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Do Opposite Star Signs Attract?

Do Opposite Star Signs Attract?
How compatible are the opposite star signs of the zodiac? Do they even attract each other? Actually, the answer is yes! People born in opposite camps of the zodiac often feel this instant connection with one another. However, keeping things on track can be tough.

Astrological Opposites, The 6 Pairs

Aries star sign – Libra star sign

The attraction of these two opposites can be so powerful, that it will completely knock them out. Look what it did to Bonnie (Libra) and Clyde (Aries). Aries is ruled by Mars, the masculine, and Libra, by the feminine Venus, and so there's a sense that by coming together, two halfs become one. 
These two are lively signs, so the energy that exists between them can be electric! They're also the signs of high achievment, usually politically orianted. David Cameron and wife Samantha are for example also an Aries-Libra couple.
Aries represents the ‘self’ in the zodiac, the ego, and Libra rules how we all get along together, and so Aries teaches Libra the art of self-awareness, and Libra can smooth away some of Aries rougher edges to teach them how to make the most of social situations. They may not always see eye to eye, but they can usually hammer out their differences through reasoned debate.


Taurus star sign – Scorpio star sign

And here we have the Titans of the zodiac.  It can be impossible at times to get these two to compromise. Both are highly sexual and deeply emotional, but a stubborn streak and a mountain of pride often prevent anything progressing much beyond the flirting stage. 
Of all the opposite sign combos this is the one that stands the least chance of survival, and there are relatively few Taurus-Scorpio pairings in the public eye. Sir Lawrence Olivier (Taurus) and Vivien Leigh (Scorpio) had a bit of a rocky time of it by all accounts, and after their divorce he went on to marry another Scorpio, the actress Joan Plowright. So these two can make a go if it, but a lot of patience is required, and this is one virtue that both these signs are blessed with.
Probably the reason things can falter is that both Taurus and Scorpio usually need a partner that is going to bend to their will ultimately, otherwise life would just be one big standoff. Possessiveness and jealousy also loom large in any relationship involving this pair, and any build up of negative feelings at home would be enough to blow the roof clean off. Money can also be a bone of contention, mainly down to them both wanting to control the purse strings.

Gemini star sign - Sagittarius star sign

Both are light-hearted signs who tend not to make too many demands on each other. When they click, they click, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Gary and Danielle Lineker. But things don’t always work out of course, and can go rapidly downhill, as was the case with Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio and their turbulent nine-month marriage back in the 1950s.
Both these signs like to laugh a lot and chew over ideas about how the world works. This pair of opposites is perhaps the most alike in lots of ways, and this can make for a great friendship, but it’s often other factors that lie beneath the sun sign that hold them together in a relationship and this is certainly the case with Brangelina.
Gemini rules the lungs and Sagittarius the thighs, and so one has a need to breathe fresh air, and the other an innate restlessness, and so perhaps they both need a partner who is a bit more grounded with whom to make a go of things long-term. Sagittarius likes to know everything about everything, while Gemini is perfectly happy with bite-sized chunks, and gets frustrated at Sagittarius’s need to devour the lot.

Cancer star sign – Capricorn star sign

Prince William and Kate Middleton are Cancer and Capricorn and, funnily enough, these signs represent the status quo and the establishment in the zodiac.
In a relationship they symbolise the coming together of our inner and outer selves. Cancer rules the home, and Capricorn is the sign that presides over our career concerns and standing in life. These signs have a lot in common with Aries and Libra, and they are both ambitious and enterprising.
Getting to the top in life is important for Capricorn because it satisfies this sign’s hunger for recognition and status, whereas for Cancer the big driver is security and raising a family in a safe environment.
Although that colossal ambition can conceal shyness and wavering levels of self-confidence, they can learn to overcome these together.
Both signs tend to be fairly conservative or reserved, and they can also be aloof and distant when together. They make good business associates as well as romantic partners.

Leo star sign– Aquarius star sign

I know loads of Leo-Aquarius couples, and there are a fair few in the world of celebrity, like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, plus Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Textbook Leo and Aquarius people might appear chalk and cheese, with Leo at the heart of everything, represented by the sun itself, and Aquarius right out on the cold periphery of our solar system, represented by its ruling planet, Uranus. Aquarius is painted as cold and insular with its head in the clouds, while Leo is said to be gregarious and warm hearted, generous and a people person.
But they are actually more attuned than this suggests, and in all honesty they meet somewhere in the middle, because they are each other’s secret side: Leo can sometimes be aloof and Aquarius likes to bask in the spotlight now and then.
In fact, they both share a sense of drama and glamour. This is the zodiac axis of socialising, creativity, fun and friends, and getting away from the humdrum of life. And so they actually get along very well in company, and make great party hosts as well as guests.

Virgo star sign – Pisces star sign

Romantic relationships aren’t the only beneficiaries of the attraction of astrological opposites. It’s also alive in friendships, and one such bond is Cameron Diaz (Virgo) and Drew Barrymore (Pisces).
This is the critical axis, and so both these signs can be harsh at times, and tell you want you’d rather not hear. But they’re also both deeply self-critical, and they can often be hardest on themselves. But when they’re together they mirror this in each other to the point where it cancels itself out, and they don’t give themselves such a tough time.
Virgo likes to keep busy, as does Pisces, but Virgo is more of slave to routine, and Pisces is more laidback and fluid. They can both learn that a bit of both is the real key to a rewarding life, and that it’s okay to dream just as long as you have the wherewithal to back it up.
Virgo encourages Pisces to be a little bit more industrious and real in its day-to-day life and expectations. Pisces helps Virgo be a lot more relaxed about things in general, and more trusting in both intuition and in the fact that most things in life work out just fine in the end with minimum fuss and interference.
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