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How to get from first to second date, depending on his zodiac sign

How to get from first to second date, depending on his zodiac sign

Destination: second date. Horoscope Friends maps out the quickest route according to his zodiac sign! If you like this article, check out what makes each zodiac sign worth falling in love with!


Wanna second date with God’s gift to women? Then don’t be dull. Cut the bull. Do be a handful. Do ask cheeky questions. Don’t order anything too spicy or oniony off the menu. Don’t kiss butt or encourage this Aries guy if he acts like heaven’s missing an angel. Letting him  get away with too much is only going to store up future trouble for you.


Let your Taurus date know that you’ve enough self-respect to be able to walk away if he treats you any less than like a goddess. That you’ve enough guts to be in it for the long haul and won’t say ‘check please’ as soon as ‘commitment’ is mentioned. The only flash in the pan he’s interested in is the one in the kitchen of the expensive restaurant he should be impressing you with. 

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Your Gemini date should be left wanting more after the first date. Hint at your sparkle but don’t give them the full diamond. He prides himself on knowing a little about a lot of things. Hint that you’re not a loud snorer because this is a sign that has trouble sleeping at the best of times. This guy doesn’t hang about. Deleting dating apps and the numbers of other potential dates should happen as the desert arrives. 


Your Cancer date wants to know from the first date that you love your mom and have a healthy family relationship all round. Show them some happy family snaps on your phone or Facetime mom and wish her goodnight in front of him. Don’t be too familiar or too loud. Pay for dinner or go Dutch, but don’t whatever you do forget your purse/wallet. He likes to know you have some coin before date number 2.

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Lap up everything that your Leo date says like it’s the first time you ever heard it even if you read it back in 2007. He’s the sun around which the rest of us orbit. Your Leo man will want to know how many kids you want from the first moment he lays eyes on you and he’ll be inspecting your hips to make sure that they’re the child-bearing type. Wear padding if necessary. 


Your Virgo guy expects Mary Poppins-style punctuality. He’ll notice everything about your appearance, even the parts you imagine aren’t on most guys’ radars. Don’t be too familiar: let him guard his privacy. Dating conversation will range from open-heart surgery via toe fungus, right down to varicose veins. Take a toothpick.

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Never ever fill your wine glass right to the brim. Have a Big Mac before you go on your first date and then disinterestedly pick at your food in front of him. Your Libra lothario abhors greed and excess and they like to see you’re not a gannet even if you’re a closet one. Do not discuss anything crass or appetite suppressing. Drink plenty of Liquor.


Exes are definitely off limits in the conversation on your first date with this all-or-nothing guy. Your Scorpio guy will get jealous if you hold the waiter’s gaze for too long. He’ll get jealous if you look at the menu for too long. Only by giving him your complete attention will a second date be in the bag.

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Challenge your Sagittarius guy. Arm wrestle. Intellectually. Your call. He’s big on cultural references, like TV from back in the day, so this is a good conversation starter. Always remember that the way to his heart  - and a second date - is through his stomach and making it hurt from laughing. He loves to travel but showing him your holiday pics is the kiss of death.


Your Capricorn date won’t be too keen to reveal that much about himself or his family or his job or his friends or his dog. You might have to do most of the talking on the first date. If you reveal too much he’ll find it excruciating and it'll put him off the second date. Mystique pistol-whips him. Ditto ambition. Ditto taking things slowly. 

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Lose the negativity. Throwing anybody under the bus is a big turn off for Aquarius. Be kind. Be impartial. Be ambiguous. Don’t give too much away about yourself and don’t ask him for his shoe size. Stick up for the underdog. He likes to play the big hero with moths, crane flies and other little bugs. Flutter those butterfly eyelashes and he’s yours. 


Your Pisces date might be hard to read. Don’t try. He might act like he’s checked out of the date before you’ve even taken your first mouthful or taken your first drink or before the movie’s even began, but don’t be fooled.  He’s testing you to see just how interested you are. He might pretend he’s a shark by ordering his steak rare, but maybe it’s really because he’s wearing dentures. 

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