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Relationship Horoscopes: Star-signs & their Biggest Relationship Threats

Which star signs are the most likely to make the most common relationship mistakes?

Most romantic relationships start on a very promising note. So why do so many of them end up falling apart? And what is it that can make even the strongest of relationships go sour?  If your relationship is doing through a bit of a rough patch, give it a boost with our special report on how to improve your relationship!

Astrology can give you some insight into the biggest threats your relationship is likely to face based on your and your partner's star sign. Romantic relationships aren't easy to maintain; they require effort, attention, patience and constant nurturing. And they can fail for many different reasons; they can be sabotaged by jealousy and possessiveness, infidelity, a lack of communication, clingy behaviour, a lack of a shared vision for the future, as well as disagreements about money.

From an astrological point of view, the likelihood of any of these problems undermining a relationship can be determined based on the horoscope of that relationship. We can always find some relevant indications in a couple's synastry - especially in the position of the astrological planets and in the planetary aspects formed between them. 

For example, aspects between the planet of love Venus, on the one hand, and competitive Mars or over-the-top Jupiter, on the other, indicate that the relationship may be sabotaged by jealousy - especially if they are linked to possessive Taurus or the 2nd or 8th astrological house. A strong 8th house could suggest a tendency to infidelity, while aspects between Venus and Pluto or Jupiter may indicate that the two partners have difficulty sharing common resources, trusting each other and expressing their needs. A link between Mars and a 1st house/7th house opposition could point to a lack of communication; aspects between Neptune and Pluto may suggest over-attachment issues; and a difficult Uranus placement could be indicative of a lack of a shared vision for the future. 

Of course, a more accurate interpretation requires a thorough analysis of the unique horoscope of each relationship. Get in touch with one of our expert stargazers for a personal analysis of your own unique relationship horoscope on 0207 111 6384!

Meanwhile, you can still check out which star signs are the most likely to make the most common relationship mistakes

The Star Signs and the Most Common Relationship Mistakes

Which star signs are the most likely to make the most common relationship mistakes? And is yours or your partner’s among them? Read on to find out! You can also click on Free Compatibility Report to see how compatible you are with your partner!


Aries people usually make very jealous partners and tend to have angry outbursts that they often later regret. If they fail to resist their occasional tendency to indulge in flings, their infidelity can cause irreparable damage to their committed relationship. They tend to be headstrong and to insist on things being done in their own way. However, they are not ones to hold a grudge or to bottle up their feelings, and they are usually good at communicating their thoughts and needs. They also avoid becoming joined at the hip with their partner. Check out how compatible you are with an Aries in our free compatibility between the star-signs


If Taurus people could be joined at the hip with their partner so that they'd never have to part from them, their insatiable possessiveness would probably stop being a problem. Their tendency to get jealous can be a serious threat to their romantic relationships. They are big on setting common objectives and planning a common future with their partner. They do not always express their annoyance at certain things directly, so their relationships are not immune to communication issues. Financial matters are usually very important to them; they are relatively tight with money, which can be a source of conflict if their partner's approach to finances is not conservative.  Find out more in Astrology and Your Finances!


Most Gemini people are very extroverted; they rarely hold a grudge or suppress their emotions and thoughts. However, their eloquence and quick-wittedness can sometimes feel overbearing to their partner. They are rarely possessive; they want both their partner and themselves to have a life outside of the relationship. They are not renowned for their ability to resist temptation; they don't really need to have a reason to cheat on their other half. They don't let futureless relationships drag on and they try to avoid conflicts over financial matters - albeit not always successfully, as their money management skills can leave a lot to be desired. Find out how to keep your Gemini interested in how to keep the spark alive!


Cancer people will do everything in their power to make their romantic relationships prosper. When they are in a loving relationship, they cannot fathom not making plans for the future. They like to share as many activities as possible with their partner and, as a result, they run the risk of becoming too clingy. They often expect their significant other to be able to guess what has ticked them off; they tend to bottle up feelings of neglect and jealousy or to express their complaints in a rather aggressive manner. Driven by their emphasis on security and family life, their approach to money management is usually conservative. Check out your love numerology for an added perspective on your relationship!


