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Jealousy and the Star Signs

Jealousy and the Star Signs

Is there anyone the green-eyed monster has spared? Not really, if we are to be honest and that doesn't even have to do with our love horoscope! We all get jealous every once a while – find out how to make your partner jealous based on their star sign! – let alone when we’re in love. Of course, the key to overcoming our feelings of jealousy is good, honest communication with our partner. But expressing these feelings openly is not always easy, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Read on to find out which star signs are most prone to jealousy and how each star sign expresses jealousy when in love. If jealousy has reared its ugly head in your love life, your extended daily love horoscope can guide you clear of pitfalls.

Star Signs and Jealousy

Now let's find out how each star sign relates to feeling jealous!


Aries needs to be in control of the relationship, so when they feel like they are not in control, they get insecure. That’s the most common source of their jealousy, which they usually express through angry emotional outbursts that occasionally get a little out of hand. You need to be prepared for battle – your Aries’ words will disarm you! Let them get back in control, and they’ll get over it.


Taurus people make very loyal and devoted partners, and they expect the same from their significant other. If your Taurus starts suspecting that something’s up, they’ll look into it. They’re very practical and realistically minded, so they won’t rush to conclusions. If, however, they find concrete, undeniable proof that you’ve done something wrong, run for cover! Taurus doesn’t take kindly to losing what is theirs.


A liar thinks everyone lies, a thief thinks everyone steals… and a Gemini thinks everyone cheats! (Get the full story in the star signs and cheating!) Gemini is notorious for having a wandering eye, so they tend to think the same holds true for their partner. They don’t keep their feelings to themselves, though; they let their partner know they got jealous. The only problem is that, after a while, your Gemini’s tendency to throw jealous fits may get out of hand and start wearing you down.


Cancer is so devoted to their significant other they rarely throw fits of jealousy. Their love is blind; it often borders on naivety, and if their partner is acting strange, chances are they’ll fail to notice straight away. If, however, they start suspecting that something’s going on behind their back, they won’t talk about it. They’ll keep their feelings inside and blow it all out of proportion. It goes without saying that they’ll never forgive you.


Leo wants ALL of their partner’s attention. If you start paying too much attention to other people in your Leo’s presence, they may throw a jealousy fit that won’t be easy for you to handle. They are uncompromising when it comes to things like that. You’ll have to be patient and diplomatic in order to avoid hurting their ego. Let them know they are the centre of your universe, and everything will get back to normal.


Virgo is very prone to jealousy, but they rarely – if ever – let it show. If your Virgo grows suspicious of you, you’ll only find out by accident – by catching them spying on you or something along those lines. They’ll be watching and overanalysing your every move, and winning back their trust won’t be easy. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t even think about fooling them – their eye for detail is unparalleled.   


Libra gets jealous… in secret! They are overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy quite often because they’re insecure and in need of constant reassurance, but they rarely let these feelings show because they avoid confrontation like the plague. They tell themselves they are not jealous in order to avoid disrupting the harmony of their relationship. If you start suspecting that something has triggered your Libra’s jealousy, don’t confront them about it. Reassure them that they have nothing to worry about in an indirect way. Check out your relationship horoscope: the star signs and their biggest relationship threats.


When it comes to jealousy, Scorpio takes the cake! They’re so competitive and possessive that they’re even jealous of their own shadow! If your Scorpio grows suspicious of you, their mind will start running wild with conspiracy theories, and unless you manage to win back their trust, you’ll have to spend endless hours explaining yourself to them. Reassure them that you only have eyes for them, and eventually, that too shall pass…


When Sagittarius gets jealous, they rarely admit it or let it show. They probably avoid throwing jealousy fits because they hate it when they have to deal with jealousy fits themselves – they don’t like their partner to put too much pressure on them. Of course, if your Sagittarius starts suspecting that you’re cheating on them, don’t expect them to turn a blind eye – they’ll be gone before you know it!


Capricorn has a hard time expressing their feelings – and jealousy is no exception. If your Capricorn grows suspicious of you, they’ll keep their suspicions to themselves. And it goes without saying that they’ll never make a scene in public, as they hate the idea of embarrassing themselves. If something is really going on behind their back though, you’d better hope they don’t figure it out; otherwise, you’ll see a side of them you’d rather not.


Aquarius may appear cool and unaffected on the outside, but they’re capable of getting insanely jealous when they’re in love. Obviously, they never let it show; they usually try to ensure their partner only has eyes for them in an indirect way. Generally speaking, though, they rarely get jealous, so unless you do something that really crosses the line, you’re unlikely to see your Aquarius’ jealousy rear its head.


Pisces people make very faithful partners, and they expect their other half to be equally faithful. When their jealousy causes them to behave in an aggressive manner, they’re overcome with a mix of guilt and compassion that makes them regret it. Of course, their intuition is unparalleled, so if your Pisces senses you’ve been up to no good, they will slowly but surely grow apart from you… 

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