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In love with a friend? From friends to lovers based on his star sign

In love with a friend? From friends to lovers based on his star sign

Are you in love with a friend? Well, here’s an astrology guide that will help you go from friends to lovers, based on his star sign. It often happens that friendships evolve into romantic relationships and it only makes sense since this is someone who knows everything about you (including your flaws and that weird side you’ve got) and loves you nonetheless! It’s really as close to a ‘soul mates’ relationship as one can get without having the forces of the Universe conspire and the stars fall into place... In some cases, these friendships go on to last a lifetime. And it’s really more common than you’d think for two people to start out as friends and end up becoming lovers.

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The star signs from friendship to romance

With a little help from astrology you can easily take it from friendship to romance like so many happy couples out there! Some star signs are more likely to develop romantic feelings for one of their friends than others. It could be true for your best friend’s sign! Read on to find out which star signs are most… prone to falling for their best friend aka going from friendship to romance! After reading this guide you can try our free how to make each star sign fall in love with you feature.

In love with an Aries friend

Aries is very outgoing, so their social circle tends to be impressively wide. Many of them hang out with different people every day, as making new acquaintances comes naturally to them. They usually have countless friends. Add to that their tendency to flirt with pretty much everyone around them, and it’s no surprise that Aries people often end up developing romantic feelings aka falling in love with a friend. If the furnace is hot enough, anything will burn!

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In love with a Taurus friend

Taurus is usually attracted to people they have come to know well, and their attraction grows stronger as time goes by. Therefore, they’re not unlikely to develop romantic feelings for a friend they spend a lot of time with; if they do, their affection will be growing deeper with each passing day. Besides, Taurus tends to seek stability and avoid risks, so they find it much easier to get involved with a person they are already on familiar terms with than to look for someone else to date.

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In love with a Gemini friend

Gemini’s prowess in the field of romance is legendary. They tend to flirt with everyone around them just because it feels good, so they often earn themselves a reputation for playing the field. However, “playing” and “committing” are not the same thing, so Gemini is unlikely to fall in love with a friend or get involved with them. They will only let a friendship evolve into a romantic relationship if they have a friend with whom they share a phenomenal connection – a friend with whom they can communicate without saying a word.

In love with a Cancer friend

Cancer is very likely to fall in love with a friend. Cancer seeks a partner who can understand them and make them feel emotionally secure. Their friendships provide them with a sense of warmth and intimacy, as the people they’re friends with know everything there is to know about their past. Therefore, a romantic relationship with a friend can offer them everything they look for in romance. However, they will be reluctant to express their feelings unless they’re confident that they’re reciprocated.

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In love with a Leo friend

Leos make loyal partners and equally loyal friends, but prefer to keep things separate. They’re not very likely to consider becoming involved with a friend, because in that case they wouldn’t get to experience the passion that usually characterizes the early stages of strictly romantic relationships. At the same time, though, they are easily flattered and swayed by compliments, so if a friend pursues them relentlessly, they are not unlikely to eventually reconsider and ultimately fall in love with a friend.

In love with a Virgo friend

Virgo tends to categorize and put labels on things, and their relationships form no exception to this rule: friendship and romance belong in separate categories. So Virgo is unlikely to fall in love with a friend and star seeing them as a potential romantic partner or, for that matter, to become friends with an ex! If one of their friends expresses a romantic interest in them, chances are they’ll feel awkward about it and hasten to set things straight.

In love with a Libra friend

As a rule, Libra is attracted to beauty, and wishes to find a partner they can connect with. So, if one of their friends fits these criteria, there’s a good chance their relationship with said friend will blossom into a long-term romance. Besides, Libra is practically incapable of resisting a good love story, so to speak so falling in love with a friend cannot be ruled out. Plus, their ability to handle even the most complicated of situations with grace ensures that the transition from friendship to love will be smooth.

In love with a Scorpio friend

Scorpio is usually reluctant to let a friendship turn into a romance and wouldn't normally fall in love with a friend. They usually have few friends because they don’t find it easy to trust and build relationships with other people, so chances are they won’t be willing to risk losing what has taken them so long to build. They will only risk it if they have a friend they’ve always been sexually attracted to, in which case they will be tempted to solve the mystery of what lies beneath the surface.

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In love with a Sagittarius friend

Sagittarius is very likely to start seeing a friend as a potential romantic partner aka fall in love with a friend. Sagittarius basically likes to have fun, so they usually see no reason to resist the prospect of dating someone they already know they can have a good time with. If a friend with whom they have much in common expresses a romantic interest in them, they won’t hesitate to give things a shot. In fact, it is often Sagittarius themselves that develop romantic feelings for their friends – and more precisely, those friends of theirs whose thirst for fun and adventure is as insatiable as their own.

In love with a Capricorn friend

Capricorn is a firm believer in the idea that some (in fact, most) lines are not to be crossed, so they’re very unlikely to welcome romantic advances from a friend. If they agree to give things a try, it will be because they never really saw said friend strictly as a friend to begin with. And it goes without saying that, in this case, they will be even more disinclined than usual to take things lightly. If they end up getting in a relationship with said friend, it will be a sign that they’re in too deep in love.

In love with an Aquarius friend

Among all the signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius is easily the most likely to fall in love with a friend. Aquarius tends to be attracted to likeminded people with whom they can develop a bond of companionship and share unforgettable moments, and their friends fit the bill perfectly. After all, this is the main reason why their friendships are sacred to them. In fact, every time they develop romantic feelings for someone other than a friend, they try to become friends with them first.

In love with a Pisces friend

Pisces’ way of falling in love has an element of magic to it. Pisces can fall in love with a gesture that people born under a different zodiac sign would find meaningless or even ridiculous. They often fall in love with their idea of a person; their imagination plays a big part in how they experience love, but their feelings are not any less intense for it. They can fall in love with a friend and spend years fantasizing about being in a relationship with them before actually confessing their feelings to them.

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