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Natal Moon in Cancer

Natal Moon in Cancer
What does it mean to have your natal moon in Cancer in astrology? Here is a complete examination of the key characteristics of people with natal moon in this star sign. How does it affect their life?
As the sign that it rules, the natal moon is in its element in Cancer. Despite sometimes hell-raising outward appearances, like actor Sean Penn and outlaw Jesse James, these lunar types are essentially sensitive, home loving and gentle creatures, with a strange kind of vulnerability that they desperately try to mask.
Cancer is the crab in the zodiac and their shells take on a variety of forms: Aretha Franklin hides behind her big voice, and the late Mae West used humour as a decoy. Theirs is often a frightened world, yet they create an impression of toughness in a bid to throw people off the scent, and are extremely impressionable at the same time.

Here are some of the key characteristics of people with Natal Moon in Cancer

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Kindred spirits
Their intuition is spookily accurate, and these people are drawn to similarly in-tune people, and are almost compelled to find a mate for life. They want to meet someone who understands the complexities of, and sees what is hidden, in life, a person who is sensitive to their environment, and with whom they have a non-verbal connection. This is a highly complex creature, and one that is hard to understand at the best of times, which is why they tend to gravitate to other lunar, solar or rising Cancerians, like the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (who both had moon in Cancer).
Family of the world
Former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt steered the country through one of its toughest times economically, and was one of the architects of the New Deal during the great depression of the 1930s, which provided relief to the poor. His wife Eleanor, another lunar Cancerian, joined him in taking the parental role and nurturing the nation by campaigning for his policies. Today’s showbiz family matriarchs like Kris Jenner, materfamilias of the Kardashians, and Sharon Osbourne are similarly motherly, and have their moons in this sign too. In fact, anyone who has this placement is always in touch with their feminine side as this is what Cancer rules, however macho they appear, like Clint Eastwood, or however well adjusted, like Boy George. These people are also incredibly close to their own parents.
Hunger games
The moon is said to represent what we hunger for in life, and Cancer stands for security, endowing them with a great instinct for business and ability to make money. These people can make a seemingly tight budget stretch to the moon and back, and are often driven by a competitive streak, like all the water signs. Their hunger also goes beyond the material, to the emotional, and they can lean too heavily on comfort food when they’re feeling love-deficient. It’s during such episodes that their manipulative side can emerge, and some game playing in emotional matters. Such tactics are rare nonetheless, usually only breaking out if things run totally aground in their relationship. They must also guard against being so fixated on trying to work themselves out, or constantly wrestling with how they are thinking and feeling, or else they become too self-absorbed and effectively shut others out, or worry so much that they forget to live in the moment.
Tough nuts
The crab lives on land as well as in water, and these people are equally as adaptable and robust. They are tough people to work out at the same time, and have a shape-shifting nature, or are so sensitive to so many of life’s harsher realities, their partners may not know what they’re getting hour to hour, never mind day to day. Their pincers are primed for attack at all times, and snapping at the tiniest suspicion of trouble is their best form of defence. And this is probably the most defensive of all the lunar types, but they are also the sweetest, most genuine and loving people on the planet when they want to be, so they’re worth all the effort.
A quiet life
Silence is comforting for them, and the sound of a ticking clock is soothing, because like their opposite sign Capricorn, they are aware of time passing, of history and nostalgia, but like the pendulum of a clock, their mood can quickly swing in the opposite direction, where the sound of their partner’s breathing annoys them. This is why earthy sun sign people like Taurus or Capricorn provide a good ballast for them, or Scorpio, who understands them best of all.
Lunar madness
Cancer is mostly a jolly little sign, and the word lunatic does derive from the word lunar, and this sign does have a manic quality to it. Ground breaking madcap American comedienne Phyllis Diller had her sun and moon in Caner, and it’s important that they retain their sense of humour. Tense exchanges or moments when they feel vulnerable can be diffused with laughter. Perhaps they really are slightly mad, and there is apparently a fine line between this and genius, as Sir Isaac Newton, grandfather of physics, had his Moon here, plus Einstein had Cancer Ascendant.
On reflection
The late Heath Ledger, Sean Penn and Emma Thompson love to immerse themselves in the characters they play, and moon in Cancer people often make superb actors. They’re equally great mimics, and like the moon reflects back the sun’s light, these people are great at reflecting back what they observe. They can also accurately pick up on what the public wants, the zeitgeist, like Geri Halliwell, arguably the driving force behind the Spice Girls and their staggering global assault.
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