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Solar and Lunar Eclipses: All Change!

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: All Change!

Ready or not, change is upon you. Solar and lunar eclipses arrive twice yearly to clear away the old and make way for the new. Here's what they are and how to cope with them.

The Difference Between Solar and Lunar Eclipses:

A Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon, when Sun and Moon are together in the sky. While we have a New Moon each month - that's when we get moonless nights because the moon sets and rises with the sun - a New Moon becomes a Solar Eclipse only two or three times a year. That's when the sun, moon and earth come into perfect alignment in the sky. The effect from the perspective of the earth is that the moon (in the morning sky) partly or wholly blocks the sun from view.

A Lunar Eclipse by contrast happens during a Full Moon, when Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the sky - that's when the moon rises just as the sun sets and vice versa. Again, while we have a Full Moon each month, we get a Lunar Eclipse only two to three times a year. That's when the sun, moon and earth come into perfect alignment once more, but from opposite sides of the earth. As the sun's light hits the earth from one side, the earth's shadow falls on the moon on the other, obscuring it from view (or turning it red).

The Different Meanings of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

On a subtle level, Solar and Lunar Eclipses are felt slightly differently. Remember that Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons. And so, they function as portals into a world of heightened emotion!  In practice, they tend to bring matters to a head – or even to an end – and to increase your understanding. Solar Eclipses on the other hand are New Moons. And so they always signify the beginning of something new. Less emotionally overwhelming than their counterparts, Solar Eclipses bring a sense of promise and intense nervous anticipation. They open a new door, allowing fresh ideas to burst into the scene. Since Solar and Lunar Eclipses tend to come in pairs, the net effect is renewal!  

What to Expect During Eclipse Time:

Life becomes a whirlwind of activity during eclipse time, as events seem to gain dramatic speed towards some insistent but unknown end. Don’t be surprised if you are constantly on edge. You may feel as if you are in a speeding car with nobody at the steering wheel! If so, know that even though you can’t see where you are going, the eclipses are taking you exactly where you need to be.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!

It is best not to make any important decisions on the day of an eclipse and for a couple of days before and afterwards. Events are happening so fast and circumstances are so intense that you can rarely think straight! And you are still in the midst of change so you don’t yet possess all the relevant facts to make an informed decision. Best to keep your ear to the ground and your options open. Instead of making plans, open the door and let new data fly in! In some cases, an eclipse may force your hand. If this happens to you, know that what’s happening is serving your growth, development and future happiness, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

It is often inadvisable to sign new contracts on the date of an eclipse and for a couple of days either side of it, because you don’t want to carry this kind of upheaval with you into your new venture, thus giving it a kind of fated quality. Traditionally at least, it is best to let the storm die down, get a clear view of the horizon and then embark on your journey. Also, try and avoid elective surgery during an eclipse. Chances are that your doctor’s nerves are just as frayed as everyone else’s! So let him or her deal only with what is purely necessary. Lastly remember: whatever you are going through, you are not alone! So if other people seem to be off their game, cut them some slack.

All Change Please!

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