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Christmas songs for each zodiac sign

Christmas songs for each zodiac sign

Christmas songs are surely one of the best things about this time of year, unless you happen to work in a store where they’ve been played on a loop since October. Just for fun, Horoscope Friends presents your zodiac sign’s most fitting Christmas song, plus our tongue-in-cheek reason why! Not to labor the point, but this is just for fun, and will hopefully raise a smile in among all the dashing about, gift-agonising, wrapping, chopping and peeling!

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All I want for Christmas is you by Maria Carey is what you want to hear someone serenade you with this yuletide, dear Aries, because you like to have it reinforced that you’re Number One in their thoughts. Well, while we’re on the subject, you like to think that you occupy the same position in the thoughts of every single person you know! Will you finally get what you want this coming year? Read your 2020 horoscope and find out! 


Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney is our choice of Christmas song for you, dear Taurus, because everyone WILL have a good time whether they like it or not! You’re normally a peace-loving sign, but all that red people are wearing and decorating their houses with is like a red rag to you, and you’ll charge in the direction of any empty plates and glasses that need filling back up! Will you be as energetic this coming year? Read your 2020 horoscope and find out!


Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms (or the cast of Glee) is your Christmas song, dear Gemini, because you can still keep it rocking well into your 80s. You’re often the oldest swinger in town in fact – and we mean that in both senses of the word – plus you can still rock a pair of leather trousers well into your 90s. In your eyes anyway. Will 2017 be a 'rock & roll' year for you? The answer lies in your 2020 horoscope!


Last Christmas by Wham! is a Christmas song that’s you all over, dear Cancer. It harks back to the past, and in taking comfort in the melancholy of lost love and giving your heart away for a pittance in return. And let’s face it, you do like a good moan (and a blub) at Christmas don’t you, and especially once you’ve hit the liquor! But your mood soon swings back north! Will you manage to maintain an optimistic attitude throughout 2017? Your 2020 horoscope thinks so!


The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) by Nat King Cole is your Christmas song, dear Leo. As a fire sign, you’re the big welcoming roaring fire of the zodiac, and you’re not above roasting someone’s nuts on an open fire if they don’t fall exactly in line with your plans or what you want to do! Will your plans for world (or at least community) domination succeed? Read your 2020 horoscope and find out!


White Christmas by Bing Crosby is your song, dear Virgo, because you’re such a goody-two shoes, the Snow White of the zodiac – but you’re not above drifting to the dark side, are you? Like on Black Friday when you’d trample over a bunch of starving orphans for that bargain designer handbag! Which door will you choose this coming year? The white one or the red one? Your 2020 horoscope reveals...


Happy Xmas (War is Over) by fellow Libran John Lennon is your Christmas song, dear Libra. (Apart from the fact that it reminds you, the vainest sign, that you’re another year older) You’re the sign of the peacemaker, the smoother-overer, and you also like some tradition at Christmas, like board games, but if there’s any cheating going on, your warlike inner general is marshalled on the double! Will 2017 be a balanced year for you? Your 2020 horoscope has all the answers!


Santa Baby has got to be the Scorpio Christmas song, although Santa may not be able to fit down your chimney this year because of all those mince pies that you’ve been feeding him over the last few Christmases, yes, dear Scorpio, you can be a bit of a feeder! Fill up on plenty of love this Christmas! And maintain it throughout 2017 will a little help from Santa your 2020 horoscope!


Sleigh Ride by the Ronettes is your Christmas song, dear Sagittarius, because although you don’t mean to, you can take people for a ride promising this and that then not delivering the goods. You also don’t tend to stick around when the going gets tough, so a sleigh is your perfect getaway vehicle, were we to enjoy a white Christmas. Btw, will you finally get to go on that 'trip of a lifetime' that's been on your mind? Your 2020 horoscope reveals!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble is your Christmas song, dear Capricorn, because until the sun hits your sign at the Winter Solstice, you can be a bit Grinch-like and Bah, humbug about it all. There’s no shutting you up after this point either, like one of those noisy toys thoughtless people buy for kids! But none of this is really important, right? The question on your mind right now is: What will I achieve this coming year? Your 2020 horoscope answers.


Frosty the Snowman by The Ronettes. Which other song for a sign with all the warmth of a chest freezer!  Well that’s not quite fair, a chest freezer does emit some warmth from its workings at the back! Some say you’re misunderstood, Aquarius, whereas we say that there’s nothing wrong with being an ice king or queen as long as you’re kind with it, which you are. Besides, some people in your life find it a big turn on. Will they continue to do so throughout 2017? Get your 2020 horoscope and find out!


Fairy tale of New York by The Pogues (featuring Kirsty MacColl) is your Christmas song, dear Pisces, because it reeks of loss, regret, cheap liquor and of course has fairy tale in the title, and your life, leastways you like to think, is one big one. This Christmas song is also absolutely fabulous, much like yourself! Will you continue being fabulous throughout next year? Our gut says yes! But what does your 2020 horoscope have to say?

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