it’s all about being a part of something. Sheep are flock animals, wanting to huddle together and be part of the pack, so friendship and a sense of belonging will also be important. Sheep are followers and operate through a flock or herd mentality, so there is a need to be wary of being swayed by others, finding a balance where you have the benefits of being part of a flock but without the negative connotations.
While the Sheep is a follower the Goat is a leader, so there is a chance this year to take a leadership role, to become more assertive and adopt a take charge attitude, especially in group situations. With this comes a need to avoid butting heads or getting into power struggles. The key is when to take on the qualities of the Sheep and when to take on the qualities of the Goat.
In the meantime, you’re able to work with the Ram when you need to tap into your competitiveness, making this a year for extending yourself, going out on a limb and if you want something, to really go for it.
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