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International Women’s Day and the Women of the Zodiac

International Women’s Day and the Women of the Zodiac

It’s International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th and a chance to look at women and their zodiac signs from an astrology perspective. The Representation of the People Act of February 1918 gave some women in the UK the vote - admittedly only those over 30 and owning property - but it is an important one for that nonetheless and we’ve come quite some way since then. Jump a hundred years ahead to 2019 and we have women being vocal about sexual harassment as well as pushing for equal rights the world over. March 8th is an opportunity to celebrate the wonder, power and achievement - cultural, social, economic and political - of the female of the species. And since this is Horoscope Friends, why not do so by looking at that special something that lends each woman her je-ne-sais-qua, according to her star sign?

Women Characteristics and Personalities According to Star Sign

Each zodiac sign is symbolic of different characteristics so let’s see how these are found in the female of our species. Which famous women are most representative of their zodiac sign and why? Here are some key personality traits, as well as famous female personalities, according to star sign…


Aries women are trailblazers, self-starters and fiercely independent. They are often provocative, doing their thing and not caring one bit what other people think. They are often known for some kind of first, pushing the boundaries and braving new territory like Lady Gaga, Brigitte Macron and Maya Angelou, all Aries. And let’s not forget the brave simplicity with which Aries Kourtney Kardashian pulled her own baby out of herself on US national television. They are fierce fighters, often portraying action heroes and leaders on screen, witness Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lucy Lawless (Zena Warrior Princess) and Robin Wright (First Lady/US president on House of Cards).


There’s an indestructible quality about Taurus. There’s duration, tenacity and endurance there and it’s no accident that Queen Elisabeth II is a Taurus, seeing the royal family securely into the 21st century, as was Catherine the Great, Russia’s longest ruling female sovereign. Taurus women also do well portraying beauty and great physical strength on the silver screen, witness Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and Grace Jones (View to a Kill). The latter is also a singer, like big voice Taureans Ella Fitzgerald and Barbara Streisand. Taurus rules the throat. This sign can often have a peculiar relationship with food, as portrayed by Taurean Renee Zellweger struggling with her weight in Bridget Jones’ Diary.


Gemini women are mischievous and playful, absolute teasers at heart. Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini as is Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie and Liz Hurley, the female she-devil in Bedazzled who twist’s your words and turns your wishes into nightmares. Words are important for a Gemini as is keeping records. Anne Frank was a Gemini, as was Queen Victoria who reportedly wrote 2500 words every day of her adult life into a diary which now comprises 122 volumes. And let’s not forget, the Victorian Era was primary one of improvement of communication and transport - all Gemini - through things like new railways and the invention of the postage stamp. Gemini is the sign of the twins and the Olsen twins also happen to be Gemini.


There’s a nurturing, caring quality to Cancer, as well as an ability to connect with the masses on a feeling level. Princess Diana was a Cancer, perfectly displaying both qualities. Meryl Streep is another fine example, active around women's rights as well as testament to Cancer’s great creativity and emotional range. There’s a fierceness in this sign, especially when it comes to defending the underdog, and it’s no accident that Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British suffragette movement was a Cancer. Closer to the 21st century, we have Khloe Kardashian doing her bit to empower women by giving them a ‘revenge body’. In its most simple expression, Cancer rules the breast and let’s not forget what Cancerian Pamela Anderson was famous for.


Leo is the sign of courage, royalty and creative self expression. Here we have Madonna, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, J.K. Rowling and Coco Channel, all undisputed stars, reigning supreme in their respective industries and often associated with gaining entrance to rather elite and aristocratic circles. Leo exhibits natural leadership, much like we have seen in the character of Leo Jennifer Lawrence, in Hunger Games. Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical society is another example of such courage, leadership and the necessarily resulting Leo fan-base. Leo’s colour is gold. Leo Charlize Theron comes to mind here in that ad, drenched in the stuff.


