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It Pays to Know your Boss (and his star sign!)

It Pays to Know your Boss (and his star sign!)
If your boss is running you ragged, some inside info is all you might need to outmanoeuvre them, and the only intelligence that you have to gather is his or her star sign…
You can choose your friends but not your family as the saying goes, and the same rule kind of applies to work colleagues, and your boss. Considering the average Brit spends on average 99,117 hours at work in a lifetime, or 11.3 years, this is a relationship that’s arguably as important as the others in your life, despite being one that you didn’t necessarily choose to have.
If yours is running you ragged, some inside info is all you might need to outmanoeuvre them, and the only intelligence that you have to gather is his or her star sign…

So What’s Your Boss’ Star Sign?

Read on to see what makes them tick!

Aries boss

The Aries boss is a happy boss because they are in charge. Full stop. This is the sign of the initiator so they’re quick to delegate after getting the ball rolling, content to let their employees get on with the rest of it. Wherever possible Aries is the non-interventionist type of boss.   If you do make a faux pas and alienate an important client, or mess up the minutes, the Aries boss will soon have it out with you. No lingering bad atmosphere, endless berating or casting up with the Ram at the helm.  Aries is also a sign that values absolute honesty. They just don’t see the point in wasting energy on embellishing or tiptoeing around you, so you’ll know where you stand as far as the quality of your work goes.

Taurus boss

Venus-ruled Taurus enjoys a quiet, plodding life, and for things to tick over just nicely, rather than run like clockwork. The chronically dramatic won’t last long in the job if the bull has anything to do with it because these people can’t be bothered with attention seekers and theatrics, demanding really only loyalty. Neither do they take very kindly to aggression nor anything uncouth. Remaining professional at all times ensures that you get the same back from them.
You’ll always know where you stand with a Taurean at the helm. They are consistent and patient, and aren’t ones for breathing down your neck, standing over you, or chopping and changing every five minutes.   Once you have built up a trusting and mutually respectful working relationship, Taurus won’t be for letting you go very easily. They could quite happily work with the same people until retirement, so expect some resistance and even some emotional manipulation should you dare to hand in your notice.

Gemini boss

Zigzagging all over the place and generating ideas is the nature of the airy Gemini boss, and they are perhaps the hardest to pin down. Several studies on the psychological nature of gossip says that it’s a pursuit favoured by the most intelligent people, and this data could have been gathered with this sign in mind, because they do have a natural inquisitiveness, and they weren’t at the back of the queue when they were handing out brains.  The Gemini boss is open and friendly, and likes to see the same qualities reflected back in their employees, and their personal opinion sways their choice of underling. So if your Gemini boss inherited you from a previous boss, i.e. he or she didn’t hire you, and you’re still in the job, then you must be doing something right!

Cancer boss

If you make money for your Cancer boss he or she will be in clover. But despite this sign’s obvious ambition and commercial focus, it’s not all about the cut and thrust of big business and making top dollar.   They like their working environment to be close-knit and an extension of their family in lots of ways, and food may also figure quite highly in your job description, so expect lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings. Loyalty is also important to them, so don’t let them catch you fraternising with the opposition, or browsing job sites, however innocently. They remember everything!

Leo boss

Big bonuses, big business and big everything is what Leo loves. This boss doesn’t like his or her employees to hide their light under a bushel. Their motto is if you’ve got it flaunt it, and if you pull this off without overshadowing them, that’s half the battle fought and won.   Loyalty you show them will come back at you tenfold, and they like people in their employ to feel proud of their achievements. This is the sign that likes to develop people and get them to the top. They also respond well to, and have the utmost respect for, anyone who is different, creative and self-assured enough to challenge them on occasion, although not too much, and definitely not their authority.

Virgo boss

No detail is too infinitesimal for Virgo, and this is the sign that gets to the parts that the other bosses can’t reach. Slapdash isn’t a word that enters their vocabulary, but they are fair and patient with people, so as long as they see that you are hard working (another Virgo trait) and that you’ve given it your best shot, then they’ll be happy. Well, kind of. This sign is rarely completely happy, as the way they see it there is always room for improvement. So if you’re looking for constant praise you’re probably in the wrong job.

Libra boss

Looking smart and presentable is high on the Libran boss’s checklist, as they’re cut from a very fine cloth and expect their employees to be. But they’re also pluralist in their thinking, and so they don’t expect everyone to be the same, and a strong sense of individuality and a decisive manner are both welcomed by them.  They’re also suckers for flattery, and appreciate people who don’t get into a flap and retain their sense of humour.

Scorpio boss

Scorpios can stare a hole in you with those penetrating eyes. Leastways that’s how it feels, but they’re not as tough and uncompromising as you might think, and if they like you they’re actually fairly sentimental. They don’t like waffle and can normally cut through diversion and deflection tactics, preferring people who are plain speaking, methodical and passionate. If they see that you are committed and not just coasting, then they will champion your corner indefinitely.

Sagittarius boss

The skin of the rhinoceros is a good accessory to have with this boss. Sagittarius can be rather to the point when they want to be, and also a bit all over the place, so they look to their employees for a balance. This is an ideas sign, and much like Aries, they like to initiate and then let you get on with it. Details aren’t their strongpoint, and so the finer points of the job might come down to you. They like to work with people who are light, breezy, and who know how to have a good time at the office party, or at after-work drinks on a Friday evening.

Capricorn boss

This is the sign that wrote the rulebook on climbing the greasy pole. Capricorn doesn’t particularly respond well to irreverence or flippancy, preferring things to remain professional at all times. Hard work is generously rewarded, and this sign does like his or her people to get on in their careers, much the same way that they did. There isn’t much room for sentimentality with this boss, although they do tend to respond best to employees with a soft streak in their natures. They like quietly confident, ambitious people who are always smartly turned out – the archetypal ambassadors for the company.

Aquarius boss

Not overstepping personal boundaries is the Aquarius’ boss rule Number One. They like to keep their private life exactly that way, at least at first, and then they set the tone for what they will or won’t disclose. In the working environment they can be fun, and enjoy bringing out people’s individual talents to make a patchwork environment. They’re also won over by emotional intelligence, although stubbornness can be something you must navigate daily as an employee, and you can pretty much forget second-guessing them, although, perversely, they may say that they admire initiative-takers. Just make sure it’s as they would have done it!

Pisces boss

Pisces prides itself on being able to work with all different kinds of people. They like to fix people too, and are the out and out rescuers of the zodiac so working with this sign can sometimes feel like therapy in a bizarre way. Your Pisces boss can be as slippery as a freshly caught fish in a net, and they don’t like you to know what they’re thinking on the one hand. But the other side of their nature likes the non-verbal kind of communication and not having to explain themselves over and over. They can be scatty, and they’re also easily distracted, prone to daydreaming, and are generally soft on misdemeanours and don’t really like ticking people off. 
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