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How does Mercury Retrograde affect your love life?

How does Mercury Retrograde affect your love life?

This is the ultimate relationship guide on what exactly happens in your love life during Mercury Retrograde and how to overcome it, if you are either coupled up or single. Mercury Retrograde is one of the most feared events by astrology fans and enthusiasts and that’s no coincidence. Astrologers repeatedly inform people around the time of this transit to be extra careful when it comes to communications. Now, for matters of the heart where good communication is always key, Mercury Retrograde can be a nightmare. Relationship trouble and awkward returns of ex lovers are indeed very possible during this transit so we had our gifted astrologers come up with a guide on what exactly to expect during Mercury Retrograde and how it can be overcome. 

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Troubles in relationship paradise during Mercury Retrograde 

The planet ruling communications, Mercury, is one of the most important ones, especially in the age of technology when everything happens that much faster with respect to communications. Mercury Retrograde is known to astrologers as a time to expect matters of the heart to go sour. This is because when this planet goes retrograde it allows (or should we say forces?) people to re-think commitments, ideals and practices either concerning past relationships and ex-lovers or current relationships and even your marriage, depending on your status during the time of the transit. It is important to note that each time Mercury goes retrograde, it affects certain zodiac signs more than it affects others so make a mental note to check out how it affects your zodiac sign particularly next time it occurs! If you’re reading this during a Mercury Retrograde, you can have a one on one in depth analysis with one of our talented readers - they can be reached by dialling 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) - don’t hesitate to call! Here’s a general guide on what to expect:

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Mercury Retrograde tips for singles

Depending on which area of your astrology chart it affects, Mercury Retrograde is very likely to be about the return of an ex for you! This could mean either a process of evaluating or remembering (perhaps obsessively and around the clock) a past love  or an ex or it could mean an ex literally coming back, knocking on your door or calling time and time again until you pick up (or probably just a text, again depending on how her/his zodiac sign is affected by Mercury Retrograde). Now how you handle it depends on how badly it has hit you this time. One thing’s for sure: Communications are busted for all of us. So what would have been a friendly dialogue during some other time now becomes a heated argument or a rehashing of old arguments you’ve had throughout the relationship. We advise a different approach. Be still. Take a moment to think. Avoid rush actions! If all this rings a bell for you, our psychics are always available for an in-depth reading.

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Mercury Retrograde tips for couples

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time get into that heated discussion again, the one you had over a year ago that wasn’t exactly settled: it might randomly just pop up again in both your minds, simultaneously. But at the same time it is also when – and if neither of you has been affected badly – to remember the good old times, like the beginning of your relationship or your first kiss. It is also possible that you will try to relive some of those moments. This is also a time when you start to wonder whether you’re in the right relationship or a healthy/satisfying/happy marriage. Or it could be that your loved one’s zodiac sign hasn’t been affected that badly but yours has and awful things start stirring in your mind. It could also be liberating. This depends on what has been at the back of your mind for some time before the transit. The thing is that you won’t be able to tell whether it’s you talking or the planet of communications gone wild. So it’s absolute best if you sit on any idea for a while or at least until after it’s all passed before you proceed to taking actions. On the other hand you should definitely be straightforward about clearly phrasing your wants and needs now that you’ve mustered the courage with a little help from Mercury Retrograde! This can be a very tense period so don’t hesitate to call one of our expert readers! You’ll be surprised at how much someone with a deeper understanding can assist in sorting out troubled situations.

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