Leo people rarely suppress their feelings; in fact, most of them tend to express their needs, wants and thoughts in a very open manner. However, their possessiveness can be a serious threat to their romantic relationships - as can their tendency to be dominant. Even though they appreciate independence in a partner, they tend to get easily jealous. Financial matters can be a source of disagreement in their relationships, as Leos can be very loose with money.  Make your Leo proud by always looking your best: check in with our weekly fashion horoscope! 


Even though they have good communication skills, Virgo people generally avoid expressing their emotions for fear that it might make them come off as vulnerable. This tendency can give rise to misunderstandings and a sense of alienation in their romantic relationships. They like to make plans for the future and engage in common activities with their partner, but they rarely become clingy. Financial matters are extremely important to them; they are very cautious in how they manage money, which can be a source of conflict if their partner has the tendency to overspend.  Keep on top of things with your daily money horoscope!


Most Libra people are naturally endowed with acute communication skills and a high level of emotional intelligence. These qualities help them protect their romantic relationships from many common pitfalls. For them, love is inextricably linked to having a shared vision for the future. The problems they encounter in their relationships often stem from  their tendency to become overly attached to their partner. As for their approach to finances, their love of the good life can occasionally lead them to make ill-advised choices. Help them find out what they are getting into before they’re in too deep with our special lovers report: what sort of lover are you.


Scorpio people usually make very jealous partners, and their possessiveness can be a source of constant tension in their romantic relationships. They feel compelled to keep track of their other half's whereabouts and activities in both covert and not so covert ways. Their controlling behaviour can often lead to neither partner having a life outside of the relationship. At the same time, though, they are big on planning a common future with their partner and rarely give in to the temptation of infidelity. And despite their occasional tendency to be secretive, they generally express their feelings with ease.  If your Scorpio is hard to figure out take a frequent glance at our psychic reading of the day for some extra ammunition.


Sagittarius people rarely hold a grudge; they are usually too extroverted to suppress their feelings. As romantic partners, they are neither controlling nor possessive; their significant other would have to do something really inappropriate for them to get jealous. They would never stay in a relationship with a clingy person. At the same time, though, they are usually unwilling to commit. They are generally disinclined to make plans for the future of their romantic relationships; they prefer to simply let things flow. If you’re feeling insecure why not check out what the 2016 eclipses have in store for you and if this affects your relationship?


Capricorn people are not renowned for expressing their feelings with ease; it is often difficult for their partner to figure out their emotional state. They are usually pragmatic in their approach to romance and rarely waste time on relationships they do not consider solid. They are big on making plans for the future of their relationship, but avoid becoming joined at the hip with their partner. If they give in to the temptation of cheating, no-one will ever find out.  If need be, a love tarot 2016 reading could shed light on the situation. 


Even though they come off as cordial and extroverted, Aquarius people tend to keep their emotions to themselves. This tendency can be problematic in their romantic relationships, as their partner's efforts to get them to confess their feelings are often met with knee-jerk reactions on their part. They want their significant other to be on the same spiritual and ideological wavelength as they are. They are rarely possessive; they want both their partner and themselves to have a life outside of the relationship. As for their approach to money, it often differs significantly from that of the average person. If you cannot resist questioning your Aquarius, the best time to pester them is during a void of course moon, when they are least likely to remember this.


Most Pisces people communicate with their significant other in a way that involves emotionally charged confessions, declarations of love, and complaints. They occasionally try to get their partner's attention by acting melancholic, which can become irksome after a while. They are rarely possessive, but they have the tendency to become clingy and overly attached to their partner. For them, there is no such thing as true love without a shared vision for the future. As for the way they handle their finances, it is so careless that it can drive someone with a more sensible approach to money to despair. If you’ve lost your temper, get them their favourite gemstone to say you’re sorry: check out our psychic blog for details!

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