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The Planet Ruling your Ascendant, Personality and Looks: Which Planet are You From?

The Planet Ruling your Ascendant, Personality and Looks: Which Planet are You From?

Which planet are you from? In astrology, the planet that rules your Ascendant influences your whole personality and external appearance! Read on and find out which planet this is for you and how this influences your attitude and looks!

Which planet are you from?

Of course, we don't mean to imply that you're an alien - just that, according to some astrological theories, the planet that rules your Ascendant imparts a distinctive quality to your personality and looks. The Ascendant or "Rising Sign" is one of the most significant elements in your astrological birth-chart; it is the zodiac sign that was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Given that it plays an important role in who you are, how you express yourself and how you look, it is possible to correctly guess someone’s Ascendant by simply observing their behaviour. All you have to do is use the characteristics associated with the ruling planet of each Ascendant as your guideline. This can be very useful when you try to figure out someone's Ascendant without knowing the exact time of their birth.

The influence of the planet ruling the Ascendant (along with that of the Moon-Sign, i.e. the sign the moon was in when a person is born), explains why there are often striking differences between people of the same star-sign, even those who were born a few hours apart!  At the same time, it also explains why people who share the same Ascendant often have some similar characteristics. Read on to find out how the ruling planet of your Ascendant influences your personality and looks.  

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People with an Ascendant that is ruled by the Sun, namely a Leo Ascendant, are well shaped. They usually have a broad forehead, piercing eyes, and wavy hair. Even though they may occasionally choose to keep a low profile, they are naturally endowed with an assertive and dynamic personality. They usually manage to improve their social standing regardless of the conditions in which they were born. Is that YOU? Find out all about your hidden strengths!


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by the Moon, namely a Cancer Ascendant, usually have a round face, soft features, bright eyes, and relatively short extremities. They are soft-spoken and benevolent, but they can also be faint-hearted and occasionally careless. Considering that the Moon is influenced to a significant degree by the other planets, people with a Cancer Ascendant can vary considerably in character.  Find out what the right gem-stone can do for you by visiting our psychic blog!


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by Mercury, namely a Gemini or Virgo Ascendant, are usually tall, with a straight nose and a narrow face. They have a good memory, as well as strong communication skills in both oral and written form, and they are witty. However, negative aspects between Mercury and other planets can be an indication of malevolence, arrogance and dishonesty.


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by Venus, namely a Taurus or Libra Ascendant, are usually beautiful, with sparkling eyes and soft features. Sometimes, they also have a smooth, pleasant voice. They tend to dodge hard work, as they are generally unwilling to put a lot of effort into achieving their goals. They have many friends and usually fall in love based on looks. 


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by Mars, namely an Aries or Scorpio Ascendant, are usually well built, with piercing eyes. Sometimes, they have a mark or scar on their head or face. They are honest, daring and generous, but negative aspects between Mars and other planets can make them belligerent, hard-hearted and malicious. How they make use of the qualities bestowed on them by their Mars is up to them. If this is you, you are no doubt very dynamic! 


Jupiter rules the Sagittarius Ascendant. When Jupiter is strong in their birth chart, people with a Sagittarius Ascendant are physically vigorous, with a dynamic, amiable personality and an interest in spiritual matters. When their Jupiter is weak, they have a tendency to arrogance and fanaticism. Jupiter is associated with wisdom and good fortune; the Sagittarius Ascendant can bring success, but Jupiter's favourable qualities are weakened when its aspects to other planets in a person's birth chart are hard. Is this your lucky year? 


Saturn rules the Capricorn Ascendant. It is the planet of adversity and restriction. When Saturn is strong in a birth chart, its influence is at its greatest before the age of 30 and after the age of 60. It is associated with obstacles, but it also gives those willing to persevere the strength to overcome them. People with a Capricorn Ascendant can help themselves by helping others. Capricorn rising has quite the business mind… 


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by Uranus, namely an Aquarius Ascendant, are usually intuitive and compassionate. When Uranus is strong in their birth chart, it gives rise to intense fluctuations in their professional and financial standing. People with an Aquarius Ascendant often have an interest in philosophy and metaphysics. An extremely strong Uranus can cause them to be self-centred in their relationships with others, while a weak one can be an indication of cruelty and stubbornness. Stay ahead of the trends with your daily fashion horoscope<.


People with an Ascendant that is ruled by Neptune, namely a Pisces Ascendant, are highly intuitive and endowed with mystical tendencies. They rely on their dreams and premonitions to guide them through life; they know what to expect at every turn; and they usually have a clear view of the bigger picture; which is why a Celtic Cross Love Tarot Reading would be just perfect for you. It’s free! A weak Neptune can cause them to be careless, impractical, and sick with worry about everything.

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