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How do the star signs keep the spark alive in love?

How do the star signs keep the spark alive in love?
How to keep your partner involved in your relationship? How to keep the love spark alive and your relationship passionate? When we fall in love our critical faculties (no matter which star sign we belong to) switch off for around 18 months, so psychologists say, before reactivating with a bang. This is when some people find themselves in trouble because the passion just seems to fizzle out. But is it possible to keep the pilot light lit way beyond this? Quite possibly, and if you know what buttons to press, according to your partner’s sun sign.

The best way to keep your partner interested and happy

As the first of the fire signs this is a naturally sparky sign, but even they hit a wall sometimes and lose interest in the physical side of life. Aries doesn’t do anything that it doesn’t want to, so if they suspect a plot is afoot involving you trying to re-inflate their ardour, they’ll rail against it. You have to box clever here, and mix things up with something spontaneous. Or do something yourself and watch them come running. This is a sign that hates to be left out, and hates to think you’re having fun without them.
The way to a Taurean’s heart is through his or her stomach. Food and sensuality are therefore two great ways to get the bull back to its best. Taurus also likes to feel that they are Number One in your life, and so lavishing them in lots of attention is often a sure-fire way to win them back round. This is a sign that remains pretty unflappable, and so it may appear that they are indifferent or couldn’t give two hoots. Don’t be fooled, as this bravado often conceals an underground bunker full of emotion.
Boredom can sound the death knell for Gemini, so staving it off is crucial. Their attention can wander, and this can make you feel out in the cold at times. Anyone who loves a Gemini therefore needs to have a lot of self-assurance – which is why many of them end up with Taurus. Allowing Gemini to flirt, yes as bizarre as it sounds, and not taking it too seriously, is key. Gemini finds secure and intelligent people amazingly attractive. Anything too demanding is off limits. They also respond best to sitting down and talking things through.
Cancer puts a hell of a lot of energy into relationships, but this is also a sign that retreats when it feels hurt or threatened. If things have become monotonous, then you can slowly win Cancer back round, but you’d better be prepared to be patient, as this is a sign that won’t be rushed or back down easily when they think they’re right. They can also be quite stubborn, but they do like the attention that comes with someone trying to woo them to fall in love all over again.
If Leo ever looks a bit crestfallen then it’s usually down to wounded pride, and this can be a sulky sign. Leos are suckers for flattery and ego massage, although they also like to feel like they are the ones who are in charge. So you could take them out for dinner, and let your Leo partner pick up the bill. If Leo loses interest in the romantic side of life then it might be because it has run aground creatively. Perhaps a little more imagination is one way to boost any flagging ardour.
One of the best ways to keep Virgo interested is by keeping them busy. Odd jobs around the house, entering them for the London Marathon, or encouraging them to take up a hobby are all things to consider. Giving them plenty of space is also a requirement for long-term love, as they do like time alone pottering about. Being a Mercurial sign, like Gemini, and an earth sign, these are also people who need plenty of mental as well as physical stimulation.
Libra is the most romantic sign of them all, but they still need some encouragement. Their interest can wander if they feel unloved, and like a depressed parrot, they start to lose interest in their personal appearance. If this happens then you can encourage them to take more pride in their appearance, then they will become a lot more interested in more intimate matters.
Scorpio rarely surrenders so it might fall to you to end the cold war. Feelings run deep, and this is a stubborn sign with a sadistic streak if they think they have been wronged. So if you’re in the doghouse for something that you have done wrong, then you’d better make yourself comfortable. They will eventually come round, and physical intimacy is often the best way to make up instead of endless hours of chat.
Sagittarius may be the sign of freedom and the shyest of commitment, but this is also a moral sign. It likes to feel that things are secure at home, even if they aren’t at home much. If this sign spends inordinately long times away working, travelling or crusading, then they perhaps need reminding of their other responsibilities. Excess can sometimes be a symptom of a restless Sagittarian.
The pendulum can often swing too far towards work, and this can be the biggest passion killer going. Capricorn can sometimes do with reminding that a relationship needs work too. They can be shy in terms of intimacy and so it could be up to you to get things moving in the right direction once more. This sign does have a voracious sexual appetite, but things can falter in this department if they are stressed at work.
Less is more with this sign. Anything that even resembles a sit down serious conversation leaves them cold. Preserving your own individuality and independence can be one way to re-ignite their interest. This is after all a perverse sign, and a stubborn one, so one whiff of control has them running for cover. They like to feel that they are the ones that are running the show.
Pisces can get so lost in love that they lose sight of who their partner is, so it doesn’t harm to remind them of your needs from time to time. Intimacy is very important to this sign, particularly foot massages, and they also pick up on non-verbal cues more than other signs. Therefore it’s important not to sit and brood, but to have open and honest conversation before things go beyond the point of no return. 
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