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Five Signs that your Partner is Really Into You!

Five Signs that your Partner is Really Into You!

Is your man or gal is in love with you? Astrology can help you tell if your partner is really in love with you, based on their star sign. Here are five signs that your romantic partner is head over heels for you.

Love changes people. This is a well-known fact. When in love, people are capable of doing things that they would otherwise not even consider doing; they can surprise both themselves and those around them. As you would expect, there are some infallible, universal signs that mean your romantic partner is really invested in his/her relationship with you. However, “I love you” does not hold the same weight when it comes from someone who has barely ever said it before as when it comes from someone who falls in love every other week.

On a similar note, the compromises made by a generally stubborn person do not hold the same weight as those made by someone who is usually compliant; and for some people, the decision to fully commit to a relationship, to settle down and to have children is easier to make than it is for others. All that is to say that, for every star sign, there are signs pointing to true love! When a Virgo does something they would normally never do, it is probably because they are truly, madly, deeply in love. So, tongue in cheek, here are five signs that your romantic partner is head over heels for you. 

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The Star Signs in Love: Five Signs that your Man or Gal is in Love with You!

Read your lover's star-sign to get the lowdown!


  1. When you stand your Aries up, instead of complaining about it, they welcome you with open arms.
  2. When you ask, “What should we do tonight?”, your Aries says, “Up to you”.
  3. They let you win an argument even if it is blatantly obvious you are wrong.
  4. They quit a bad habit for your sake alone.
  5. When you buy them a T-shirt or an accessory, they wear it all the time. You can’t help wondering if they also wear it to bed…

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  1. Your Taurus finds the junk food you buy for dinner delicious.
  2. Your Taurus doesn’t mind spending their hard-earned money to go on a trip with you.
  3. Your Taurus is willing to share their single bed with you (and stay awake all night) just so you can rest in each other’s arms.
  4. They are open to trying out the things you suggest without saying, “Let’s think it through first”.
  5. They look at you with admiration even in the morning, when you are all dishevelled, as if you were “loosed out of hell to speak of horrors”. 


  1. Your Gemini pays attention to you when you talk, without interrupting you every ten minutes.
  2. You go out with each other alone on an everyday basis for more than three weeks in a row.
  3. When you go out with each other, your Gemini is solely focused on you.
  4. When you go to a gathering, they never leave you to go talk to someone else.
  5. You have a very loose relationship with books, and your Gemini doesn’t mind.

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  1. Your Cancer partner argues with their mother for your sake. 
  2. They threw away all memorabilia from past relationships.
  3. They agree to escort you to crowded clubs and beach parties even though they would much rather spend some alone time with you.
  4. Your Cancer partner wants both of you to wear an accessory that indicates you are a couple.
  5. Even your partner’s distant cousins in Morocco know what you look like.


  1. When you speak to your Leo in baby talk in front of other people, they find it cute instead of irritating.
  2. They pay you compliments without expecting any in return, instead of waiting for you to compliment them (as is the proper thing to do when in the company of a Leo).
  3. When you drop a hint about something you don’t like about their looks, they rush to change it.
  4. Your Leo laughs at your jokes even though they would normally let no-one steal their thunder with their sense of humour (or by any other means, for that matter).
  5. They never think you’ve given them enough attention or care.

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  1. Your Virgo doesn’t mind it when you prop your legs on the coffee table. 
  2. They throw tantrums in public out of jealousy.
  3. They don’t hesitate to change their schedule so they can spend more time with you.
  4. Your Virgo has sex with you after dinner without having washed the dishes.
  5. You walk down the street arm in arm or hand in hand.


  1. When you wear socks and sandals, your Libra tells you, “You’ve never looked better”.
  2. Your Libra sits through the music you like even though they hate it.
  3. They don’t mind you thinking museums are unbearably boring.
  4. They get in fights for you.
  5. They don’t mind it when you tell them there’s no difference between H&M and the luxury brands they spend their money on. 

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  1. Your Scorpio takes your excuses at face value.
  2. When you make jokes about your intimate moments with them in front of a friend, they laugh light-heartedly instead of losing it.
  3. No matter how angry they get at you, they never show signs of intending to choke you.
  4. Your Scorpio lets you pick what to watch on TV.
  5. They gave you the keys to their apartment three weeks in the relationship.


  1. Your Sagittarius dresses up when you ask them to. 
  2. They sit through TV shows they find boring just so you can be in each other’s arms.
  3. They don’t mind it when you interrupt their story about their enlightening trip to India to say: “Ew! Why would anyone want to go there?”
  4. Your Sagittarius tries to worm details about your past relationships out of your best friend.
  5. They may even cut off a friend for your sake.



  1. Your Capricorn indirectly confesses they have feelings for you (without hell having frozen over).
  2. Your Capricorn let you borrow their car or laptop and didn’t make a fuss over the damage you caused to it.
  3. When you want to go to a water park, they come along and even ride down the waterslides with you.
  4. They engage in public displays of affection.
  5. They take a day off from work to take a short trip with you.

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  1. Your Aquarius agrees to meet your relatives – even the distant, annoying ones.
  2. They’d rather spend time with you than with their friends.
  3. They drop hints about you (tentatively…) moving in together.
  4. They got a tattoo of your name.
  5. Your Aquarius is alright with you thinking Nelson Mandela was a Brazilian tennis player.


  1. Your Pisces volunteers to run an errand for you.
  2. They watch the news with you despite the shock they suffer from having to deal with cold, hard reality. 
  3. They’ve told you about that time when they were abducted by aliens.
  4. Your Pisces never stands you up.
  5. They admit that “Eat, Pray, Love” is far-fetched and corny. 

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