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How to get him hooked from the very first date depending on his star sign

How to get him hooked from the very first date depending on his star sign

So you're off on that first date! How can you get him hooked right from the off? Here's the lowdown depending on his star sign! Whether it was him who asked you out on a first date or the other way around, making him yours is not as hard as you may think it is! Sometimes, all it takes is knowing what to avoid doing and what buttons to push. So here’s how you can win his heart from the very first date, based on his star sign. If you're still thinking of making your move have a look at the zodiac signs and making the first move!

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    The Aries man likes to feel like he has the upper hand. Chances are he’ll go out of his way to let you know he has the hots for you! Don’t make the mistake of trying to take charge or overshadowing him. Let him shine, show him you admire him, pay him compliments, and make sure the questions you ask him are smart and don’t feel like a police interrogation.


    When it comes to Taurus men, romanticism is the order of the day! The Taurus man seeks emotional stability, and is usually drawn to women he sees as dependable and sensual. In order to make him yours, you have to convince him you’re not interested in playing games but looking for long-term commitment. Show him your sensitive side, and be yourself.

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    There are few things Gemini values more than friendship. The Gemini man is looking for a woman he can be not only lovers but also friends with – a woman around whom he feels comfortable. He needs to feel free to express himself openly. Let him talk about himself, pay attention to what he’s saying, and allow your intelligence, wit, and sense of humour to shine through!


    The Cancer man is extremely sensitive, so you need to make him feel safe and comfortable around you. Make sure you choose your words carefully and wisely, because he’ll be weighing every single thing you say, trying to decide whether you’re worth trusting and emotionally investing in. Do your best to come across as understanding and non-judgmental.

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    The Leo man likes to feel admired and appreciated. He tends to be attracted to assertive, glamorous women. On your first date, he’ll try to win you over with his personality, and expect to receive validation from you. Let him lead the conversation. Be generous with your compliments, confident, and dynamic, but don’t try to outshine him.


    Virgo is notoriously big on order and cleanliness, so you need to make sure you show up appropriately dressed – you will never get a second chance to make a first impression! Avoid behaving in a pretentious or overtly sexual manner, don’t draw too much attention to yourself, and above all, don’t stand him up, or you’ll never see him again!

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    The sociable Libra likes to surround himself with pleasant, joyous, self-confident people who conduct themselves in a civil, graceful manner and share his appreciation for beauty, harmony, and serenity. The fastest way to the Libra man’s heart is through politeness, positive energy, and sophistication. Be calm and honest, and avoid confrontation at all costs.


    The Scorpio man is sure to show up with his detective hat on! He’ll try to learn as much as he possibly can about you, while simultaneously implicitly refusing to reveal too much, if anything at all, about himself. There’s only one way to get him hooked: Don’t make it too easy for him. Be mysterious, intriguing, and sexy! Leave him wondering. Let him discover you bit by bit.

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    When it comes to Sagittarius men, it’s joyfulness and positive thinking that do the trick! In order to win the Sagittarius man’s heart, you need to convince him you have a good sense of humour and an optimistic outlook on life. You don’t want to come across as self-pitying. Avoid burdening him with sob stories or recounting the hardships you’ve been through. Try to be smiley and cheerful!


    You don’t need to go out of your way to impress the Capricorn man. He’s naturally reserved, level-headed, careful with his words, and has both feet firmly planted on the ground. Stay away from attention-grabbing or overly revealing outfits, avoid asking too personal questions, and show interest in his career. Make sure you come off as down-to-earth, relatively self-restrained, and tactful.


    Be yourself and be crazy – it’s as simple as that! The Aquarius man can be a little nuts! He’s unconventional and completely unpredictable, so he’s usually attracted to spontaneous, unpretentious women. Leave your fears, taboos, and inhibitions behind, and jump on his merry-go-round of harmless insanity! Be simple and respectful of his idealism, and allow yourself to feel free. 

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    The Pisces man is very shy – and it shows! He appreciates women who are understanding and respectful. Approach him in a tender, soothing, affectionate manner, and try to inspire trust in him. Avoid pressuring him into opening up straight away at all costs! Take things slow, make him feel relaxed and comfortable, and allow him to express himself at his own pace.

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