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Pluto in the 12 Astrology Houses

Pluto in the 12 Astrology Houses

What happens when Pluto transits a particular astrological house? And what is it like to be born with Pluto in one of the 12 houses in astrology?

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, sex and transformation. It’s the instinct that urges you to take power, survive and procreate, but which also knows that all things end, wondering what lies beyond.  Pluto represents the workings of what feels like fate in your life. Where you have Pluto in your chart, you’re drawn, compelled and fascinated, but also fearful and defensive, seeking power to beat the odds. Where Pluto transits in your horoscope, you're touched by fate and things are never the same again. Pluto represents Eros - that irresistible attraction to, even obsession with someone / something that changes your life. And it represents Thanatos - that final letting go that makes way for something new.

In mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld. He rules over the realm of the dead, of shadows and the afterlife - and of all things hidden and repressed, like our own passions, fears and compulsions. Pluto’s weapon is his invisibility helmet, allowing him to strike unseen. And you often find a need for secrecy where you find Pluto in your horoscope.

Pluto is the outermost, coldest body orbiting the sun and it’s been deemed a dwarf planet by Nasa, being smaller than our moon. Beyond it lies the Kuiper belt, a zone of icy, rocky debris of trapped foreign objects and bits left over from the formation of our solar system. Pluto aptly represents the end of all things and a fascination with what lies beyond.

Pluto takes 248 years to complete a full round of the zodiac and has a strongly elliptical orbit, like an egg. This means that it speeds through some star signs while spending ages in others. Pluto travels fastest through the sign of Scorpio (12 years), which it rules, and slowest through the sign of Taurus (36 years). At the moment, Pluto is in Capricorn since 2008, where it’s slowing down, spending 16 years in that sign in total, there to stay till 2024. Check out your horoscope!

Unless you live for 248 years (duh) you won’t experience Pluto transiting every house in your birth chart. A Pluto transit is a gift. It might feel like fate but it can be incredibly empowering once you embrace it. You awaken to the matters of that house, peer beyond the veil of appearances and see deeper truths, becoming transformed and fearless in the process.

Pluto in the 12 astrology houses natally and by transit

So let’s have a look at what it means to have Pluto in each of the 12 houses in astrology, both by transit and natally, i.e. by birth. If you don’t know where you have natal Pluto in your horoscope, check out your free birth chart!

Pluto in the 1st House

When Pluto hits your first house and Ascendant, expect a total transformation of your looks, personality and very sense of who you are! Your old identity dies and you’re reborn as someone new - with a new name, new body, hobby, job, relationship, country, religion, whatever. You might become invisible for a while, enclosing yourself in a cocoon during your transformation. But soon enough, you emerge unrecognisable, forged in fire, indestructible! When Pluto transits your Ascendant as it’s just entering your first house, you might become particularly ruthless in your bid to survive this process, abusing power, perceiving threats and dark forces everywhere and isolating yourself to stay in control. This is the beginning of your personal transformation.

Born with it? You’re a dark, intense, magnetic personality, with a powerful, sexy aura that says “don’t mess with me”. You’re always wearing an invisibility cloak, trying to hide your true nature and quietly observe others in order to have control of what happens around you. You perceive life as a power-struggle for survival and seek to preserve your strength and safeguard your secrets. You have the power to transform anyone you come into contact with.

Pluto in the 2nd House

Pluto in the second house is a classic story of 'from rags to riches'! Your finances undergo extreme changes during this time and you might start with a hole in your shoe and end up a mogul, owning a private jet. If you start this period well off, you may lose everything, declare bankruptcy then make your money all over again. These are the workings of fate to teach you all about the material world. Embrace your own power to create as well as destroy and you need never fear poverty again. Others will sense you’re a money magnet during this time and respect you for it. This period will also see your value system transformed and with it your sense of personal potency confidence and self worth.

Born with it? You have incredibly powerful money making instincts! You might be born in extreme riches or extreme poverty, helping to kick those instincts in. You may experience financial extremes in your life and be ruthless about making money, consolidating your position or protecting what’s yours. Your body has incredible physical strength and powers of regeneration.

Pluto in the 3rd House

You find it unbearable to stick to polite conversation when Pluto transits your third house.‘Give me the juicy stuff!’ your mind says. You want to get under people’s skin and discover all their juicy secrets, having a knack for the truth. You might get obsessed with books and courses on psychology or the occult and become too intense to be around. Not everyone wants to be psychoanalysed over breakfast or talk about death 24/7. Interactions with school mates, colleagues, neighbours and siblings have a fated quality now, leaving a lasting impression. You might go through depression and then out the other side and this awakens you to the power of your mind. Your words mesmerise, empower and transform!

