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From the Least to Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

From the Least to Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign is capable of loving without exceptions and being a caring and compassionate partner. However every sign is unique when it comes to love and relationships. They all express their feelings uniquely and they all have a different way of loving and a different perception of romance. For some zodiac signs it’s only natural to be very romantic and expressive with their feelings while others are struggling to find their romantic side.

That being said some zodiac signs tend to excel in romance (making the rest of us look bad) while certain signs don't do romance that easily. So, we have ranked the Zodiac Signs from the least romantic to most.

Here’s the Horoscope Friends romantic zodiac signs countdown!

12. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is possibly the least romantic sign of all because they‘re eternal students of human nature and prefer to be on the outside looking in whenever they can, which is hardly romantic. They understand that romance can be fleeting, fancy themselves as the zodiac’s Don Juan, or they find it all a bit phoney. Maybe this is a self-protection thing, or perhaps they regard romance as entrapment/slippery slope to the dreaded ‘c’ word: commitment!

11. Aquarius

Romance is like an itchy, scratchy jumper for Aquarius. The itchiness stops once the relationship gets to the comfortable stage and all romantic notions have been annihilated. Anything remotely lovey-dovey really doesn’t move them one bit, even in old age, or there’s a formality to their courtship style even when they claim to have got it bad! Romance is just a bit below them.

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10. Aries

Aries is a zodiac sign that’s more passionate than romantic once they get to know their partner warts and all. True, they can be exceedingly romantic at the start of the relationship, but then once they’re sure that they’ve hooked their life partner to the point of co-dependency, it’s the point of no return and they cancel their romantic club membership almost instantaneously!

9. Virgo

Virgo warms to romance but they usually stay at the lukewarm end of the scale on account of their natural cynicism and distaste at the commercialisation of it all. Virgo might be the sign for you if you regard gifts like cordless hammer drills, loft insulation and copper piping as romantic. Ever practical, they aren’t that big on public displays of affection either. 

8. Cancer

Cancer has a romantic streak but they aren’t usually all that soppy with it, plus they can switch it on and off as regularly as the tides. The biggest heart-pumper for them is security rather than a dozen long-stem roses every day and sundry other extravagances eating into their nest egg. This sign’s concession to romance is watching the same old romantic movie a million times.

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7. Scorpio 

Scorpio is a byword for sex and this sign ties in sex with romance. It’s the most romantic thing ever, for example, if their Honey Bun buys some new underwear, sex toy or aid. There’s also a romantic intensity about this sign and they measure romance by how much time two people can spend together before they want to kill one another!

6. Capricorn 

Shy Capricorn is surprisingly romantic once they lower their guard and loosen up a bit, which all springs from complete and utter trust and absolutely no kiss and tell. That part’s the deal breaker. This is a sign that never forgets birthdays and anniversaries when they’re truly in love, which is another reason why they make the top half of our most romantic list.

5. Gemini

Once they eventually find Mr/Ms Right, and this might take a very long time and much frog kissing, Gemini is loyal and romantic and happy for it to be the two of them against the world. They tend to put their partner on a pedestal, possibly to assuage all the guilt that comes from the all the flirting they do, albeit harmless!

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4. Taurus

Venus-ruled Taurus likes to be wined and dined, especially the dined part. Anybody who’s ever been loved by a Taurus has probably felt their love almost tangibly and been showered with their romantic attention even in the most unromantic settings, and this keeps on coming, increasing in intensity the older the love gets. 

3. Leo

Leos are known for huge, overblown romantic gestures, propelling them to number 3 on our most romantic zodiac signs list. They’re theatrical lovers and bask in the romance of it all (even the break-ups) and don’t really see much point in a romance-less existence. Leo also rules the heart in the zodiac map of the body, so how could they not love all this stuff!

2. Pisces

Pisces has many romantic ideals that aren’t always met in reality but that doesn’t stop them continually striving for them, which is why this sign is number 2 on our list. These are the hopeless romantics that write poetry and that gaze out of the window or doodle love hearts. Romance is in their DNA. Dating a Pisces? Here's our lowdown of the best summer destination per zodiac sign.

1. Libra

Libra is the sign of love and romance and is our number 1 most romantic zodiac sign. Life isn’t sweet if everyday doesn’t contain an ‘I love you’ or ‘no you hang up, no you hang up’ exchange. Libra can fall head over designer heels pretty quickly if the headiness of romance is intoxicating enough. They might even get addicted to it and go through more partners than shoes, which is saying something!

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