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Astrology and Parenthood: Meet the Parents

Astrology and Parenthood: Meet the Parents
There’s no available manual for being a good parent, no blueprint. You just have to get on with it, and all the signs respond differently to this life-changing responsibility. 

What are the zodiac signs as parents in astrology

A big kid at heart, that’s the Aries parent, and he or she likes to think that they are ‘down with the kids’, much to the embarrassment of their teenage children. But this is mostly just to make mischief, as they actually understand the needs of their offspring very well. They’re great at engaging with them on their level, without condescension, and they also know when to allow their children space, and make teaching them the value of independence a priority. Aries mums and dads aren’t ones for overblown displays of affection, preferring to keep emotions as managed as possible in order to prepare their kids for the challenges of life. This doesn’t always work, as this is Aries we’re talking about, so emotions aren’t too far below the surface!
Kids of Taurean parents will feel eternally loved and nurtured, as Taurus prides itself on being able to provide at all times, in both an emotional and material sense. The parent-child bond is immensely strong for this sign, although possessiveness can be a problem, but the Taurean parent will probably be unaware of their love being cloying at times. They are essentially peaceful people who will gladly teach their kids about the value of love, as well as money, and the importance of working hard to achieve stability in life. This is also a sign that likes to spoil their kids with what they never had when growing up.
Gemini parents are the coolest, by their own estimation anyway, and possibly in the eyes of their own kids’ friends. They are relaxed and easy-going and like to be thought of by their sons and daughters as a friend as well as a parent. They may not take to parenthood all that easily at first though, because if they’re honest, they themselves never feel all that grown up as adults. This is a fun parent to have around, and one with a mind quick enough to rival that of anybody younger, and they will continually surprise and amaze their children with just how much they know about the world. In this way, Gemini encourages the development of their children’s mental faculties.
They say that the family that eats together stays together, and Cancer parents tend to demonstrate their love with food, so meal times are important family time. This sign forms an incredibly strong bond with its kids, so the dreaded empty nest syndrome hits Cancer parents incredibly hard. Seeing their babies all grown up and living their own lives can be a difficult adjustment to make for them. That’s because family is everything to Cancer, and they’d quite happily construct their whole world around their children. When that fateful day does arrive and their kids leave home, the Cancerian parent’s bittersweet feelings are often tempered by the pride they feel at the well-rounded individuals their kids have become.
Leo is the sign creativity, and a child is the most wonderful creation of all. Leo is therefore the sign of the parent, and they direct a tremendous amount of their energy into raising their young, to the point where they become the centre of their universe. This isn’t a parent who takes criticism of their kids at all well, because in their eyes, butter wouldn’t melt. Leo parents teach their children the importance of taking pride in themselves, and in being creative. They love for their kids to pursue a glamorous career, and live vicariously through them if they weren’t able to realise their own dreams doing something similar.
The Virgo parent isn’t easily moved in any direction but looking forward, not being particularly prone to sentimentality. Their cool personas and calm way of doing things can be adopted by their children, who are usually well behaved and neatly turned out. The Virgo parent is excellent at being impartial and is mostly logical in the way he or she views situations, even if this means taking the side of others over their own families, if they believe it to be the right thing to do.  They prefer the gentle art of reasoning rather than dogma, although they can be extremely hard to please. Too much criticism and not enough praise can erode their children’s self-confidence in later life.
Libran parents naturally want their children to reflect well on them, and so they are brought up to be polite and sociable. However, Libran parents also like their children to form opinions, and to develop their intellects, but in the privacy of home. This will be the intellectual battleground where healthy debates are lost and won. Libran parents aren’t comfortable with the idea of their children being single as adults, even if it’s through choice, because to them a life alone is a life half lived. Therefore, they might take it upon themselves to play matchmaker at every given opportunity.
The children of Scorpios learn from a very young age not to try and hide anything from their parents. This is perhaps the most interventionist sign of them all when it comes to parenting, and the one that regards their children as an extension of themselves, so any slight against their child is taken extremely personally. They wrap their children up in so much love, and make them feel so secure at home, that the outside world appears as a threat. But life soon teaches their kids the importance of trusting the unfamiliar, and this can rub off on the parents as the kids get older, making for a more relaxed relationship.
Sagittarius sees humour in most things, and they don’t like coming down too heavily on their kids, plus freedom doesn’t necessarily have to come at a price for the kids of Sagittarian parents. They can learn the value of finding their own way, developing strong friendships, and a pastime that can enrich their lives. Like Gemini, Sagittarius can struggle with maturity, and with being viewed as the most responsible person in the room. This can make them want to toss their head back in defiance and relive their youth through their kids. Sagittarius likes to encourage physical activity and being outdoors as much as possible, espousing the merits of a healthy lifestyle, although kids don’t always respond positively to their preachy style.
Responsibility is never a tragedy for this sign, and like Leo, they were born with an abundance of parenting skills. They feel it’s their duty to mould the young minds of their kids so that they make a positive contribution to future generations. Capricorn can harbour colossal ambition for their kids that might not go down too well if their sons and daughters are born under headstrong signs. In fact, they can often find that they have a teenage rebellion on their hands, but once their kids grow up a bit, Capricorn parents learn to be less rigid and relax a bit more into enjoying the special bond of friendship with the adult they’ve created and shaped.
There are certain boundaries that the kids of Aquarian parents know not to cross, because Aquarius likes to remain an enigma, even to their children. For such a cerebral sign, there’s quite a lot of second-guessing on the part of the kids, who learn to grow up very quickly, and always with an eye towards being their own person. The Aquarian parent is quietly proud of their children and watches from the sidelines a lot of the time, and without ever being too effusive. This kind of thing makes them uncomfortable. All they really want to know is that their kids will have the presence of mind to stand on their own two feet, and to stand up for what they believe.
The kids of Pisces’ parents will be encouraged to paint, laugh, sing, dance…whatever they want, and so their environment will be a relaxed – and chaotic- one. But like all the water signs there is a deep emotional attachment going on here, and the occasional power struggle too. Their kids will feel that they can pursue any career that makes them happy, and pick any partner, because their Pisces mother and father encouraged them to be open minded in all things. An artistic ability is often inherited in families with a strong Piscean tradition.  
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