Born with it? You have a penetrative, suspicious mind and you simply hate small talk! You’re a detective by nature with a laser-like focus, and a researcher of life’s mysteries, interested in all things hidden like psychology or the occult. You view knowledge as power and your books are your power base. You make compelling arguments and your words can change the world.

Pluto in the 4th House

Your home and family life change radically as Pluto goes over the very bottom of your chart - your IC - and into your fourth house. There is often a monumental event at home - a change in property ownership, a move or an uprooting, a family betrayal, bankruptcy, marriage or divorce, an illness or a passing - that kick-starts this period, ensuring life is never the same again.  The ground shakes beneath your feet and this affects your sense of security and rootedness in this world. It also transforms your very sense of identity, as inherited from your family. This is a perfect time to undergo therapy, release the past and reinvent yourself from within. You might go from homeless to owning half a town by the end of this transit.

Born with it? You’re hiding a dark secret deep inside, something that might feel shameful or scary. The truth is, it’s just your own power, sexuality and passion for life! You are a true survivor and have no illusions about life. Your family and perhaps your dad have had a huge impact on you, being a source of fear and fascination at the same time. Your life might have a fated quality, going through powerful endings and new beginnings.

Pluto in the 5th House

Get ready to fall in love madly, obsessively, deeply and wake up a new person on the other side! It’s time to flex that heart muscle when Pluto transits the fifth house - ‘Love or Die’! The scars in your heart only make it grow bigger and stronger as they heal and your heart is practically indestructible as Pluto makes its way through this house. You’re ready to live life to the full, fearlessly, passionately, embracing the good and the bad with equal relish. Risks you take, love and children feel fated at this time. Your need for self-expression - be it sexually or creatively - can no longer be ignored and you could throw yourself completely into a love affair or creative project. Time to let your personal demons out and stamp the contents of your heart indelibly onto the world! You might end this transit being surrounded by your creations.

Born with it? You fear yet desire to express love. You are cautious about expressing yourself but when you do you go all out, blowing everyone out of the water. Love is all or nothing, all consuming, not to be taken lightly and the same goes for whatever hobbies or talents you have, which you jealously guard. When you put yourself out there, others sit up and take notice. There's a fated element around children in your life.

Pluto in the 6th House

Get ready for a total lifestyle overhaul! Pluto transiting the sixth house changes your life one little minute iota at a time, painstakingly going over every detail until nothing is ever the same again. One minute you’re a high-flying corporate CEO living on red meat and 10 espressos a day and then you get a health crisis, a nervous breakdown or redundancy and find yourself years later a yoga teacher and a fruitarian who meditates every morning for three hours. This transit teaches you all about the mind-body connection and how even the smallest thing can make the greatest difference. As the Dalai Lama said, if you think you’re too small to make a difference then try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.  Pluto in the sixth presses upon you a need to change your eensy teensy daily habits for work or health reasons. Transform your habits and you change your life!

Born with it? ‘Obsessive compulsive’ is your middle name. Whether you’re a hypochondriac, a workaholic or just top in your niche, your powers of analysis and concentration are unparalleled. No detail can escape your discriminating eye. You could be a transformative healer, doctor or helper, solving problems that seem insurmountable to others. Your body has incredible cellular regenerative powers. You’ve fateful relationships with pets and subordinates. You tend to play games of 'master and servant'.

Pluto in the 7th House

Pluto in your house of relationships brings fated encounters. As Pluto crosses your Descendent (the door of the 7th house), you’re likely to meet a dark handsome stranger who has a magnetic effect on you. Is he or she a mage? A criminal or a mogul? Whatever it is, this person has power over you and you feel irresistibly drawn to the terrifying promise of sexual, financial and total transformation they bring. Relationships are life-changing during this transit. If you’re single and looking for love that soon becomes someone you used to be. If married, your partner could morph beyond recognition, carrying you along with them. Karmic relationships are forces of fate that ultimately empower you and awaken you to your destiny.

Born with it? Relationships have a fated quality in your life. Others fear and admire you and you perceive them as mysterious, fascinating, if slightly threatening in turn. You might fear and avoid relationships when you’re younger. You wear an invisibility helmet when meeting others half way, always seeking to preserve power and stay in control. You're more powerful and formidable in the presence of others. 

Pluto in the 8th House

Pluto transiting the eight house is a very intense time of you, living life in the raw! You’re like a soft-shell crab, walking around in a constant state of crisis, which is no mean feat! You get used to this intense survival mode eventually and learn to transmute energy. Pluto transiting this house awakens you to life’s hidden realms. You’re fascinated by all things taboo - like sex taboos, crime and the afterlife, magic and the occult, psychotherapy, hypnotism, mediums and healers. This is a period of intense psychological renewal and transformation when you seek what lies beneath your own fears and phobias, passions and obsessions. You could experience a sexual transformation now going from prostitute to nun or vice versa. This is also a time of financial transformation through divorce, lottery wins or bankruptcy, or as others radically change their finances around you.

