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Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day based on the Star Signs

Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day based on the Star Signs

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Do you have anything planned? Unless you’re single or happy to end up with a takeaway from your local chippie, you need to get right on it! Are you not quite sure how to please your Valentine? Maybe you've been together for donkey’s years and been there, done that? Or maybe it’s a new date and you’re eager to impress - just not sure how? If you’re stumped for ideas, we’re happy to help with a lowdown of the dinner ideas that make each star sign tick! Who’s happy to slum it and who needs fine wining and dining? Who’s in love with the familiar and who needs a change of scenery? And even if you are single, isn’t it time you showed yourself how much you love you? Here’s how to brighten up your star sign's Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Tips for Each Star Sign

Astrology can give you the edge when it comes to pleasing a special someone on Valentine’s Day. Here are some astrology dinner ideas and tips, star sign per star sign! Star-struck? Wondering how this new love affair is going to pan out? Give our friendly psychics a call on 0207 111 6304!

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Aries

Aries loves excitement! They love for things to be fast, spontaneous, on the spur of the moment.  Even if you do have plans, don’t let them know what they are.  Surprise them! Pick them up (in a fast car preferably) and go for a drive. Be early. Choose a restaurant where the food is super-fresh and arrives quickly. Avoid queues at all costs! A place that takes ages to take your order or bring food is an absolute no-no. You could even take Aries to a pub quiz or other competitive game. They love to win! As for gifts? Something brand new, techy, cutting edge and shiny. Or something red. A red rose bought spontaneously from a street seller means more to Aries than an the most expensive bouquet ordered in advance.

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Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Taurus

With Taurus, you need to take things slowly if you are to get it right. Pick a restaurant where you will not be rushed to clear the table and where the quality of the food (rather than the price tag) speaks for itself. Taurus hates frivolous spending.  Make sure the chosen table is in a safe, comfortable spot, away from the door, kitchen or passing waiters. Above all, you need to engage all their senses. Opt for delicious wholesome food that feels velvety in their mouth, looks good and smells divine too, eaten to beautiful background music. Make sure the flower or candle on the table is real. If you really want to impress, you can take them to a concert beforehand. Taurus loves music. As for gifts, never buy them anything nylon or ‘imitation’. Go for the real thing. Leather, Silk, gold, diamonds. Failing, flowers are great. Never ever the plastic kind.

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Gemini

The key with a Gemini is to keep their interest piqued at all times and their mind active. Opt for a happening place, where they can people-watch and feel part of a vibrant scene. But don’t go somewhere too noisy because your Gemini absolutely needs to be able to have a good conversation.  If possible at all, walk there and back through some interesting streets or combine dinner with exploring a new neighbourhood. Mix it up a little! Don’t just go to your local. They need stimulation. You can go to a jazz or dance club too for a few hours. As for a gift, something clever, a puzzle, book or portable gadget might be fun - something to keep them connected whilst on the road, or to occupy their mind and fingers.

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Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Cancer

Dear sentimental Cancer really doesn’t mind going to the same old place over and over and over again. Especially if it serves their favourite food! In fact they love doing just that. To feel like home. Book a table at their special place where everybody knows them and treats them like family. You can also go to their home and cook a scrumptious meal for them there, so that they don’t have to brave any new variables or possible unknowns. Above all, keep things familiar. Opt for something cozy, secluded. And since it’s Valentines you need to go full on with the romance. Flowers, chocolates, something sentimental. As for gifts, go for a beautiful antique or, failing that, give them something of yours that they can cherish.

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Leo

Here, you have a real star to contend with so treat your Leo as such. Plan something grand! Start by sending them the most expensive flowers first thing in the morning. Then, you can take them to a show (they love a show!) followed by dinner and drinks at the most chichi, expensive, happening restaurant in town. Opt for a bit of bling and a party atmosphere. Let your Leo know your plans so that they can take their time to dress and go into hair and make up, ready for the curtain to rise. Leo loves to make an impression! Make sure that there are three waiters around your Leo at any one moment, attentive to their every need. Gifts need to be expensive or, failing that, to have taken a lot of time and thought on your part to source, especially for them.

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Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Virgo

Virgo loves to combine pleasure with something useful, to learn and to improve things - themselves, you, the world. Take them to an eco-friendly place, to an organic farm with its own little all natural buffet on the side where they can indulge guilt free, or to a totally new concept bar-restaurant where everything is ultra modern and crisp with things like quinoa salad on the menu. Nothing too greasy or heavy. Opt for clean lines, cool colours and an atmosphere of serenity to soothe their frayed nerves. Absolute cleanliness is a must! An open kitchen is always good. Your Virgo might also enjoy a Vodka Icebar or a Thai couples massage before dinner. They love tools, how-to books and useful gifts. They also like to be prepared so no surprises please!

