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Long term relationships and your zodiac sign

Long term relationships and your zodiac sign

Some zodiac signs have what it takes to be the best life partners for long-term relationships, while other signs are struggling with the idea of long-term love.

Love compatibility is a funny old thing, and an accurate birth time can throw up so many valuable nuggets about you and your most compatible partner, going on your horoscopes and how well they knit together if, say, you’re considering marriage. And long-term relationships aren’t confined to intimate or romantic ones, and you’ve got to admit that with a buddy it’s a lot less complicated, and you might have your longest lifelong relationship with a friend because there’s less pressure on it to work out and less sensitive areas that can potentially flare up and end up driving a wedge between you. 

We’d all like to think that we’re going to enjoy a long-term relationship, but are some zodiac signs better cut out for it than others? Horoscope Friends investigates…

The best and worst zodiac signs for a long-term commitment

Starting with the signs that are most cut out for long-term relationships, Taurus is the standard bearer. This lovely lot love the idea of permanence and building things over time, and not just materially but emotionally too, and so the long-term holds a rich appeal for this zodiac sign. In a similar way, Cancer needs to be needed and loves nostalgia and the idea of building a shared history together. We also need to factor in that neither of these signs can really be bothered with the hassle of breaking up, plus they’re patient enough to ride our any wobbles of their own or their partner’s, trusting that it’ll all come good in the end and that wrongs will right themselves. But both signs also have incredibly long memories, and Freud said something like each person stays in a relationship long-term in an attempt – subconsciously obvs - to avenge the other’s bad behaviour, or to continually get one over on each other! Who said romance was dead!

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Capricorn and Scorpio also usually commitment-friendly zodiac signs because they get so deeply involved with a person and like the fact that their lives and hearts become intertwined to form an unbreakable bond. When they lose a love it’s like losing a limb. 

Leo is all about raising kids, and lions may stay with their partner for the sake of the kids and actually make a go of it in the long-term where they would’ve missed out had they not, and obviously be glad that they did. Lots of outside creative pursuits/interests also help keep Leos married to the idea of longterm love. The same applies to Aquarius, and even though this zodiac sign can be unpredictable in most other things, in relationships they’re pretty constant and creatures of habit, which makes the long-term relationship their ideal habitat. This is also a fiercely private sign, so the less people they have to open up to in life the better!

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Then we come to the signs that may struggle with long-term relationships, namely Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo  - aka the mutable signs – AND Aries and Libra, which, we should point out in the interests of balance, are cardinal signs. Here’s why. The mutable signs thrive on change and they know that you can only learn so much from one person and so like to keep on the move, plus their multi-layered personalities need more fresh air and stimulus, or at least they think they do. This might all be merely dressing up a low boredom threshold or lack of staying power. Sagittarius thinks the grass is always greener, Gemini does too, plus they both also like to continually break new social ground, Pisces is in a world of their own, and Virgo, well, Virgo is a sign that can survive on its own or flourish in a relationship later on in life.

As for Aries and Libra, neither has that much interest in romance once the bloom is off the rose and both find falling in love as easy as falling off a log, and both are political signs, and they say that a day’s a long time in politics, and it can be equally as long in a relationship with either of these two signs, i.e. things can come to an end abruptly and then it’s back on the single life!

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