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What’s it like to go shopping with the star signs?

What’s it like to go shopping with the star signs?

Ever thought what’s it like to go shopping with the star signs? Is it retail heaven or hell to shop with a Leo, say? Are there better star signs to shop with than others? Which style of shopping does astrology incline each zodiac sign towards?

Astrology and your zodiac shopping style

Read what kind of shopping your star sign is inclined to and find out at the end of this article which fashionable item is a must for you.


Aries like to go where they want to go, so you might need to put off ticking off your shopping list until another day. They can’t be fagged waiting for you in the changing cubicle either. They’ll be off as quick as a shot. Wear flats.


Taurus likes a leisurely stroll through the shopping arcades with plenty of refreshment breaks, and just you wait and see how much they feel the garments or sniff them. Should there be any free samples of cheese…chocolate…anything on offer, they’re like a bull at a gate.


When Gemini shops you can guarantee that they’ve just been inspired. Perhaps it’s a new look that they’re trying to emulate? Or perhaps they need to buy a duplicate of something to satisfy their OCD? A few cocktails later and those shopping bags might be left on a train.


Cancer loves to shop when the prices drop. They live for the bargain shop circuit and dole out money-saving tips when shopping, sighing loudly if you pay full price for anything. But they also go for quality, so you won’t find them spending in stores where the stuff’s so thin that you could spit peas through it.


Leo loves to window shop so that they can check out their reflection. But once they get through the doors, shopping with them is bags of fun! Trying things on for a laugh or getting you to try things on for a laugh, like wedding dresses, does it for them. They also like furniture shops.


The Virgo shopping experience is a smart, ergonomically designed one in order to cover maximum shops with minimum effort. They hate revisiting old ground, so it’s hasta la vista, baby, if you didn’t grab it the first time. They love to return items, which some of you may find embarrassing.


Libra, like Leo, loves to window shop so that they can see how fabulous they look. But Libra LOVES clothes more. Even if they dress a bit like a scarecrow or insist that they aren’t bothered by fashion, they’re lying. Beautiful assistants don’t intimate Libra and neither will they you by the end of this experience.


Scorpios prefer shopping in the evening or at night. This is a great star-sign to buddy up with as a shopping partner because they’re patient enough to wait while you try stuff on, or if you’ve got underwear to buy. They know all the best places for pants. Likewise leather goods. Don’t ask.


The Sagittarius shopping experience is a chaotic one. This is a sign that has an unplanned life and the spontaneous shopping spree might get the elbow in favour of the pub just as quickly. Like their opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius’ shopping bags may end up on a train.


Capricorn loves a good old-fashioned department store, where the commissioner still holds the door open for you and where you get hit by the aroma of perfume in the cosmetics department as soon as you enter, likewise the food in the food hall. Or they like to add a touch of the luxuriant to every shopping expedition.


Aquarius people shop at their own pace. They don’t like huge crowds, but they do like clean lines and clinical or futuristic shopping malls. They can also be rather thrifty or they’ll, paradoxically, buy a three-piece sofa or off-road jeep on impulse or treat you unexpectedly.


Pisces know all the best-kept secrets off the beaten track, like all those quirky little independent shops. Shopping with them takes in arty print/poster shops too, or shops where you can get crystals and all that jazz. And the fish needs plenty of lubrication along the way.

A must-have wardrobe item for every star sign.

It’s got to be a fleece for Aries. What else! Our best pick is this soft and warm fleece, ideal for UK weather!

For Taurus, we recommend a Bolero (Matador) jacket. Embellished. Check out this cute yet sexy light knit bolero in awesome colours!

The Gemini must-have wardrobe item has to be twinset and pearls. Like this Desingual twin-set on offer!

Cancer likes anything asymmetrical or that fastens sideways. Combine both with this asymmetrical slim fit trench coat, at a great price!

A lion-coloured suede coat with a big fur-lined collar is Leo’s must-have garment.

For Virgo, it’s got to be something that’s never been worn before and tainted by all those nasty germs.

Libra is all about balance, so it’s a good pair of sensible shoes for them.

Scorpio likes anything that conceals what their thinking or that which obscures the view of their face, like shades, snoods, or hoodies. We LOVED this warm and stylish snood right here!

Think a Jilly Cooper novel cover for Sagittarius – jodhpurs are a must-have for the centaur! If that sounds like a stretch, you'll definitely appreciate these Adidas Tights, perfect for the outdoors!

Capricorn’s must-have wardrobe item is a smart fitted suit, regardless of body shape. This check blazer suit jacket is great for any time of the day!

Aquarius needs something outrageous that doesn’t suit them, as far as other people are concerned. A talking point or statement piece.

Anything with fish scales-like shiny embellishment for Pisces – and loads of shoes.

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