Born with it? You’re fearless! You want to know what lies beneath and experience the full range of human emotion from the holiest to the most vile. You’re fascinated by the occult, by psychology and by anything dark, mysterious or hidden. Your feelings run deep and it is through periods of crisis that you come into your own. You're a powerful healer.

Pluto in the 9th House

Unfamiliar things can feel scary and vaguely threatening when Pluto transits your ninth house. You have this sense that you’ll meet your own shadow the minute you venture beyond your comfort zone and that travel, education or being open about your beliefs won’t be a walk in the park. These are precisely the experiences that transform and empower you now! You’re fascinated by all things foreign and exotic yet fearful at the same time. You want to make your voice heard bu fear being struck down by the powers that be. That is fate calling. You can go from barely knowing how to write to world-class academic ‘Ph.D’ or from never venturing outside your back yard to world travelling guru! You could also become a reborn christian or a muslim or a buddhist or a fanatic about some belief. Publications and media campaigns could totally change your life and your opinion could have significant influence.

Born with it? You tend toward nihilism or otherwise a dark, bleak vision of the world, involving hell or a punishing God. You go through major transformations in what you believe in life and might change religion. Brushes with foreign cultures are totally life transforming - especially more exotic, primitive ones that fascinate yet also scare you. Marketing, publishing, academia, travel, law, education, religion and the media are places where you can exercise your power.

Pluto in the 10th House

Your career, social status and image are radically transformed as Pluto crosses your Midheaven (MC), the highest and most visible point in your birth chart, and enters your tenth house. This transformation is very public and you cannot hide it. It could be a high profile wedding or a marriage that breaks that does it, corruption at the top, you shooting into fame or your company folding. Events take place that feel fated and take your life into a totally new direction. This is a time of crisis in plain sight and you need to rise up to the occasion, own up to your mistakes and overcome your fears to pursue your ambitions.  As your old public persona dies, you might need to fly under the radar for a while and become invisible while you reinvent yourself professionally.  This is a time to acknowledge your own ambition or suffer in the hands of those that do.

Born with it? Power and authority fascinates and scares you. You have a ruthless ambition to reach the top and gain power but you’d much rather rule behind the scenes, invisible, staying in control. You might have experienced a parent as overpowering or even scary, which is what pushes you to be in charge of your destiny at all costs. Your career could have a global impact.

Pluto in the 11th House

Expect intense power struggles in your social sphere as Pluto transits your eleventh house.  Your circle of friends changes radically over the next many years to the point where it is unrecognisable. You might join a powerful club or society like the masons, or be admitted into some other exclusive group in politics, finance, academia or in magic and the occult.  As your own dreams (of power) and ideals change so do you also seek like-minded people that can understand, that you can connect with. If you’ve spent most of your life feeling disconnected, you could experience a powerful sense of community now for the very first time. And that could fel very empowering, your magnetism increased when you're around your friends. You could also experience betrayal, corruption and power plays in your circles now and some friendships might not survive this period.

Born with it? You hate groups and frivolous social interactions preferring much more to belong to an inner circle of people who share secrets. You might be drawn to secret societies and powerful groups that fly beneath society’s radar. You have a few good friends and allies and these often go through periods of crisis. Friendships are transformative for you. You dream of joining with powerful others to change the world.

Pluto in the 12th House

There’s a great temptation to hit the self-destruct button when Pluto transits the twelfth house, simply because you want to know what lies beyond. This could become an obsession. Your world is full of angels and demons of yours and others' repressed urges and phobias as your magnetic sensitivity to such forces increases. Others can sense your weaknesses and will strike where you’re least aware of them yourself. If you suffer at the hands of others at this time, or from illness, realise that it’s your own repressions trying to make themselves known. You’re drawn to the occult and to alternative healing and psychotherapy now as a means of transcendence. Transformative spiritual experiences show you that there’s much more to life than what you can see, hear, taste. Recognising the unity of body-mind, spirit-matter can empower you to overcome your fears and step into a greater power. You could experience a sexual, spiritual or creative awakening.

Born with it? You’re drawn to all things occult and hidden - the afterlife, magic and mysticism, psychology and the paranormal. Your sixth sense is highly developed and you have immense power. When you disown or project that onto others, you blame them for your ills. Meditation and other spiritual practices empower you and give you proof of what you can do. Prisons, clinics, monasteries and other such isolation places have a transformative effect on you.

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