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Got a Hot Dinner Date? Feed your Date according to their Moon Sign!

Got a Hot Dinner Date? Feed your Date according to their Moon Sign!

Have a hot date coming to dinner? Here's how to choose the right restaurant or...cook to impress your date, based on their Moon Sign!

You know all about star signs - this is the sign in which the Sun was on your birthday - the one that ‘makes’ you a Taurus or a Sagittarius. But your Moon Sign is equally important. This is the sign in which you find the Moon on the day that you were born. This can be absolutely any sign of the zodiac, no matter what your star-sign. You will need to draw your astrological birth-chart to find that out. Horoscopefriends allows you to do that for free - all you need to do is go to birth chart and insert your birth-date (and time if you know it).

Whereas your Sun Sign reveals your basic temperament - who you are at heart - your Moon Sign tells you more about your habits, needs and feelings, your daily rhythms and what makes you feel safe and comfortable. It also tells you a lot about how you like your food. Just like drawing milk from mother's breast not only satisfies a baby’s hunger but allows it to bond and feel secure, the right food in the right setting can make us feel safe, loved and happy. It can make us feel right at home. 

If you've got someone special coming over for dinner, serve them what their Moon Sign craves and they’ll love you for it (they may even think that you are marriage material). The same goes if you are going out for dinner. Check out your date's Moon Sign and take them out to a place they’ll like. 

If you have a moment, check out the Moon’s main planetary aspects too, especially the conjunction: when two planets are side by side.  For instance someone with their moon conjunct Neptune (the Sea God) will most likely like seafood, and certainly prefer watery food, liquids and probably a drink or two. Someone with Moon-Jupiter (the King of the Gods) will prefer large quantities of food on the table. And someone with Moon conjunct fiery Mars will tend to prefer hot, spicy food... And so it goes. 

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What you should make for dinner based on your date's sign

Check out your date’s Moon Sign by drawing their birth chart - it's free! Read on to ensure your choice of concoction is a culinary delight!  If you don't know your date's Moon Sign, then read their star sign for a general steer.

Aries Moon

Aries Moon likes spicy hot stuff!  They also like things fresh, just picked off the tree, just shot on the prairie or just fished and still alive. Use only the freshest ingredients - nothing that you found at the back of your fridge please... They like red meat too, but only the best, freshest and wildest stuff. Do not overlook it.  Above all don't keep your Aries Moon waiting! Queuing up for a table at a restaurant is an absolute no-no - they'll be out the door in a flash! Similarly a place where you are waiting for ages between courses or are ignored by the waiter is sure to irritate them. Same goes if you are cooking at home - be quick about it! Then don't be surprised if they inhale their food and are ready to move on while you are still half way through.

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Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon can be quite picky about food. They like what they like and will happily return to the same place again and again. They enjoy a slow and sensual meal so don't hurry them. Keep the noise down too. They enjoy simple as well as luxurious surroundings as long as the food is good quality and good 'value for money'. When they are hungry they get cranky, so don't keep them waiting. They also like their dessert - an indispensable part of the menu. They enjoy both traditional and exotic food and don’t mind something relatively plain. French and Italian will do just as well as Thai. Let them choose their dish (they’ll take their usual if they know the place). And remember: no forays with your fork into their plate please!  

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Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon is game for anything. Whatever you happen to serve, make sure the conversation is lively, as they feed on that much more than they do on the actual food they eat. They love variety and will want to nibble a bit of this and try a bit of that. So a meze, tapas or sushi bar is a great choice. Just order a whole bunch of plates and put them in the middle. If that's not possible, then allow them to try a bit of yours - and you try a bit of theirs. Exchange your views. Gemini Moon may prefer lightly cooked meals, so as to not dull their senses. They are happy with a home-cooked meal just as much as they are going out, as long as they have stimulating company.

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon is very particular. They have very definite likes and dislikes so make sure to find out in advance what they like to eat. Better yet, find out what mother cooked for them that made them happy. A home-cooked meal is best for Cancer Moon - especially one that feels traditional and shows that you are a potential homemaker. Better yet, let them do the cooking. If you go out, let them choose the place, or go to something tried and tested, with simple satisfying foods. They may also enjoy a fair amount of comfort food and cannot bear to feel hungry. A soothing, home-cooked stew may be a great option. They are very moody and may react to the food according to how they are feeling at the time. So to minimise the element of surprise let the food be…predictable.

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Leo Moon

Caviar, lobster, only the best food will do for Leo Moon. Treat them like royalty. Take them to the best, most expensive place that you can afford and make a fuss over them. The service needs to be impeccable. They would rather have a nibble and a glass of the finest champagne in the best restaurant in town than stuff themselves with average stodge. If you are cooking at home then make them feel like you’ve gone all out. Use your best china and dress the place ready to receive a special guest. Presentation counts for a lot with these folk. Make a show of serving the food and big it up, saying how it’s “specially delivered”, “local organic” “grass-fed”, “hand-reared” or whatnot. Make sure to accompany the meal by the best wine you can get - the one you’ve been saving for a special occasion (which this is by the way).

