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Commitment and the 12 zodiac signs

Commitment and the 12 zodiac signs

Which zodiac signs fear commitment? Which ones embrace it? Also, what can get them into a successful, committed relationship?

If you're looking for a committed, fulfilling and successful relationship, check your prospects of serious commitment and marriage. Find out which star signs you should trust when considering a commitment and hoping for a dreamy and lasting relationship. Also, Horoscope Friends reveals about each sign's dating and relationship habits, which signs are the biggest commitment-phobics of the zodiac and the reasons why they struggle with commitment. If you are dating a guy who is struggling with commitment, find out how you can get him to put a ring on it, based on his sign!

Let’s take a sign-by-sign look into this, but first check out if he is your true soul mate! Click here.


Aries might commit in haste and never live to regret it if they bag a partner that’s generous with the old reassurances. That’s right, the ram doesn’t like to hang about once they’re sure that they’ve met ‘the one’, and being so surefooted gives their partner more commitment confidence, even if they’re naturally more circumspect about such things.  

Aries folk tend to get locked into their most successful relationship once the single life loses its lustre (this can take a while), and their love hunt is normally quite swift because this is where they focus all their energy at once. Or they start the commitment talks when they meet someone who’ll do all the stuff they hate. 

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Commitment isn’t for wimps, and Taurus is brave enough to use the ‘c’ word earlier on in the relationship than a lot of other more hot and cold blowing signs. They know their own hearts and don’t see the point in pussyfooting around if their feelings are strong, and prefer to be exclusive from practically the word go.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that was born to commit, and especially when they’re on the rebound from having their own commitment thrown back in their face. Bulls are expert at sniffing out bull, financial security, and someone with enough stamina in the bank to please them and meet their voracious physical needs - and someone who’s able to match their daytime and night-time pace. 

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Commitment often sneaks up on a Gemini. Before they know it they’re living out a committed relationship without actually having defined it as such, and this will probably all be documented on social media. They might be fairly passive and let their partner set the tone for all the serious relationship stuff.  

The way to hook Gemini into a successful, committed relationship is to be one of those rare, unassuming individuals that allow other people to shine, and that doesn’t call their partner out when they contradict themselves daily. A quiet intellect usually makes Gemini fall head over heels. 


A Cancer with patchy commitment to work with is not a happy crab. Not knowing where they stand eats away at their confidence. Their loved one gets to see Cancer at their most well rounded just as long as they give the crab back what they invest emotionally, teardrop for teardrop, and in a mostly drama-free environment. 

The way to a Cancer’s heart isn’t only through their stomach. The crab forms attachments with dependable people that were born old, or those with no family or a serious lack of nurturing in their lives. 

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Leo is the star prize. Like they don’t expect a ring that’ll turn their finger green. Leo is a fire sign, so they can be impatient, yet this is also a fixed sign, so they can proudly bide their time before talking about commitment. They take their heart-health immensely seriously.

A Leo’s idea of a committed relationship is one where both partners share the same life-plan, like converging on how many kids they want or on how many mirrors one house can take! 


Virgo would be the first sign to tell the server if there was lipstick on their wine glass, but they might not be so strident when committing to a relationship. They can be fairly content on their own, you see, so they need to know that what they’re getting in return is a better deal, and matches up to their exacting standards. 

Virgo likes to be successful in life. They need a relationship that they can take apart and put back together again in their heads when it’s not working, so their successful shortlist is usually filled with complicated people. They can also be the slowest star-sign to commit, recognizing that the follies of youth can lead people to the divorce court quicker. 

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We all know that Libra is in love with the idea of being in love, and so it’s often the ideal that they commit to at first. The rest usually falls into place. Making it official is important to this sign. The stronger the intellectual rapport, the more relaxed and confident Libra feels. 

Libra and commitment go together like a horse and carriage, but they also like an entertaining other half that’s a bit of a trophy, or someone physically attractive that stops the butterflies from ever escaping from their stomach and who is forever keeping them on their toes. Never be indiscreet! Here are some questions you should never ask of each zodiac sign.


Scorpio is a slow-burn sign that likes to test the waters of commitment. Absolute trust and no kiss and tell are deal breakers, and so this naturally suspicious sign takes a while to settle into commitment and probably won’t be the first one to bring it up. They like to see a material token of their partner’s commitment. 

It’s a deal-breaker for Scorpio if there isn’t absolute commitment. They want no part-time lover. Good sex is the best starting point ever, closely followed by financial equality, so that both parties can enjoy the good life without resentment creeping in because of a gulf in salaries.   

