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How the men of the zodiac express their Love

How the men of the zodiac express their Love

How does each man of the zodiac express his love? Horoscopefriends breaks it down for you, so that you know it when you see it because it might not always be as straight forward as saying "I love you". So let’s take a look at the star signs and how those men show their love!

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How a Man says "I Love You" According to their Star Sign

Would your man shout their love from the rooftops? Would he shower you with gifts or tidy up after you? If you're unsure, astrology can give you a clue! 


The Aries man doesn’t hold back! He’s enthusiastic, assertive, impulsive and upfront about his feelings. His ruler, Mars, endows him with the drive and determination to be relentless in the pursuit of his romantic and sexual desires. When in love, he’s ardent and passionate. He’ll make you feel like his voluntary prey!

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Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, the Taurus man represents the archetypal lover! He’s affectionate and incredibly sensual, but doesn’t like to rush things. He prefers to take slow, careful steps, and won’t lay his cards on the table until he’s confident you’re on the same page as to what you seek in a relationship.


Ruled by chatty, bubbly Mercury, Gemini is the sign of communication, so the Gemini man is not one to keep his feelings secret for too long. If he’s into you, he’ll tell you. He’s not really given to passionate declarations of love, but he’s sure to win you over with his intelligence; he usually relies on his sharp wit and sense of humor to do the heavy lifting.

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The sensitive Cancer man needs to feel safe before he can let his love show. He usually keeps his feelings to himself for a long time for fear of getting his heart broken. He’s deeply sentimental, affectionate, extremely intuitive and fiercely protective of those he cares about, but he can also be rather moody, so he occasionally sends mixed signals.


The Leo man won’t settle for mediocre love – it’s all or nothing with him! He’s as fiery as you would expect a man whose sign is ruled by the Sun and belongs to the element of fire to be, except he doesn’t go all in straight away; he’s too proud to pursue women with the unquestioning impulsiveness of an Aries. He’ll shower you with compliments and gifts, and generally do everything in his power to win your heart, but only after he’s received the validation he seeks.

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The Virgo man is deeply misunderstood when it comes to love. His reserve and reticence are often mistaken for coldness, and he’s usually regarded as a hypochondriac who’s too obsessed with hygiene to be sexy, but in reality he can be very sensual, and simply prefers to let his actions do the talking! He’s extremely giving and faithful in his relationships.


Ruled by love planet Venus, like Taurus, Libra is the quintessential relationship sign. The Libra man is in love with love and not cut out for the single life. He seeks harmony in his relationships and will compromise again and again if that’s what it takes to make things work. He’ll flirt with you in a charming, tasteful, refined manner, and if things ever threaten to escalate into an argument, he’ll opt for the diplomatic route to avoid adding fuel to the fire.

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The Scorpio man is assertive in love. Gifted with a magnetic personality, he can be perceptive to the point of making the object of his desire feel uncomfortable! At the same time, though, he can be highly secretive and suspicious, so he usually needs time before he feels ready to express his affection.  Once he feels like he can trust you not to hurt him, he will let his feelings show in an unequivocal and almost magical way!


The Sagittarius man is usually transparent about his feelings. He has a great sense of humor and a naturally amiable, cheerful personality, so he tends to approach the women he likes in a light-hearted, feel-good way. Unless you give him reason to think you may be put off by his spontaneity, he’ll be open about his attraction to you!

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The Capricorn man is particularly selective and has very high standards when it comes to relationships. He’s naturally reserved and usually prefers to keep his feelings to himself until he’s confident that they go deeper than a mere infatuation. Once he’s convinced that you’re not interested in playing games either, he’ll communicate his feelings through actions – in typical earth-sign fashion.


The Aquarius man is a visionary who loves his freedom and independence more than anything else, and often comes across as being more invested in the fate of humanity than in his personal relationships. He can be somewhat detached, and is usually attracted to women whom he can also be friends with, which makes it hard to figure out his intentions straight away. He’ll initially try to establish a bond of friendship with you and, if that pans out, he’ll take it from there.


The Pisces man is romantic, sentimental and incredibly giving – his generosity borders on self-sacrifice! He may be shy and reluctant to express his feelings at first, but once he decides to let his guard down, he’ll show you his love through both words and actions, and never let his ego come between you.

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