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Halloween with the zodiac signs

Halloween with the zodiac signs

The pressure’s on to get the right Halloween costume and that’s where Horoscope Friends comes in, with suggestions based on your zodiac sign.  Time for some horoscope fun, while we play around with the characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs, to find the best Halloween costume for you! With the sun slinking its way through the sign of Scorpio, get ready for spooky-meets-sexy this Halloween. Trick or treat? We reveal which each zodiac sign would choose on Halloween! And just for fun, if they did tick the trick option, what would scare them most? We have the answer!


Aries is far too important to answer the door, making it very hard to trick-or-treat this sign. If they did make it to the door they may go for trick as a punishment for prizing them away from the TV. Being bored terrifies the hell out of them so the reciting of some Shakespeare is a fiendishly good trick to play! Huge chunks of ‘The Scottish Play’ are quite fitting for this time of year!

Halloween costume ideas for Aries

Unlike the girl in the movie The Exorcist, you’ve definitely got your head screwed on properly Aries. Your sign happens to rule the head in the zodiac in fact, so a Halloween costume incorporating a headdress, or face painting, is where it’s at for you. A simple mask can be just as effective as a big old elaborate costume, although going on where the moon is in your Halloween horoscope you’re not averse to going to town or painting it red, the Aries colour. Putting that lovely head of yours together with an equally lovely one and going for a ‘gruesome twosome’ look is also worth a thought.

Best Halloween look: Red or dead


Sweet Taurus would probably choose a treat because they’re big foodies/feeders and always have plenty of candy in the cupboard. Should they plump for a trick, what might scare them most is if their beautifully manicured lawn was covered in pretend molehills or they were told that their neighbors were planning a huge extension. Zodiac sign Taurus must have the biggest house on the block, you see.

Halloween costume ideas for Taurus

Your Halloween horoscope says that green is your colour, dear peace-loving Taurus. What’s green and sexy though? You don’t want to labelled as the wicked witch, so stick to green icing on your cakes. The sun and the moon in Scorpio switch your focus to how the world sees you, so you naturally want to look and feel sexy not freaky. Sensuous, floaty Halloween costumes always go down well, and it has to be top quality fabric, or at least have feel appeal. No nasty nylon for you.

Best Halloween look: Classy-touchy-feely 

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Being ruled by trickster planet, Mercury, Gemini will of course insist on a trick – as well as a treat because they must do everything in pairs. They also hate to feel that they’re missing out. They’re terrified of looking old, so a devilishly good trick is to ask them what life was like during the war. 

Halloween costume ideas for Gemini

As a dual sign and social whiz, we get two for the price of one when you’re holding court at a party Gemini. Have you seen those people that paint one half of their face as one character and the other half as another? Then you really could split yourself in two! But could you really be bothered with all the hassle involved? A clever, yet minimalist, Halloween costume that is an immediate talking point is another effective solution to any costume quandary. Think sexy after-work look, twinned with a few subtle additions, like coloured contact lenses.

Best Halloween look: Sexy-subtle


Kindly Cancer would go for treat every time. Trick-or-treaters would probably get something piping hot or freshly made, like chocolate cookies. The thought of the recipients spitting them out into their hand and saying ‘I’d rather eat dirt and die’ is a scary one to Cancer because they pride themselves on being culinary whizzes!

Halloween costume ideas for Cancer

Dressing up at Halloween is a wonderful excuse to come out of ourselves – and this applies tenfold to a Cancer because both the sun and the moon in your party zone are encouraging you to live it up. This year’s most creative Halloween costume prize should go to you by rights, or you’ll immerse yourself in a character and stay in it the entire night. Not in the least annoying for other people! But this is no time to be shy or care what they think. Expressing an alter ego could be shocking to others but freeing for you!

Best Halloween look: Shock chick


Leo is a noble, regal and generous sign and giver of some of the more luxurious treats in the neighborhood before quietly closing the door. If they were to go for a trick (possibly after one too many wines at dinner) then anything involving a naked flame must be avoided because Leos are the most highly flammable sign (it’s all that hair spray!). 

Halloween costume ideas for Leo

Dear Leo, the position of the sun and the moon makes this a cosy, close-knit family Halloween, so if you’re hosting the party, or it’s in a familiar environment, you’re in tune with the sky. How about a retro Halloween costume? Or you could dress as one of your family members? Although there’s an episode of Frasier when Niles dresses up as his dad and it doesn’t go down too well. Luckily, that sun-moon placement in the horoscope also makes you more attuned to the sensitivities of others.

Best Halloween look: Less is more

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A neat trick. That’s what Virgo would appreciate. But they’d probably go for the treat, all things considered, and you can bet that it’d be something extra-healthy and nutritious because they’re forever trying to persuade the rest of us to eat healthier, and Halloween trick-or-treaters provide them with a captive audience. 