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Libra

Libra is in love with love and so Valentine’s Day means a lot to a Libra. This is the one star sign that you could buy a teddy bear for - you know the one, holding a pink heart - his and hers mugs or any other Valentine Day tat and get away with it! Flowers, chocolates and a card are a must. Go full on! So is a pretty gift - some tasteful jewellery perhaps, real or faux matters not. Then there is the dinner just for two. Atmosphere and presentation are key here. Go for beauty and refinement above food quality. Go where the beautiful people go. Preferably somewhere with low lighting, soft music, pretty dishes. All this is just background for Libra to focus on ‘us’, the relationship, which is what it’s all about. You could also whisk Libra away to a beautiful hotel where they put rose petals on the bed.

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Scorpio

Yep. You guessed it right. It’s all about the sex with Scorpio. They don’t care about all that other superficial stuff, cards, words and other tat. Keep it real. Wining and dining them is all about getting them in the mood (choose a sexy, low lit restaurant) because the real Valentine action happens in the bedroom! Everything else is an hor d'oeuvre, a starter, merely there to whet their appetite. Eat dinner somewhere where you can both dress to kill and spend the evening meaningfully looking into each other’s eyes. Or go to a low-lit bar, the movies or some other place where you can enjoy the build up chemistry between you. It’s all about connecting on a gut level. Dress sexy inside and out. No flats. Scorpio loves sexy underwear so maybe that could be a gift idea? Or perhaps the promise to act out their fantasies? Failing that a spicy perfume or chilly chocolate is good.

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Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Sagittarius

Sagittarius lives for adventure! The best thing you can do is get some plane tickets and whisk them away somewhere, preferably where they have never been before and there’s lots to explore outdoors. Failing that, go to a fun restaurant with a foreign cuisine and a fun relaxed party vibe! Keep it easy going. Sagittarius hates a fuss or feel restricted by schedules and appointments. Keep it light and breezy. Go down the pub for a drink, try yoga-in-the-park, hiking or go-carting before a relaxed dinner to get their blood pumping. If the weather is nice, dine al fresco. Book a table outdoors or, better yet, set up a makeshift dinner-picnic on the beach or the mountaintop right after your workout. Books make good gifts for Sag as does travelling gear, sports gear, tickets to places and anything outdoorsy, like good running shoes or a jacket.

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Capricorn

It’s time to get serious because with Capricorn you’ve gotta play it by the book! Capricorn is very sensitive to their social status and the image they project to the outside world. They need to know that they are at the top of their game and that others know this too and reflect it back to them. Buy flowers and chocolates from the most chi chi, well-established, way-overpriced place in town. Then opt for the most expensive, top of the range, hardest to get into restaurant. Book months in advance. Reserve a the best table. (See? This is where your own power and influence come in!) As for gifts? A timeless classic is always good. A diamond engagement ring perhaps? Failing that, something that helps them climb to the top of their profession, like a power suit or perhaps ski or golf lessons. The question is, what can you do for them?

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Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Aquarius

Progressive Aquarius professes not to be bothered with all this Valentine’s Day nonsense. It’s all just a capitalist device to get everyone to spend money, they say. Silly sentimental rubbish, they say. A holiday for the mindless, they say. So here’s a good idea. Choose a random day to celebrate your love for Aquarius! They will like that. So what to do for Valentine? The key here is to find out what your particular Aquarius is fanatical about. Every Aquarius is unique, you see, simply by virtue of being fused to their particular ideology. Find out what makes your Aquarius tick and plan something around that. Is it animal rights? Go to a rally. Is it modern discordant classical music? Find that concert. Failing all that, you can always just place them on a pedestal. Aquarius loves to be a cut above the rest. Choose the most expensive restaurant and classic timeless gifts.

Perfect Valentine Dinner Date for Pisces

You’ve hit the Valentine jackpot with Pisces! This is the most romantic sign of all, more so even than Libra, Cancer or Leo! Why? Because Pisces is willing to sacrifice everything for love and you need to go all out and show them what they mean to you. Cheap or expensive matters not. A plastic trinket will mean the world to them if you denied yourself that second drink to get it. A spa voucher or a nice scented bubble bath are good gifts. As for dinner, create a romantic atmosphere - scented candles, soft music, rose-petals in the bath, on the bed, the dinner table. There’s no such thing as too much, too pink, too sweet. Go all out!  Go crazy with the glitter. They love a meal where you both eat from the same dish, like tapas or fondue. End with a large chocolate fondue / fountain where you can dip in your strawberries, feed them to each other and make a mess.

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