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Relationship between the same zodiac signs

Relationship between the same zodiac signs

You’ve just met, you both felt an instant attraction and you also… share the same zodiac sign. So, here you’re now wondering if that special someone is a good romantic match for you.

Not everybody born under the same zodiac sign dropped out of the same cookie cutter.  True, we do share a kind of common ego-drive and certain similar personality, even physical, characteristics with our sun-sign siblings. Does this set us on a collision course  – or is it a case of better the devil you know? Horoscope Friends demystifies same zodiac sign relationships

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What happens when you’re in a relationship with the same zodiac sign

Is he right for you? Is it a good idea to date someone who has your own zodiac sign? Here's what you should expect when being in a relationship with someone who has your own zodiac sign.

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Aries in love with Aries

Aries in love with Aries? Think Rocky Balboa jogging along with his personal trainer shouting encouragement, with them forever switching roles. There’s a competitive-supportive vibe going on here. They might not have the biggest bank balance, if they even have a joint account because they like to retain some independence, because they’re of the opinion that the Pearly Gates aren’t coin operated. Take-away food is their weakness because neither has time to cook!

Taurus in love with Taurus

The love a Taurus has for another Taurus it’s reflected in a luxuriant home with lots of freshly cut flowers from their beautiful garden, and some dough stashed away under one of their memory-foam mattresses for a rainy day. Two Taurus people could also probably pull off working together as well as living together because they have patience as high as Mount Etna and they erupt just as infrequently! 

Gemini in love with Gemini

Geminis usually come as a pair, like hairspray and Donald Trump, so this isn’t such a big deal. The Gemini-on-Gemini relationship will be a noisy one, with loads of channel hopping in a home full of the latest gadgets and a fully stocked drinks cabinet for parties, and maybe even an office or another breakout space. Sitting in the same room all the time would drive them bananas.

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Cancer in love with Cancer

When Cancer loves Cancer. It almost sounds better as a whisper, doesn’t it? Houston doesn’t have a problem when these two get together but there’s a lot of space junk floating around in their imaginations that can make them sensitive worriers. There are always thrift stores to trawl when things get tense, because both know that walking away from potentially incendiary arguments is best. This sign never forgets a hurtful jibe. Or they make a big joke out of it and then share a plate of double-chocolate Brownies.

Leo in love with Leo

Two Leos in love like to imagine themselves as the diamonds in the sky that Rihanna sang about. Both want to be boss. Both want to be on top. Both have the right idea on how to raise the kids or about which color scheme suits the hallway. Life is a battle, and their home an obstacle course because of all the mirrors and framed pictures of themselves they must negotiate daily, but it’s a warm, encouraging and loving household!

Virgo in love with Virgo

The medicine cabinet of the average Virgo-Virgo coupling could survive a nuclear winter. We’re not saying that they’re hypochondriacs, but they do tend to bring out the worrywart in one another. These organised people work together like a finely tuned machine, and this could mean planning nutritious meals and cooking them all day Sunday and then freezing them to eat on set days throughout the week.

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Libra in love with Libra

Joanie might well love Chachi, but when Libra loves Libra they knock even their love right out of the park. But it’s not the lazy, hazy roll in the hay that you might imagine because the normally mild-mannered Libra comes out fighting for their love – including a few verbal jousts! Outsiders might think there’s trouble in paradise when in fact it’s just another day for these two.

Scorpio in love with Scorpio

Scorpio, Joni Mitchell, penned the lyrics ‘it’s been stinger to stinger, it’s been heart to heart, you keep me from finishing any new love I start’. She could be talking about an affair with another Scorpio who might have already been taken (or not: it’s all down to interpretation!). The point being, the love between two Scorpios can be addictive, or it takes a lot for another sign to measure up to it, when the love that brought them together tears them apart. 

Sagittarius in love with Sagittarius

Any friend of a double Sagittarius couple should never be stuck for Christmas gifts because they’ll always need luggage and diaries. These two have to make dates in the diary in between all their gallivanting around if they ever hope to spend any quality time together (a concept that makes them want to bolt!). Or is this is all a smokescreen for a debilitating fear of commitment?

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Capricorn in love with Capricorn

Capricorn rules the knees in the zodiac map of the body. When two Capricorns come together, it reduces the likelihood of their knees knocking together or trembling with any fear of intimacy (bold in the boardroom, not so much in the bedroom etc. etc.) because they put one another at ease. They’re also both incredibly highly sexed and this reaches its crescendo at high altitudes! 

Aquarius in love with Aquarius

What can we say about an Aquarius in love with an Aquarius other than good luck! Ha! We’re only pulling those long legs of yours (Aquarius reputedly being the tallest sign) because these two fit together hand-in-glove. And they might need gloves! There might even be a polar bear and penguins living in the backyard because they create their own little Arctic microclimate, operating, as they do, at a low emotional level! But what a fabulous friendship with lots of healthy space.

Pisces in love with Pisces

When you put a catfish in a confined tank with other, smaller fish, it’ll have them for breakfast! But the right fish together, i.e. two Pisces in love, will enjoy lots of dreams about water, have lots of sex in their waking lives and, quite possibly, read each other’s minds (and palms) because there’s a psychic connection here. Like fellow mutable signs, Sagittarius and Gemini, commitment could be a hot potato.

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