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How well do you communicate? Mercury and the Elements

How well do you communicate? Mercury and the Elements

Mercury is the planet in astrology that rules the way in which you learn, how you think, how you process information and how you communicate. It is one of the most important planets in your chart.

Why is it that when you meet someone people you can just talk and talk and there is no effort in it at all? Yet with other people, communicating is like pulling teeth. You are trying so hard to reach the person but every question you ask them elicits no more than a yes or no response. This is most likely due to incompatible Mercury signs.

Which of the 4 elements your Mercury is in, is an excellent starting point for understanding your particular type of communication style and intelligence. The element indicates the way in which you think and shows how you learn best.

At school, the placement of Mercury will show you how you like to learn. It can be very helpful in educating a child and knowing the most effective teaching methods.

Mercury Through the Elements

If you have Mercury in a Fire sign, (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you need inspiration, new ideas and exciting challenges. Learning by rote or having to memorise huge tomes of information will feel overwhelming. You like to be spontaneous and impulsive and express your thoughts honestly. You thrive on variety as you are easily bored.  

If you have Mercury in an Earth sign, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), your thinking processes are slower and you learn best by having practical assignments. You need physical, tangible tasks to help you to digest and utilise new information. You’ll enjoy hands on lessons where you can learn through experience.

Mercury is the planet that rules the way you learn, how you process information and how you communicate. It's one of the most important planets in your chart. If you have Mercury in an Air sign, (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), this is generally one of the easier placements because Mercury needs to feel free, and if you think about the air itself, there are no concrete boundaries or limitations that we can construct in the air. Mercury in an Air sign thrives on discussions, debates and often has a scientific or mathematical bent. Lecturing and classroom teaching are beneficial as you absorb information easily.  

If you have Mercury in a Water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you learn best through intuition, daydreaming, feeling your way through information. You do not do well with enforced structures. Water likes to roam free and meander in whichever direction it likes and doesn’t feel comfortable in a formal classroom setting unless it is allowed to use its creative flair. Acting, performing and role playing are helpful as well as passionate, emotional discussions.

Mercury Element and Relationship Compatibility

Before you proceed:

The placement of Mercury is extremely important in your relationships. Mercury can sometimes be the most important factor as to whether or not you will get along in a relationship. If your Mercury is on the same wavelength as your partner’s you will be able to tune into their thoughts even if they aren’t able to express them very well. Conversely, if your Mercury is in conflict with your partner’s Mercury, you’ll have difficulty in understanding what they are saying even if they are extremely articulate.

True story: a woman with Mercury in Libra wanted her partner to say nice and pleasant things to her, but he had Mercury in Virgo, and all he could see were the things that weren’t working. He liked to confront issues directly and in not necessarily a very nice and diplomatic way. As you can imagine, this was not the recipe for a harmonious relationship. They were always having disagreements because their modes of communication were so different.

Perhaps you have a partner with Mercury in Aries. This is someone who thinks very quickly, who is very impatient and who expects you to answer their questions immediately. But if your Mercury is in Taurus, you need time to respond. You’ll probably feel completely overwhelmed by their barrage of quick-fire questions and you’ll want to say “please give me time to think about this..,” which will infuriate Mercury in Aries even more!

Find out where Mercury is in your birth-chart. Check out all the significant relationships in your life: your family, school friends, workmates, your personal relationships and see how you can work more constructively with a Mercury that is not as compatible with yours. At the very least you will be able to see the dynamics at work and in that awareness you’ll be able to make allowances for other people in your life.

We all have instinctive, knee-jerk reactions to the way in which someone talks to us. Once you know someone’s Mercury sign, you can be more aware of their communication style and not take it personally if it doesn’t match your own.

With the relationships you can choose i.e. your friends, your partner, try to find someone whose Mercury sign is compatible with yours. This will make the relationship flow so much more easily. In the relationships where you have no choice, i.e. your parents, siblings, workmates, find out which communication style is most comfortable for them and try to adapt your behaviour to make your interactions more enjoyable.

It’s not easy, but with some effort it can be done!

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