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How the star signs express their feelings

How the star signs express their feelings

Every person expresses their feelings in a different way. In astrology, it is mainly the placement of our natal Moon that reflects the way we express our feelings. However, our star sign (the placement of our natal Sun) can also provide some relevant insight, as it represents who we are – the core of our being. The element our star sign belongs to (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) can help shed light on the intensity of our feelings, as well as on the way we deal with them. Read on to find out how your own star sign expresses its feelings.

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How the star signs express their feelings

Read on to find out how each zodiac sign expresses how they feel! For a more personal reading call us on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to speak to one of our top astrologers and psychics!


Aries often sees emotion as a weakness, so they tend to express their feelings in a passionate or aggressive manner. The star sign of Aries belongs to the element of Fire, so Aries people are generally extroverted and tend to express their feelings in a straightforward manner. When they experience feelings of sadness or disappointment, though, they turn them into anger to cover up their vulnerability. They express their joy and enthusiasm with intensity, but keep their feelings of fear and jealousy to themselves.

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Taurus is an Earth star sign, so Taurus people are not particularly good at expressing their feelings. Their feelings often turn into physical symptoms. Taurus people tend to suppress their anger and hostility, which sometimes leads to sudden outbursts of uncontrollable rage. At the same time, they express their affection and love through their sensuality, as Taurus is the star sign that makes the most of all five senses.

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As an Air star sign, Gemini is sociable, outgoing and cerebral. Gemini people tend to discuss their feelings openly, mostly motivated by a desire to understand or rationalise them. Communication is very important to them. They need to be surrounded by people with whom they feel they can share their feelings. When they feel isolated or alone, they are overcome with extreme sadness.


As a Water star sign, Cancer is known for their mood swings and the intensity of their emotions. When they are surrounded by people who make them feel safe, they express their love and affection through attentiveness and protectiveness. They also tend to grow overly attached to those close to them. On the other hand, when they experience feelings of sadness, anger or fear, they usually withdraw into their shell and build walls of protection around themselves.

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The star sign of Leo belongs to the element of Fire, so Leo people tend to express their feelings in a passionate and intense manner. Whether they are joyful, sad or angry, they express their emotions in a theatrical, exaggerated fashion, which often disarms those around them. Sometimes, when they feel jealous or rejected, they react with arrogance.

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Virgo tries to be practical even when it comes to expressing their feelings. The star sign of Virgo belongs to the element of Earth, so Virgo people tend to somatise negative emotions, and express positive ones, such as love, joy and admiration, through actions rather than through words. When they experience a feeling that is too intense for them to process, they seek a practical outlet for it.


Libra tends to hide their feelings, especially the negative ones, in order to maintain harmony in their relationships. They care so much about other people’s feelings they often end up suppressing their own, which sometimes results in intense emotional outbursts; anger and frustration can only remain bottled up for so long…

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The intensity of Scorpio’s emotions is legendary – especially that of their self-destructive ones, such as anger, vengefulness, jealousy and guilt. Even though their fear of betrayal causes them to be reserved, they express their love and affection through loyalty and passion. When they are overcome with a negative emotion, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

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Sagittarius belongs to the element of Fire, so their feelings tend to be passionate and intense. Sagittarius is too honest to suppress their feelings. They usually express their enthusiasm in a straightforward, spontaneous manner. Of course, they experience negative emotions – such as frustration and sadness – equally intensely, so they try to avoid them at all costs.


As an Earth star sign, Capricorn is practically minded and rarely lets their feelings determine their actions. They like to be in control of their life, so they tend to overanalyse everything, and their feelings – whether they are positive or negative – are no exception. And, seeing that they are often overcome with negative ones, they are hardly immune to sudden outbursts of emotion…

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As an Air star sign, Aquarius tends to filter their emotions through their intellect. Their feelings are intense, but they have difficulty expressing them, so they try to suppress them by making sure they are always surrounded by friends or engaged in some sort of social activity. Because they refuse to face their anger and fears, they sometimes have emotional outbursts.


The star sign of Pisces belongs to the element of Water, so Pisces people experience such intense emotions that they often end up being overwhelmed by them. They are very sensitive, so they are often overcome with feelings of extreme sadness or disappointment. They usually find comfort in recreational activities that help them take their mind off the source of their stress.

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