Virgo is the sign of the warrior woman and virgin queen. The actual Virgin Queen Elisabeth I was a Virgo, formidable, efficient and self-sufficient onto herself. Virgo’s hard working and self-sufficient qualities can be readily seen in singers Beyonce and Pink. There’s a desire to be of service with this sign, witness Virgo Mother Theresa. Birth control activist and nurse Margaret Sanger is also a Virgo, representing this sign's concern with health and giving women back control of their own bodies. There’s a tendency in Virgo toward extreme physical highs and lows too, and Amy Winehouse was a Virgo. Virgo is the sign of logic and analytical skill and Agatha Christie’s mystery novels portray that beautifully. 


Libra is the sign of the diplomat and the politician, as well as being one of a pair, and we have Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher and Eleanor Roosevelt here, the latter also being very outspoken about human rights and equality, another one of Libra’s passions. At the other end of the scale, Libra is the sign of beauty, sunshine and all things lovely, like Libra Julie Andrews bursting into song in the Sound of Music or Libra Alicia Silverstone choosing her fashion outfits and mocking our inner consumerist in Clueless. Libra is the sign of the beautiful socialite celebrity too, as represented by Libra Kim Kardashian.


Scorpio women are fearless, bold and exude a sense of mystery and mastery. They excel in research, like Marie Curie, as well as in the corridors of power, like Hilary Clinton and Indira Gandhi. They can rise to fame through crisis and change like Marie Antoinette and it’s worth noting that Caitlyn Jenner, famous for her sex change, as well as Kris Jenner, matron of Keeping up with the Kardashians, are both Scorpios. Now there’s a show that exposes secrets and thrives on crisis and drama on a regular basis, making millions for its creators, money being another big thing for Scorpio since money and power go hand in hand. There’s a darker, self-destructive streak in Scorpio too, like we see in Sylvia Plath. Brittany Murphy was also a Scorpio.


Here we have the fun crowd. Comedian and singer Bette Midler is a perfect example of Sagittarius' outrageous sense of humour. Stars who were discovered young like Tyra Banks and Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera are also good Sagittarius representatives, making it all look effortless and fun for us all. Jane Fonda is a Sagittarian and she looks young and ready for adventure even now, at 81. Sagittarian Taylor Swift, famous for her honest country-pop also perfectly captures the easygoing Sagittarius spirit. She apparently learned horse riding (Sagittarius is half horse) almost as soon as she popped out her mother’s womb. Sagittarius is also the sign of learning and letters and we have Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson born under this sign.


Here, we find women who rise to the top of their game, single minded, ambitious and hard-working. Former first lady, Michele Obama is a Capricorn as is Kate Moss and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). Not only are Capricorn women ambitious but they take their role very seriously and display great accountability, becoming truly respected as a result. Capricorn women often become icons for others to look up to in business and in politics alike. Joan of Arc was a Capricorn - and despite hearing voices not being very Capricorn-like, she never took her eyes off the goal and is revered to this day - as was Simone de Beauvoir, laying the foundation for the modern day feminist movement.


Here we have the most rebellious, modern and free spirited women of the zodiac. Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius as was the leader of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks. In this zodiac category we also find Ellen DeGeneres and Virginia Wolf, both unique and uncompromising, the latter way ahead of her time. Aquarius women want to change the world and often succeed. They often cut a controversial figure and Yoko Ono is another example. Amal Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are also Aquarius and this sign values freedom and friendship above all, which might explain how Jen stayed friends with Brad and how Amal got long standing bachelor George Clooney to relax enough to tie the knot.


Otherworldly, dreamy, enchanting, the Pisces woman is a veritable muse. Elizabeth Taylor was a Pisces and while her purple eyes are quite unique, a certain dreamy-eyed quality can be found in the eyes of many silver screen stars, like Rachel Weisz, Sharon Stone and Emily Blunt. Pisces are drawn to show-business (seduced by all the glamour and magic) and excel in the arts - indeed anywhere they can allow their imagination free rein and escape therein. Rihanna who immersed herself into her music from an early age is a Pisces as is Nina Simone. Pisces is also the most selfless of the signs and here we find abolitionist (and later suffragist) Harriet Tubman who, having escaped slavery herself, risked her life again and again to help others.

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