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Mercury in the zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

Mercury in the zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

Mercury is the planet in astrology that rules the way in which you learn, how you think, how you process information and how you communicate. It is one of the most important planets in your chart. Find out where Mercury is in your birth-chart.

Surely you will have felt at some point in your life that you are speaking a different language with your loved ones and, even though you may both be saying the same thing, chaos breaks out. Despite positive emotions in a relationship, miscommunication causes friction, ruptures and disagreements that cause distress.

You need to be extra careful when it comes to communications around the time of  Mercury turning Retrograde. This transit can be a nightmare when it comes to matters of the heart where good communication is always key, so read our ultimate relationship guide on what happens in your love life during Mercury Retrograde and how to overcome it.

If you want to avoid these difficult situations with your loved ones, consult astrology which gives you the "key" necessary to communicate with your friends, partner, family or even coworkers! How, you may ask? Simply by understanding the way the individual you care about expresses and communicates and identify their thought process.

Mercury in the zodiac signs

So, consult our birth chart, find where your or your loved one’s zodiac sign intercepts with Mercury, and improve your communication with them.

Mercury in Aries

A person who has Mercury in the sign of Aries speaks a lot, says a lot, but usually doesn’t think before expressing their thoughts, often resulting in misunderstandings. Most of the time they become "vulgar" because they simply don’t have the skills to communicate. They are in a rush to gather information from those around, pressing to get the answers they want right away and when things don’t go their way, can become angry and extremely harsh. It is important to keep in mind that a person who has Mercury in the sign of Aries wants sincerity in all forms of communication. This is why they always tell the truth, even if it causes pain or resentment! They express and communicate in a way that may seem childish but is 100% authentic. In order to get along with them, just be yourself, don’t play games, be honest and, above all, don’t take their harsh demeanor personally!

Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in the sign of Taurus, you are dealing with a person who is not in a hurry to speak and, who of course, tries in every way possible to avoid an unpleasant discussion or a disagreement. Instead of saying something they are not sure about or that could be wrong, they prefer to say nothing. The way they express themselves and the words they use are calm, sweet, and graceful, without implying that they use beautiful words to embellish their speech. The way they move, express themselves, and even their voice can exude a sense of security, which in turn creates a feeling of intimacy. The downside in communication is that they become persistent, stubborn and nothing can change their mind. So, no matter how hard you try to make them see things in a new light, if they have already formed an opinion, you cannot change it. It will be as if you are talking to a wall! In order to communicate productively with them, it is important to understand the slow pace at which they make decisions. Don't force them to call you, talk to you or open up to you when you want. Give them time to take their own step. Don’t insist on changing their view, because even if you are right, their stubbornness will not allow them to accept it!

Mercury in Gemini

Communication with someone who has Mercury in Gemini can be enjoyable, because they will make you see a subject from two different perspectives. The coin always has two sides, and this is something you will be faced with many times throughout your conversations with them. The way they communicate is enjoyable, clever, often childish and spontaneous, but their words often hide a lot of wisdom because this person has knowledge and the thirst to give and receive information. They don’t do well with people who have an unchanging mindset or have stereotypical views and narrowminded perceptions. They don’t like to be interrupted and have a tendency to talk too much, which sometimes turns into babble. Their clever humor helps break the ice in any difficult situation. In order to maintain good communication with them, have an open mind and make the conversation feel like a game. They don't like verbal quarrels but if you get into one, they'll find a way to put you in your place. So long as you’re in the mood for dialogue or a meaningful conversation, before talking to someone who has Mercury in Gemini, have your arguments ready in order to convince them.

Mercury in Cancer

They have a way of provoking emotion in their speech and know to hit you with words where it hurts when needed. They never forget what they have said, or what has been said to them. Conversations are well engraved in their memory no matter their importance! They can make you feel familiarity, warmth, sympathy and sentiment, but remember that sometimes they are confined to themselves and aren’t so expressive in words. In those moments, a single glance can be enough to convey everything that can’t be said with words. If you say something that bothers them, they will exhibit their harsh side, but that doesn’t mean they will not be distraught or will easily forget your disagreement. To maintain good communication, it is enough to be yourself, speak honestly, and to not offend them with your words. It is important to take into account that their emotions influence the way they express themselves, which is why their words can sometimes be sharp, desolate or even grumpy! Whoever has Mercury in Cancer requires understanding of the chivalrous way they express their thoughts and needs patience in times when they have no appetite for conversation!

Mercury in Leo

Dialogue and communication with a person whose Mercury is in Leo's zodiac sign can be a fun and enjoyable experience! They have a way of making people around them feel empowered, optimistic, and confident, and they do this easily through way they express themselves in every interaction. Their expressions and words in every form of communication are exaggerated while thoughtful, but many may even describe them as "chatty" at times. They often stubbornly and authoritatively require you show confidence in their words, follow them and even admire their every thought and idea. If you reject them, you don't pick up the phone when they call, or you don't get in touch with them, know you will irritate them. So, to have harmony in your interactions, you need to understand that most of the time this person is acting selfishly, thinks they is always right, and often dramatizes situations. You should see through their exaggerations, always take their words with a grain of salt, and above all, if you want to avoid unnecessary disputes, don't annoy them by refusing to contact them at times they want.