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Commitment-phobic Sagittarius would rather not plan the next five days ahead let alone the next five years. Although, it’s not impossible to get them to commit, and when Sagittarius is hooked, their restlessness diminishes – yet this might not happen until they have a few relationships under their belt.

The ‘c’ word might make some Sagittarius people, and especially the male of the species, choke on their Cheerios. They hate to feel ambushed, so the person they commit to has got to be one step ahead of this speedy sign, employing cunning to make Sagittarius think they’re the ones pushing for commitment. 

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Once a Capricorn commits, which they will, fully, their partner gets to see their lesser-spotted softer side. Or, as in the case of Capricorn, LeBron James, they commit to a person that supports their career and understands their need to aspire to something - equally a person that shares their ambition.

Capricorn commits to a homemaker naturally, regardless of gender, This sign knows how much a change in career can change a person and so they usually go with someone who’s settled in theirs to minimize any growing apart or competitiveness. 


Aquarius is a free spirited zodiac sign. Never a slave to convention, they may never fully commit like other signs do because it makes them feel like they’re retaining even a little of their individuality instead of it being subsumed in a pairing. They always keep a tiny part of themselves back.

Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours! Not for Aquarius! That’s all too easy.  They don’t mind if their true love gets lost in the mail because it puts off the arrival of the humdrum. Commitment in their eyes might look like chaos to any onlooker. 

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Pisces is a water sign. They have powerful emotions. But being a mutable sign, their emotions are always in a state of flux and so they might not always understand them, making commitment tricky. Admitting what they want comes from their partner showing his or her hand first. 

Pisces can be quite picky about whom they commit to, and they can hold out for a hero, the one big love of their life, and by doing so, miss out on all the little nibbles in between. This is the sign of self-sacrifice! A partner as a ‘project’ or someone who hasn’t had the easiest life can also activate the Pisces commitment gene.

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Those who struggle with commitment and how to get them to commit

The commitment-phobics of the zodiac

Which signs hate to be tied down so much that they’d rather be bitten by a malaria-addled mosquito rather than the commitment bug any day of the week? Horoscope Friends names and shames the four zodiac signs that have a phobia of commitment – those wise guys who’d rather string you along until you have to make the adult decision to split on the relationship that sucks because you don’t know if you’re on solid ground or quicksand.

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Here is our prize pick of the zodiac’s commitment-phobes, the reasons why they made the grade, and tips on what us ladies can do to get him to put a ring on it if you’re dating a guy who’s born under one of these signs.

The clue’s in the name: Virgo. This fussy man prefers to do (almost) everything alone and then iron the bed sheets afterwards. He likes to think of himself as his own little self-contained unit. He might spend the best part of a lifetime circling the airport of commitment, where you’re waiting patiently in arrivals, before bringing this bad boy in. If he ever does. The promise of a man cave or garage in which he can take things apart and put them back together again might make him put a ring on it. Your Virgo man must also have a nightstand that you promise never to go near. He’s a lot like a squirrel and must have his hidey-hole.

Pisces men aren’t so much commitment phobic as addicted to the romantic flourish at the start of each new relationship. That first endorphin rush is one of this man’s many addictions/escapes. His kaleidoscope version of reality is his comfort blanket and all you commitment hungry types are gonna do is snatch it away from him! That’s the version as played out in his cloudy head. The best piece of advice we have for you when you’re trying to catch a wriggly Pisces in your net is to wing it without clipping his wings. If your commitment-phobe Pisces man isn’t for stepping it up even after this and you’re running out of patience, then you could always try the power of suggestion. It works on his spongy brain like magic. 

It’s freedom first for Sagittarius. You might go off the idea of commitment first though, because him banging on about his precious freedom all the time starts to wear thin pretty damn quickly. The archer likes to imagine himself as one of his little arrows flying through the air with no particular target. Tricking Sagittarius into thinking he’s still technically free within in a relationship when he’s definitely not can be as exhausting as nursing suspicious thoughts. But you can do it if you really think that he’s the one and you learn to trust that this half-man half-horse is only ever halfway sure of anything he says.

Your Aquarius dude’s looking for a buddy and the kind of commitment to go with it – yup, even when he’s your man he’s into keeping it in a liquid state. This doesn’t make him unfaithful, in actual fact he’s quite loyal because the water bearer doesn’t want to spread his water everywhere, but he never ever quite gives his all either. It’s like Mr Aquarius is always on high alert or living in permanent fear of leaving himself too exposed emotionally. Maybe he thinks he’ll be a let down if he were to let you in? That’s why gentle reassurances and you being very free and easy with your own insecurities works better than whispering sweet nothings. 

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