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Each Zodiac Sign's Attitude as a Boss

Each Zodiac Sign's Attitude as a Boss

What is each star sign's attitude as a boss? There are gracious bosses and the there are horrible bosses, like in that movie starring Jennifer Aniston. Our starry wisdom tells us that there’s a 50/50 split between the zodiac signs in terms of which signs fall into which camp, well ‘horrible’ is perhaps a bit too strong a word. So for the purposes of this article we’ve decided to run with ‘the good cops of the zodiac’ and ‘the bad cops of the zodiac’, and at the time of writing the writer’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek! 

Now for the moment of truth using the power of astrology! It pays to know your boss... Here’s our estimation of how each zodiac sign behaves and acts when he/she reaches boss height!

The Good Cops of the Zodiac 

Let's look at the zodiac's 'good cops' first...


Zodiac sign Cancer rules the stomach. They can stomach most employees because their default setting is ‘kindness’. They’re used to looking down at their belly to rub it, so looking down on their underlings equally as sensitively comes naturally. All abilities feel like they’re going places under a Cancer boss because they encourage sideways as well as upward moves. 


No interrupting your workflow all the time or telling you how they think it should be done when Aries is boss. Why? They like you to find your own competence like water finds its own level. And once you lose your water wings (typically after the first ten minutes in the job. Aries’ impatience is infectious), my what a boost to your confidence!


Your Gemini boss is like two bosses rolled into one, and when one’s in a bad mood the other one’s usually as carefree as a kitten, so as one of their workforce you really can’t lose. Your Gemini boss’s good cop stripes also stem from their need to be liked/seen to be down with the kids. This sign of the time knows that rigid rules don’t work in a life of constant flux.


Your Libra boss might be mouthy but fair or so tremendously laidback and soft natured that you sometimes wonder which one of you is the boss and which one is the subordinate. Sweetly undemanding, they prefer you to work out what they want from you rather than dictating it with a wagging finger. 


If you don’t mind being constructively criticised (and they’re usually right/only doing it to stop you looking like Bambi on ice), you’ll grow to love your Virgo boss. They’ll keep your ego in check because they themselves are the very definition of modest. They also admire imagination and humor, so if you can come up with an entertaining excuse for being late, they’ll let you off.


If an absentee boss (even when they’re there, they’re not) is what you want – and don’t we all on those days when we just can’t motivate ourselves for toffee – then your Aquarius boss is the good-est cop around! And this Maverick boss won’t mind you making up new words or ripping up the grammatical  - or any other - rulebook. They never invade your privacy.

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The Bad Cops of the Zodiac

Now for the 'bad cops'...


Your Pisces boss isn’t the baddest cop on the beat, but you’ll spend your time making them look better or counselling them when love walks out on them. Again. As lovely as they are personally or post liquor binge, they can be too picky for words when it’s your work that’s under the microscope, yet you’ll find more holes in their stuff than a fishing net!


Leos were born to be boss. It went to their head long before they ever got their first promotion – a day that will eclipse both wedding day and birth of first child as their greatest achievement! You are their lackey/vanity project facilitator, nothing more, nothing less. They even boss their boss around, which takes courage!


Anybody that knows a Scorpio well also knows that power is their lifeblood. With power comes great responsibility and they will take pastoral care of you as their worker, but they demand an oath of loyalty written in blood in return. Power doesn’t necessarily corrupt them, but if you cross them, they’ll make sure you never work in this town again!


Your Sagittarius boss might have more sick-leave absences than you or you’ll find yourself covering his or her back or excusing their contradictory behaviour and mood swings. They’re hardly the most badass cop in town, just flaky, and they’d rather be outdoors munching grass. But this is a fire sign, remember, so flashes of temper break their placidity. 


Your Taurus boss measures your output and productivity and therefore your usefulness hourly. If your financial viability dips into the red, it’s like a red-rag to the bull and your services may be dispensed with forthwith. They also expect you to share their superhuman stamina and battle into work in hail, snow, and Biblical-style great flood. 


Then we come to the toughest boss-cop on the beat, your Capricorn boss. The goat both rewards and reveres hard work and deplores slouchy clock-watchers and dreamers (most of the population). If they had their way, the word vacation would be eased from the dictionary, seven-day working weeks would be standard and a liquefied lunch would be fed to all employees intravenously while they work 

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