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Neptune in the zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

Neptune in the zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

Neptune in Astrology is the planet of illusions and dreams that carries us to enchanted and magical places! A planet of eternal adolescence due to Neptune’s effect keeps a part of our soul always young and dreamy. Because of these dreams, we are creative, we get inspired and the world evolves. Because of these dreams, our world seems beautiful and nothing is impossible. Because of these dreams we still fall in love and enjoy life!

Neptune is associated with hospitals, prisons, psychiatric institutions, cure and disease. It is considered a planet of compassion and offering. It is the planet that is linked to medication as well as substances such as alcohol and drugs. Neptune reveals our ideals and measures the extent to which we’re able to love!

Neptune in the astrological signs and its meaning

In order to find the position of Neptune in your natal chart, click here: Birth Chart and then read on to find out what your Neptune sign says about you.

Neptune in Aries (1861-1875)

Neptune in Aries need to know that this is the religious leaders’ placement, pushing individuals to stoutly promote and impose their beliefs. Neptune in Aries from 1861 to 1875 marked the Age of Discovery and the age of religious conflicts among representatives of Christian denominations. A Neptune Aries expresses emotions intensely, however, they are a well-intentioned person who has their own innovative ideas for a better world. Neptune Aries love to travel - here is your ideal destination based on your sign - and they like to take risks, sometimes they seek danger with a thrill and a passion that involves danger.

Neptune in Taurus (1875-1888)

Neptune in this placement is affected by the beauty and the reality of this earth sign. Even though Neptune’s means of expression may be in opposition to those of this particular sign, Taurus’ artistic nature in this placement is transformed. At the same time, though, this creates confusion in the individual concerning his or her relationship with the matter and the spirit, the practical and the transcendent. The person with his or her Neptune in Taurus sometimes exhibits irritable behavior but at the same time has great patience and perseverance to achieve what they want. This person is always interested in the practical effect of what they imagine.

Neptune in Gemini (1888-1902)

Neptune in Gemini finds it difficult to balance the energy of water with that of air. Certainly, though, imagination and inspiration, combined with observation, yielded figures such as Shakespeare, Voltaire, Kepler, Galileo etc. However, at times, this certain zodiac placement can cause mental disarray to the individual, especially if the aspects it is forming are hard. Nonetheless, when planet Neptune is forming a soft aspect, then what we have is the philosopher, the mathematician, the one who’s interested in occultism or sees prophetic dreams.

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Neptune in Cancer (1902-1915)

For those born with Neptune in Cancer, a placement in a water sign is surely a favorable one for this charming, yet unpredictable planet. This placement has given birth to great visionaries such as Joan of Arc, Goethe etc. What is difficult about this placement is that it pushes the individual to travel back into the past, unable to escape family memories thus using unhealthy ways to try to forget the past. However, it provides the individual with strong emotions and a strong imagination that, if they manage to put in an order, can be of great benefit.

Neptune in Leo (1915-1929)

Neptune in this placement is on the rise. Inspiration and creation, what a powerful combination for the recipe for happiness. Dante, Christopher Columbus, Mozart are some of the genuine representatives of this planetary placement. Leo Neptune loves luxury and wants a home that expresses it. This individual has a great deal of inspiration and imagination, that if they manage to express it in a healthy way, they will flourish. Leo Neptune expresses emotions strongly and has a kind attitude towards others. They are social and have an aptitude for fine arts.

Neptune in Virgo (1929-1942)

Neptune in Virgo signifies a weak placement. In no way can orderly Virgo give Neptune the necessary stimuli to express them self. Neptune loses their vision, their intuition, their orientation. Only if art and inspiration are combined with scientific work can there be cooperation between the planet and the zodiac sign. Neptune Virgo though is characterized by an innate kindness and patience. Some of the disciplines they could successfully be involved in are biology, chemistry, nursing or medical care, dietetics. If planets do not form easy aspects with Neptune, this means that the individual is characterized by cautious and skeptical behavior.

Neptune in Libra (1942-1957)

Although in an air sign such as Libra, the planet Neptune can be placed here in the best waybecause the sign’s demands are not far from the demands of this planet. Beauty, harmony, spiritual and artistic pursuits are common traits, because these are also the demands of the ruler of this sign, Aphrodite. The negative manifestation of this placement, of course, is that the individual always idealizes one's relationships, sometimes resulting in feelings of frustration. But with soft aspects, the person is known for their tender and sincere feelings, a refined taste in art and maintain a strong relationship within marriage.

Neptune in Scorpio (1957-1970)

For those with Neptune in Scorpio, although this is a water sign, this placement is likely not the best one for Neptune. In a dark, ruled by Pluto, sign, Neptune is called upon to face the deep existential angsts of Scorpio. However, if given soft planetary aspects, they find a way to work together in this placement, through the search for philosophical, metaphysical and scientific paths. The person will then express strong feelings as well as cautiousness and disbelief, in addition they have a tendency to be secretive. Yet if Neptune Scorpios are faced with hard aspects, then they show their illusional, disorganized, self-defeating side.

Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984) 

Working together with Sagittarius can prove to be effective for Neptune and the reason is that this zodiac placement fulfills many of their expectations. Such as their need for ideals, for justice and for setting great goals. This placement can also create the great philosopher, the religious and political leader. Typical examples are those of Lincoln, Luther, Wagner, Schumann and Newton, that are only a few of the representatives of this Neptune placement. Consequently, soft aspects make a determined and ambitious person, who loves to travel and envisions a better future. On the contrary, hard aspects mean that the person faces difficulties with the external environment, goes through various mood swings or is troubled by political beliefs.

Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1999)

Neptune in Capricorn means that art meets science, and science meets inspiration and transcendentalism. This placement can be a double-edged sword, as it could create the leaders that will reshape the world or hardcore individuals who could use technology or medicine to cause irreparable damage to humanity. If the aspects that Neptune is forming, in this placement, are soft, then we have a person who puts forward reasonable arguments to promote his desires, cautious yet fearless. Hard aspects signify that the person may have had a poor relationship with his or her father or that there has been an issue with their father’s health, as well as the likelihood of difficulties in one’s career.

Neptune in Aquarius (1999-2013)

A Neptune in Aquarius placement marks new visions for the world. A great wave of humanity and universality starts to spread across the world. If Neptune’s forming soft aspects, then we have a very social and friendly person with pioneering ideas and views on religious and philosophical questions. This could be a person who envisions a better world, working more as a team and in solidarity. However, if Neptune’s forming harder aspects, this could result in people being fanatics, utopians, extremists, hardliners, all those who would try and impede progress.

Neptune in Pisces (2013-2026)

When Neptune is in Pisces, this planet feels at home. There's a lot to expect of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces. It marks a new starting point for the search for ideals and for those who pursue the arts, as well as those who seek a higher truth, and they will experience great creative explosions. A Pisces Neptune faced with hard aspects, risks losing their orientation completely or getting lost in an untrue and untrustworthy universe forever.  But if Neptune in this placement is forming soft aspects, then we have a person who is attracted to mysticism, who feels compassion and helps their neighbor, who at times knows how to sacrifice their "ego" for the sake of the common good.

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