Mercury in Virgo

Communication is very important for the person who has Mercury in Virgo. If they feel they cannot have meaningful contact with a person in their life, they become removed, as they want to be surrounded by people who can maintain a reasonable, stable, and meaningful conversation. They belong to a category of person who listens to your words, your problems and your struggles and with sincerity and commitment with one word will make you see things differently, rationally, and nonchalantly. The difficulty in communicating with someone who has Mercury in Virgo is that they often become a harsh judge with no emotion in their words which can be disturbing, but they are trying to wake you up from the dream they think you are in. They are critical with good reason but are sometimes pressing to the point of exhaustion. They also tend to moan, complain, and go through periods in which their words sound cruel or pessimistic. If, then, you want your communication with this person to evolve effortlessly, make sure to discuss issues involving knowledge, aspirations, the future, your goals. Keep a meaningful dialogue going with them, follow their advice and be patient when they sometimes miss the point and criticize everything about you. Remember they are doing it for your own good!

Mercury in Libra

Communication is laughter, joy, and fun for the person who has Mercury in Libra. It is not easy for them to have a serious discussion, and they often try to slip out of moments they have to express their opinion directly or when they are forced to make a serious decision or a big statement. The positive ground to stand on with someone who has Mercury in Libra is that they can make you laugh, have fun, have a good time, they become the soul of the party and with their beautiful words, spontaneity, and their tender way of communicating, they sweeten your heart. The disadvantages are that they lack determination, don’t have the courage to express their opinion at times, and will lie in order to avoid confrontation. So, in order to communicate with them, take initiative, give them opportunities to speak, and push them to express themselves. Under no circumstances should you pressure them or trigger negative emotions, because they cannot stand quarrels and verbal conflict. If this happens, they will put their "tail between their legs" and disappear!

Mercury in Scorpio

Most of the time it is incomprehensible how a person who has Mercury in Scorpio thinks and communicates. The reason this happens is because they have a strange, secretive, intuitive, even a bit metaphorical way of perceiving things around them. Their words are penetrating, stimulating and thought-provoking, but often they become quite dogmatic, absolute, and also authoritarian. They try to understand what lies behind words that are being said to them and, through this effort of understanding, spiral into deep thoughts and doubts. This person can, with their words, support you and impart positive energy on you, but if you do them wrong, lie or try to deceive them, things get extremely difficult. They will punish you in the worst way and won't ever forget your disagreement. In fact, they will hit you with words where it hurts most and when you least expect it. Another characteristic of someone who has Mercury in Scorpio is that they poke their nose in everyone’s business. They want to know everything and have a way of gathering information about everyone, even people’s most personal issues, but never reveal the secrets. However, they know how to keep their own secrets and thoughts very well kept and always leave some secrets to themselves. So, if you want to communicate well with someone who has Mercury in Scorpio, then you have to gain their trust. Don’t try to gain access to their very personal matters, without them first inviting you in. Be patient with their sudden bursts of depression, sadness, emotional tension and dramatization. And of course, sweeten them with tact and diplomacy when their authoritarianism leads them to exaggeration.

Mwercury in Sagittarius

Communication means freedom, experience, and knowledge for anyone who has Mercury in Sagittarius. However, in most cases it is expressed and communicated in a childish, frivolous and playful manner. They change their mind and go off topic, but strongly support their desires and views, often as a young child, insisting on always getting their way. If you try to interrupt them while talking, or if you put limits on the way they are allowed to express themselves, you will be sure to aggravate them, and they will interrupt your conversation. However, the good thing is that through your conversations, you will see situations around you with a different eye. They have knowledge and experience, and discussions with them succeed in liberating the people around them. The downside is that they can easily be misunderstood and can say childish things or give promises that they won’t be able to keep. So, if you want to maintain positive communication with someone who has Mercury in Sagittarius, be free and spontaneous with them. Don't try to restrict them or put them in a mold and show understanding when they go out of bounds and entice you to do the same.

Mercury in Capricorn

Few words and to the point is the motto of them who has Mercury in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. They have a serious, philosophical way of thinking and communicating, they don't like exaggerations, quarrels and can’t stand insults. Their words are sharp, most of the time absolute give the impression that there is no emotion behind their words. But this isn’t the case, they are mounting a wall around themselves in order to stop trouble. In all communication, they will be formal, correct, logical, and practical, as they always want to be honorable with their contacts. In order to maintain an appropriate and calm dialogue with them don’t force them to be more emotional than they can. Show interest in their ambitions, discuss with them about their daily life, goals and dreams, and show patience when they have no interest in unnecessary conversations. Remember that a person who has Mercury in Capricorn does not forgive and punishes when words are reckless. Before any discussion with them, be sure you’re first thought well about the … consequences.

