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How to survive Saturn transits

How to survive Saturn transits

Saturn transits affect us all at least every 7 years, and in life-transforming ways between the ages of 28-30, 58-60 and 88-90 when you will have your full Saturn return. This is when Saturn returns to the place it was at when you were born.

Here are some tips for managing these often challenging times of Saturn transits

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

You are unique. We all move at different speeds. Some flowers blossom early, some later. Don’t get worried if all your friends are married and have children and you don’t have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend yet. For some people it works to have children in their early-twenties, for others, it’s best for them to pursue their career first, for others children are not an option ever.

As difficult as it can be, don’t allow yourself to be influenced by family, friends, peers. Even identical twins have a different cycle to their lives. If you try to rush it, or to coerce yourself into what ‘popular opinion’ is expecting of you, you’re likely to end up unhappy.

During your Saturn return, it’s a time when you need to learn to become strong, to take responsibility for yourself and your actions and not to rely on anyone else to rescue you.

Good things to do

Keep a journal

This can be a lifesaver especially during times of extreme change and turbulence in your life. It’s a way to release emotions, to record and analyse your dreams, to keep yourself in balance while change is happening all around you.

Examine your time management skills

Saturn rules time so it’s important to become responsible around the use of your time. Are you wasting time? Are you often late for appointments? Do you have a structure in your life that supports you? These are all issues to be faced when there are challenging aspects to Saturn happening.

Get organised

If you keep good track of bills, paperwork, saving money, having regular health check-ups, doing exercise, eating well etc., then Saturn won’t cause you any grief. If you are disorganised and your life is haphazard and you leave things to chance, this Saturn return could wreak havoc until you gain more control over the little things in your life. For example, someone may sue you and take you to court or you might lose your credit rating.

Say NO and mean it!

Most of us have a huge amount of responsibilities on our plate and it can be difficult to say no when someone asks you to do something. It’s easy to be enthusiastic about something new, but when you see how much of a time commitment is involved, you might regret your initial excitement. Practise saying NO and it will get easier. That way, you give yourself breathing space to see if you really do have the time to take something else on. If you’ve already said no, you won’t have any potentially painful consequences to face.

As Donald Rumsfeld reportedly said:
‘It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.’

See change as positive

During a Saturn return there are usually at least two major life changes. For example, getting married, getting divorced, having a first child, changing your career direction, going back to school, relocating to a different state or country etc. For some people, getting divorced, as painful as it can be at the time, can be a liberating and enlivening experience. Sometimes it’s the pleasure of learning that you are happy with your own space and living alone. Other times, it can make the way for a new partner to come into your life with whom you can be much happier.

Be ready to work hard and face the lessons being presented to you

Saturn wants you to learn boundaries, a good work ethic, a healthy respect for money, self-discipline and self-control. It’s not an exciting planet like Jupiter or Venus, but it’s a planet we need to make friends with if we are ever going to create something that endures and has stability in our life.

Learn how to let go

Do you hate your work? If so, maybe you’re in the wrong field and you need to train for something new. Are you unhappy in your relationship? Maybe it’s time to move on and to risk being alone for a while rather than in a relationship that is not fulfilling.

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Here are some good questions to ask yourself

  • What have I outgrown?
  • What am I afraid of and what is the very worst that could happen?
  • Where am I giving up too quickly or taking the easy way out?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • Am I pleasing other people instead of pleasing myself?
  • Where am I too comfortable and not willing to change?
  • Have I given my power away?
  • If you are honest with yourself and you don’t run away from difficult or unpleasant issues, you’ll find that these important Saturn transits will help you to get on the right track and to accomplish your goals and dreams.
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