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Reconciling with an ex? Here is what not to do

Reconciling with an ex? Here is what not to do

We all make mistakes. Some cost us our relationship. But astrology for the exes gives us all hope that we can amend the behaviour that drove them away and win back our ex to make another go of it. Here’s the Horoscope Friends verdict on the mistakes each sign likely made the first time around and what they should avoid doing this time to give this relationship a second chance!

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The number one mistake the zodiac signs make in a relationship


A little more patience and a little less self-absorption might help you in your quest to get back wit your ex. Maybe you made too many what should’ve been mutual decisions on your own or constantly talked over your ex? If you’re prepared to work on all/some of this and smooth off some of your more singular edges, which, granted, are also part of your charm as far as the rest of us go, then you might win back your ex! 

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The strength of love and wanting to keep tabs on your lover, while flattering for some feels choking for others. You need a person as wonderfully strong and intense as you are! Your need to acquire more and more materially may also have made your ex feel more like a commodity or a means to an end. Toning down on all of this type of stuff would help astrology help you get back with your ex!

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Did your flirting and insatiable need for attention from new people make you regularly forget you were in a relationship and contribute to driving a wedge between you and your ex? Or was it that you stopped making an effort? Astrology for the exes suggests more doing and less talking if you want to prove to your ex that you’ve changed in order to get back with them!

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Perhaps the writing was on the wall as soon as they accused you of being too sensitive, moody and changeable? Were you too clingy or too hung up on money  and security over enjoyment? There are are all considerations that you should weigh up to avoid history repeating if you’re set on getting back with your ex.


Did your vanity show your relationship and your ex the door? Or was it your superiority and bossy streak? If you want a second chance, then you might have to stop thinking of yourself as regal, however much your friends find this endearing, and start thinking of yourself as one half of a greater whole, which when united, should be shinier than you as an individual!


In hindsight it probably doesn’t matter to you anymore that they didn’t stack the dishwasher a certain way if you want to get back with the offending ex. You just couldn’t help pointing out substandard practices at the time! For a second chance, you might have to learn to chill out a little and not be so quick to criticize because what does it really matter if you love each other!


Relationship astrology is a topic that’s close to your heart, but were you more interested in what your ex was wearing rather than what was happening in their heart? Were you too quick to let it all fall apart, always imaging that there was someone better looking out there? Maybe you should put more emphasis on the inside rather than the outside if you wanna win back your ex. 


Did your jealousy drive your ex around the twist and up the wall? Were you too sexually demanding? You crave a love that most people never know, a higher, deeper more profound love, and astrology for exes says that the sexual connection isn’t your only route to finding this. Try looking for more of a spiritual connection to get back with your ex.


Were you ever in one place long enough mentally or physically for your relationship to stand even half a chance of survival? Astrology for exes tends to think not! Relationship astrology dictates that you’ll have to find your spiritual home and put down some roots if you want to give this broken down relationship the kiss of life and get back with your ex!


Your desire to have everything settled and going exactly the way you want it might come across as controlling by some, including your ex most likely! Was it this or you taking on too much overtime at work that sounded the death knell for your relationship? Your ex might also wanna see you grovel a bit before they take you back!

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Did your friends get in the way of your relationship working out or was it more like a lack of friends that made you tire of each other? Why not make a pact with yourself to make your ex feel they’re more important than your friends if it’s the former reason, or cultivate some new friendships before you attempt to reunite with your ex if the latter is the case!


Did you blow hot and cold in your relationship/ make promises that you couldn’t keep just to keep the peace? Or were you too critical of your ex? You might have to get your soft side out of hiding and show your vulnerable side if you want to get your ex back. Maybe they’d also like to see a more assertive you, says your own personal astrology for exes! 

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