Mercury in Aquarius

People who have Mercury in Aquarius express and communicate in a rather explosive, spontaneous and particularly intense way. Talking with them is often a fun game that can easily get out of control and lead to a fight. They are quite sensitive and explode when you least expect it! A basic prerequisite for communicating with someone who has Mercury in Aquarius is freedom of expression, without limits and restrictions. However, be aware that this freedom can also be the reason this person becomes sharp, explosive, and even revolutionary. If you try to convey your own views and persuade them that they too must agree with your opinions, then you will find that this person doesn’t fit in a mold. Their favorite topics of discussion are politics, any social issue, and of course current events. If the mood of a conversation starts to get heavy, they have a way of passing their own opinions artificially onto you, and while you may have been right, they will make you believe you are wrong!

Mercury in Pisces

Their words have a way of making your mind wander and the way they communicate and express themselves creates a sense of empathy, tenderness, interest, and warmth. Anyone with Mercury in the sign of Pisces has their own emotional way of communicating and expressing themselves. Many times, they will have you believing they live in another age and there are moments when you think they are out of this reality. Discussions become abstract or fly from topic to topic, escaping any essence. Often, they find ways to slip out of difficult conversations because they don’t like arguments. Their lies or their overly emotional reactions may annoy you but know that these reactions aren’t meant to hurt you, they just act unwillingly this way! So, if you want to communicate well with them, don't force your words on them, don't talk harshly and of course, if you want them to see things your way, throw them a compliment, that always works! If you put them in a difficult position, know they will lie to you just to get away!

Mercury and Relationship Compatibility

The placement of Mercury is extremely important in your relationships. Mercury can sometimes be the most important factor as to whether or not you will get along in a relationship. If your Mercury is on the same wavelength as your partner’s you will be able to tune into their thoughts even if they aren’t able to express them very well. Conversely, if your Mercury is in conflict with your partner’s Mercury, you’ll have difficulty in understanding what they are saying even if they are extremely articulate.

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True story: a woman with Mercury in Libra wanted her partner to say nice and pleasant things to her, but he had Mercury in Virgo, and all he could see were the things that weren’t working. He liked to confront issues directly and in not necessarily a very nice and diplomatic way. As you can imagine, this was not the recipe for a harmonious relationship. They were always having disagreements because their modes of communication were so different.

Perhaps you have a partner with Mercury in Aries. This is someone who thinks very quickly, who is very impatient and who expects you to answer their questions immediately. But if your Mercury is in Taurus, you need time to respond. You’ll probably feel completely overwhelmed by their barrage of quick-fire questions and you’ll want to say “please give me time to think about this..,” which will infuriate Mercury in Aries even more!

Find out where Mercury is in your birth-chart. Check out all the significant relationships in your life: your family, school friends, workmates, your personal relationships and see how you can work more constructively with a Mercury that is not as compatible with yours. At the very least you will be able to see the dynamics at work and in that awareness you’ll be able to make allowances for other people in your life.

We all have instinctive, knee-jerk reactions to the way in which someone talks to us. Once you know someone’s Mercury sign, you can be more aware of their communication style and not take it personally if it doesn’t match your own.

With the relationships you can choose i.e. your friends, your partner, try to find someone whose Mercury sign is compatible with yours. This will make the relationship flow so much more easily. In the relationships where you have no choice, i.e. your parents, siblings, workmates, find out which communication style is most comfortable for them and try to adapt your behaviour to make your interactions more enjoyable.

It’s not easy, but with some effort it can be done!

Mercury Through the Elements

Which of the 4 elements your Mercury is in, is an excellent starting point for understanding your particular type of communication style and intelligence. The element indicates the way in which you think and shows how you learn best.

At school, the placement of Mercury will show you how you like to learn. It can be very helpful in educating a child and knowing the most effective teaching methods.

If you have Mercury in a Fire sign, (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you need inspiration, new ideas and exciting challenges. Learning by rote or having to memorise huge tomes of information will feel overwhelming. You like to be spontaneous and impulsive and express your thoughts honestly. You thrive on variety as you are easily bored.  

If you have Mercury in an Earth sign, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), your thinking processes are slower and you learn best by having practical assignments. You need physical, tangible tasks to help you to digest and utilise new information. You’ll enjoy hands on lessons where you can learn through experience.

Mercury is the planet that rules the way you learn, how you process information and how you communicate. It's one of the most important planets in your chart. If you have Mercury in an Air sign, (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), this is generally one of the easier placements because Mercury needs to feel free, and if you think about the air itself, there are no concrete boundaries or limitations that we can construct in the air. Mercury in an Air sign thrives on discussions, debates and often has a scientific or mathematical bent. Lecturing and classroom teaching are beneficial as you absorb information easily.  

If you have Mercury in a Water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you learn best through intuition, daydreaming, feeling your way through information. You do not do well with enforced structures. Water likes to roam free and meander in whichever direction it likes and doesn’t feel comfortable in a formal classroom setting unless it is allowed to use its creative flair. Acting, performing and role playing are helpful as well as passionate, emotional discussions.

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