Halloween costume ideas for Virgo

You’ve got the stomach for blood, guts and gore this Halloween according to your health-oriented Virgo horoscope. Doctor Death? Nurse Florence Nightmare-gale? A Halloween costume with an attention to detail is what other people expect from you, so you could always drop all the blood and guts stuff and go to the other end of the spectrum instead by choosing simple, clinical elegance.

Best Halloween look: Saint or sinner 


What would scare Libra most is any trick that ruined their clothes, nails, hair or image, yet this game-for-a-laugh sign is more likely to go with trick because they love fun. One way to give them nightmares is by telling them how much they capture a beauty of a former age…the Stone Age!

Halloween costume ideas for Libra

Halloween is no excuse for looking like a hot mess, Libra. Looking good is a Libran’s calling card, and Halloween is the perfect excuse for wearing what you normally wouldn’t dare to wear. Time to take a walk on the wild side. Who’s your anti-hero? Maybe this Halloween’s your opportunity to honour them? Displaying wealth is also what that Scorpio moon relates to in your horoscope so dress to the nines and leave all the horror to others if you like.

Best Halloween look: The Libran wears Prada


If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Scorpio in a playful mood because the sun’s in their sign at Halloween, and it’s their birthday time too of course. They may go for a trick because they like to think that nobody gets one over on them. What unnerves them is anybody with their eyes covered behind a mask because it’s all about the eyes for Scorpio!

Halloween costume ideas for Scorpio

A Halloween costume that completely transforms you suits you because the sun in Scorpio is a time of metamorphosis. Dark red and burgundy are your colours, so something vampy, dark and mysterious should catch your eye in the costume shop. You’re also a hornier devil because the moon’s in your sign too, so sexing up your costume with a few embellishments of your own is just something that we all expect from the sexiest sign of all.

Best Halloween look: Devilishly delicious  


Sagittarius is the Buzz Lightyear of the zodiac, so it’s a trick every time for these intrepid, adventurous souls! They’re also rather naïve, so they’d happily close their eyes and count to 100 with both hands over their ears while the trick-or-treaters unhooked their car keys from the hall table using a fishing rod and then chucked them into the nearest bush.

Halloween costume ideas for Sagittarius

Tailored. Structured. Clothes that push those shoulders back. That’s sturdy Saturn’s influence in your horoscope. The sun and the moon, however, are in your twilight zone, Sagittarius, so you’re not in exhibitionist mood this Halloween. You could always wrap yourself in wallpaper if you do want to fade into the background. Subtle is what you should be aiming for anyway in a costume, and we’re thinking classic ghost. You may also slip away early from the party because you probably won’t be in the mood for big, scary crowds.

Best Halloween look: Ghostly mysterious

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Like Leo, Capricorn doesn’t like to look silly, or be too buddy-buddy on the doorstep, so they’d always go for treat and then shoo the trick-or-treaters away with a withering look! What scares them most is being kept at the door long enough for all that murderously expensive heat to escape into the cold night air.

Halloween costume ideas for Capricorn

It’s a case of more the merrier this Halloween with the Scorpio sun-moon combo in your Capricorn horoscope. Maybe a group costume would be worth looking into if you’ve got the time, like the scary Spice Girls or something along those lines. Mars is in your sign too don’t forget so you’re in devilish mood and not in the least spooked-out even on the scariest night of the year. You’re also a lot braver in your choices.

Best Halloween look: Out of this world


Birds fall from the sky before Aquarius publicly admits or shows any emotion, including fear. This is the sign least likely to answer the door on Halloween, and is hardest to scare if they do. Anything over the top, like singing or longwinded jokes, is enough to scare them, or annoy them, or both. Here are some questions you should never ask an Aquarius.

Halloween costume ideas for Aquarius

You’re the zodiac’s resident eccentric, Aquarius, but mad professor or a kind of Kooky Monster? Come off it, that’s far too obvious and you hate to be predictable. The sun and the moon at top of your chart ensure you’re enjoying more of the limelight. Your inner show-off doesn’t take much coaxing out either, neither are you averse to a healthy dose of costume competition. You suit being in charge, so how about picking a Halloween costume of someone powerful from history, like a politician, member of royalty or superstar celebrity, and then working that room.

Best Halloween look: In control


This is a superstitious sign so if the trick-or-treaters brought a pair of ladders and propped them up against the house and then made them walk underneath them, or smashed a mirror once they made Pisces look into it and say ‘Candyman’ five times, it would do the trick, if they chose trick, which they just might!

Halloween costume ideas for Pisces

You’ve heard the expression ‘sleeping with the fishes’, right Pisces? We’re talking a costume that suggests you’d put someone’s feet in a bucket of cement and then chuck then into the nearest river as soon as look at them. Al Capone was a Capricorn, but his ascendant was in your sign, so maybe there’s a bit of the gangster in you that’s been waiting to surface? The Halloween Scorpio moon in your horoscope also unlocks your inner adventurer, meaning that anybody from a future-fantasy TV series, for example, would really turn heads.

Best Halloween look: Windswept

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