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How to find your perfect love match, astrologically speaking

How to find your perfect love match, astrologically speaking

Astrology reveals how to find your perfect love match. Here is a complete compatibility astrology article that will help you identify your best zodiac match:

  • The best timing for meeting someone new
  • Good times for getting married
  • Whether the relationship you are embarking upon could be a long-lived one
  • What kinds of partners would best suit your needs
  • How you can best communicate with one another
  • Whether there is a sexual chemistry that can be long-lasting
  • Whether the person you are getting into a relationship with is able to be faithful or whether they have a wandering eye
  • Your different approaches to money
  • What your emotional needs are in a relationship and whether the person you are considering will be able to meet your emotional expectations
  • The cycle of life you are in now and what challenges and opportunities are facing you with respect to relationships

When examining a relationship from an astrological standpoint, the first thing to look at is the birth-chart of each person. This shows so much about the motivations, desires, temperament, communication skills, sexual needs of each person. Then you put the charts together in a composition, to see where the challenges and the opportunities lie.

The personal planets are the starting point when examining a relationship. They are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.You can always go back to your birth chart to see where these planets were the moment you were born.  Each planet tells a different story:
The Sun shows how their personalities will engage with one another and what their spiritual connection will be like.
The Moon shows how they will get along emotionally and how comfortable they will fare in a domestic, everyday living situation.
Mercury is extremely important as it shows how the couple will communicate. This is often the make or break planet in the relationship chart. If the Mercuries have very difficult aspects to one another, there can be a loss of trust and a feeling of disconnection. Often, even with the greatest sexual chemistry, mental connection and a sharing of common interests, without transparent and open communication, the relationship can break down and cause heartbreak and disappointment.
Venus shows what each person will enjoy and what gives them pleasure. Compatible Venus energies show a sharing of common interests.
Mars indicates energy levels and drives and what triggers action. Some people are very driven while others are very laid back. Although so many books say that opposites attract, charts that have many oppositions are unsustainable over the long haul. The person who has a lot of energy and drive wants their partner to come and share exciting activities with him or her. If their partner is quite laid back and doesn’t want to be so active, this can cause great friction over time.
For example, a very sporty and athletic Aries man, aged 35, was in a relationship with a Libra woman, aged 34, who hated physical activities. When they went on vacation, he liked to go horse riding, sailing, hang-gliding, water-skiing etc., and first thing in the morning he’d jump out of bed encouraging her to come and join him on a physical challenge. This was the last thing she wanted to do on her vacation. All she wanted to do was to be quiet, to read, to relax, to go out into nature on a leisurely walk… although they had a wonderful mental connection, and there was a great deal of love between them, the relationship eventually broke down because their energies and their interests just didn’t match.
This kind of thing can happen very often.
Astrology can help you to avoid this pain by showing you in advance the kinds of challenges that you will face in a potential relationship.  It shows you the possible pitfalls and constructive ways of handling them. It can also show you if you are better walking away now from a relationship before you invest too much energy and time into it, and looking for someone new with whom you will be better suited.  These are the great advantages of having a compatibility chart done early in the relationship.
The relationship charts show whether the relationship looks as though it will be a long-term committed one. The charts indicate whether the partners are matched mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It shows whether someone is very independent and needs a great deal of space, or whether someone likes to live with someone 24/7 and have a very close daily interaction. Some people do better with long-distance relationships. Others want that intimate daily connection.
We are all different. That’s what makes the world so interesting.  We can adapt our behaviours, but only to a certain extent.
Very often, people with a great deal of Libra, Pisces, Cancer or Sagittarius tend to make many compromises in a relationship, giving in for the sake of peace, not wanting to have unpleasant conversations. This can go on for years with that person feeling more and more resentful and the emotional distance between the partners growing every day. Eventually, without clear communication and listening to one another, the relationship breaks down.
If dissatisfactions are caught in the early stages, much like with an illness, when you observe your body feeling just slightly unwell and you pay attention to it and take care of it in the early stages, you prevent it from getting seriously ill in the long run. A relationship is similar. All too often, however, people don’t want to face anything unpleasant and they rather push it under the carpet and carry on as though nothing is happening. This is fatal because it is like a cancer that eventually infects the whole relationship and eats away at it.
Astrology covers all kinds of relationships, not only your love and romantic ones.

You can look at the interactions between you and your parents, your siblings, your workmates, your friends, and any relationship you find yourself in. It is a wonderful tool that helps us make allowances for people and to learn how to have successful, nourishing relationships.

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