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Myths and facts about the star signs

Myths and facts about the star signs

Most of the characteristics attributed to the star signs were determined a long time ago. Sometimes, however, life proves some of these preconceptions to be mistaken, which goes a long way towards showing that nothing is black and white. Forcing labels on the star signs is as ill-advised as putting people into boxes, so it’s worth trying to debunk some of the misunderstandings surrounding the zodiac.R ead on to find out everything about Myths vs Truths about the characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs

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Myths and facts about the characteristics of the star signs

Aries is supposed to be the loudest of the star signs. Aries people are often seen as capable of going to extremes to draw attention to themselves, but in reality, most of them are neither aggressive nor rude. They may be passionate and energetic in their quest for purity and high ideals, but they conduct themselves with dignity. And even though they occasionally behave in an egocentric way, they are heroic, straightforward and idealistic. Many of the myths surrounding Aries are based on a simplistic reading of their behaviour. Their supposed carelessness and sloppiness are another example of this; contrary to popular myth, Aries can be so attentive to detail as to give Virgo a run for its money.

Aries’ reputation may be bad, but it’s still better than bad boy/girl Scorpio’s. Scorpios are considered vindictive, possessive, and uncontrollably bad-tempered, but in reality, they simply express their profound sentimentality in a somewhat intense manner. And unlike most people, who would rather… swallow their emotions than risk losing face, Scorpios are usually open about the way they feel. Scorpio women may be more passionate in how they express their feelings than their male counterparts, but their reputation is still far from the truth.

Scorpios are said to be controlling and calculating in their relationships – a characteristic that heavily contrasts with the idealistically romantic nature often ascribed to the signs of Leo and Libra. But who can say they’ve never met a Leo or a Libra who could be stingy with their emotions or would stay in a relationship out of convenience despite supposedly being head over heels in love with their partner?

And while we’re on the subject of undeserved reputations, the true… sex maniac of the zodiac is not Scorpio, but the sign of Taurus. Even though they appear to be romantic and affectionate, Taureans actually express their sexuality in a raw, if not animalistic, manner. They’re not big on the emotional-connection aspect of sex – which is all good (obviously!), but you may want to keep it in mind if you belong to a more… sensitive star sign.

Another star sign the reputation of which has suffered from sex-related myths is the sign of Virgo. Virgo is often seen as embodying prudishness. The fact that some people with a strong Virgo influence in their birth chart can often seem too preoccupied with order and hygiene leads many to believe that Virgo abhors dirty sex. Appearances can be deceiving, though: Some Virgos are actually open to exploring all fifty shades of grey and then some! In reality, Virgo is no more inhibited about sex – and no less influenced by the mores of the society they live in – than the rest of the star signs. 

Another myth surrounding the zodiac is the notion that the sign of Gemini is not dogmatic. Even though they generally don’t have many inhibitions, moral or otherwise, Gemini is hardly open-minded. Unlike, for example, Libra, Gemini rarely sees both sides of an argument at the same time. When they adopt a view, they stick to it fanatically, either just for the sake of it or out of convenience, and they can just as fanatically abandon it for no apparent reason. Few Geminis have the patience and fortitude to profoundly contemplate philosophical questions.

And speaking of philosophical questions, Aquarius people, the so-called visionaries of the zodiac, sometimes prove to be much more ordinary than their astrological label. Their vision of a better world is just that – a vision. Aquarians sit around theorising and expecting others to put their theories into practice. As for their idea of universal solidarity, it, more often than not, clashes with the reality of the self-centred way in which they handle their relationships.  

Capricorn is another misunderstood star sign. Career-driven Capricorns have a reputation for being coldly professional even in the way they approach their personal life. But the thing is, they simply like to get things done without unneeded sentimentality; it’s not their fault if others take it personally. Capricorns do what they think is right to do or what they see fit as if they were programmed to do it. But they can also be funny, laid-back, and outgoing; they just don’t like deviating from their schedule. For them, it’s actions, not words, that matter; they cannot be swayed by compliments or sweet talk. They are very similar to Virgos in that respect.

Among the star signs that sometimes fail to live up to the expectations created by their reputation is the joyful child of generous Jupiter, namely Sagittarius. Most Sagittarius people are as open-handed as they are open-hearted, but there are also some who are miserably stingy – probably because they think that, in order to make their ambitious plans come true, they have to save as much money as possible. 

As for those born under the star sign of Pisces, they may be sensitive and sweet-natured, but they often prove more resilient than they seem. Pisces has a very deep reservoir of inner strength and stamina, and can overcome all adversity. 

Diplomatic Libra’s infamous indecisiveness is another case of misleading appearances; Libras can actually be quite determined and strong-willed. Their weakness lies in their insecurities (and, in some cases, their emotional shallowness); they’re pretty good at hiding them, though.

Finally, Cancer has a reputation for being intuitive, sensitive, and profoundly empathetic. Reality, however, begs to differ. Cancer people often feel hurt, wronged, rejected, or deceived by others for no legitimate reason. As a result, they’re overcome with bitterness, and let their ego cloud their judgment and undermine their altruistic impulses. 

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