Virgo Moon

Only the purest, healthiest ingredients will do for the health-conscious Virgo Moon. Even better, go organic. Go easy on the salt and butter as these are very health-conscious souls. You can take them to that new gluten free, vegetarian or raw-food restaurant, and introduce them to quinoa, spirulina or whatever is really good for them. They will like plain honest food as long as it contains the purest local ingredients. Above all, make sure that the place is super-clean! This is essential. Cleanliness is really important to them and a dirty glass or spoon will put them off their food. If you invite them home, make sure the place is tidy and spotless, as a messy place will tighten their stomach muscles. Air the room. Serve the freshest filtered water or locally made wine. Let them be of assistance if you are cooking yourself, especially with the clearing up. They like that. Besides, they don’t like dirty plates lingering… 

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Libra Moon

Libra Moon loves to be paired up so a dinner for two will delight them. They enjoy their food best when they have someone to share it with. This means that you are already on a good path with your date and you can do well as long as you follow a few simple rules. First, they need elegance, beauty and quality so take them to the most tasteful and refined place that you know. Speak softly, be polite, pull up a chair for them and act with decorum at all times. Engage them in conversation and let them gently guide you. Candlelight and soothing music is essential for them to feel at ease - no glaring lights or raised voices please. If you are cooking at home, cook light, well presented food, dress the table with some flowers and beautiful crockery and make sure the surroundings are calm, pretty and peaceful. Give them a little gift to show your appreciation.

Scorpio  Moon

Scorpio Moon likes strong tastes. Nothing bland please! Use generous amounts of salt, cheese, chilli, olive oil, vinegar and/or spices… And a good strong wine. You can serve them pretty much anything - pasta, sausage and mash, salad, pizza - as long as you make it colourful, crunchy and intense. Whether you opt for something cheap or expensive, a sexy atmosphere is key. Dim the lights. Create an intimate setting, where you can both exchange mysterious glances in the candlelight. Play soft music. Bear in mind that dessert may well be served later in the bedroom.

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Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon loves rich food - meat, cheese, cream -  and lots of it! They also enjoy exotic flavours and new experiences.  Show off your food know-how with a complex dish and introduce them to new flavours. Create an easy-going relaxed atmosphere where they can be as loud as they want, eat, drink and be merry. They are quite outdoorsy types, so they may enjoy eating out in the garden. Better yet, take them on a picnic if you can. But pack heftily - they don’t like to run out of food and drink. Let the wine flow and have lots more of everything handy. Serve some wild boar or game. No matter how much they’ve eaten, there’s always room for dessert. A rich creamy one will go down well.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is really choosy. They like tradition and etiquette, so you had better take them somewhere that is consistently good, tried and tested, where the waiters are sure not to put a foot wrong. Avoid flashy places, opting for tradition and core values as they are sure to be put off if the food is not worth its price-tag. If you are cooking at home, then be in control, on top of things and as cool and professional as you can in your kitchen. Make it seem effortless. Once they arrive, seat them in a place of honour and give them their aperitif and amuse bouche - all proper and as it should be. They do not need a lot of food, but they like food to have a definite shape, no mush please. If you are going out, they will enjoy dining in a top tier (or top floor) restaurant. 

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Aquarius Moon

You can experiment with this folk. Eating is an experience for Aquarius Moon and they will try new and whacky things like exotic recipes or food cooked in funky contraptions. Who's with them is key so as long as they like you, you've got a head start. Aquarius Moon take themselves to be quite the connoisseur food-wise, so ask their opinion. They have definite views about food, so they may want to have some input. If you are surprising them, let them know in advance. Find out if there are things they cannot or will not eat: are they off gluten or allergic to something? Let them subtly dictate the menu. Being full of contradictions, they enjoy funky dining just as much as a stuffy seven course meal in an expensive restaurant.

Pisces Moon

If you are cooking at home do…whatever. Pisces Moon will be going soft inside merely thinking that you went to any trouble for them at all. Include fruit and slightly exotic flavours. The key is to keep the lights dim and play soothing music. Use some fairy lights, sprinkle the table with some fairy-dust or use candles… A magical atmosphere is essential to get them in the mood. You may also want to act a little helpless in the kitchen - they'll jump to your aid and love the experience all the more for it. Serve them seaweed, melon, soup and food with a high water content. Going out? They may or may not love sea-food but they definitely adore eating near water. Gently rocking on a boat, listening to the waves from the shore or watching the lights twinkle on the canal as they dine is a dream come true!

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