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Solar and Lunar Eclipses in the 12 Houses

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in the 12 Houses

How do solar and lunar eclipses affect each of the 12 houses in astrology?  

Houses come in pairs in astrology and so do eclipses. The two dovetail beautifully together as each pair of eclipses activates a pair houses in your horoscope for about 1.5 years at a time, returning to the same house every 9 years or so. This allows you to periodically ‘clean house’ and get the affairs of that house in order. 

Each of the 12 astrological houses represents a different life arena that the eclipses activate - for instance your 10th house is your career, your 2nd is your finances, then you have love and romance ruled by the 5th, relationships by the 7th house and so on…  In 2019 the eclipses are in Cancer and Capricorn! Which houses do these signs occupy in your horoscope? Check out your free birth-chart to find out! You will need to know your birth time to find out your astrological houses.

Eclipses transiting a house in your horoscope are a bit like taking the red pill in the Matrix! They pack enough of a punch to shake you out of your complacency. You’re suddenly jerked out of autopilot, fully present and alert in that area of life. And as you wake up, you have a chance to change things around, break your programming and rewire your brain to serve you better! No matter what is going on, all you need to do is recognise the opportunity that the eclipses bring and make positive changes while the goalposts are still shifting!

So, let’s look at what each house means and so how the eclipses affect each house in your horoscope!

The 1st House

The first house is where you find your Ascendant, i.e. the star sign that was rising at the time of your birth. It governs your appearance, your name and wardrobe and your overall outlook and attitude on life too. Needless to say, once the eclipses hit that house, you can expect some major changes in those departments. Things happen that make you suddenly see yourself in a new light and even start to want different things. Often, you might change your appearance, colour your hair, start to exercise more or you might even change your name. Across from the 1st house is the 7th, which rules your relationships and the two are connected. When the eclipses hit the first they also hit the seventh and so you will find that as you reinvent yourself, others immediately start reacting differently to you too! You might change your name, title, hair and appearance and suddenly transform the whole way in which others address you and how you plug into the world. This could lead you to establish new relationships and even create rivalries.

The 2nd House

The second house in astrology represents your energy stores. It is quintessentially the house of money and finances, since we use money for energy to eat and survive. The second house also represents your sense of self worth and your values - what you 'have' to give. This, again, is reflected in how you treat and appreciate yourself (or not), but also in the way you use money and time, that is, the people you choose to hang out with and the things you buy. Once the eclipses hit the 2nd house, you can expect major changes in all these things, often with the effect of boosting your strength and self confidence! You might change the way you earn your living, the way you treat your body or the value you place on yourself and your relationships. Transits through this house could also affect your weight, as an energy store. Right across from the 2nd house is the 8th house, which is all about how you share yourself, your money and your energy. And so, as you make changes in the value you place on what you've got, so do your relationships change. 

The 3rd House

With the third house we’re in the realm of learning, networking and communications. Once the eclipses hit this house your mind comes alive with new ideas and a thirst for knowledge. You might do a mini-course, read a bunch of books or watch videos, or join in with people who are intellectually stimulating. This house also represents everything that is familiar, within easy reach, like your neighbourhood, your siblings, your colleagues or classmates. You can expect many changes in your day to day relationships with the eclipses in the 3rd house. And as you think differently and speak differently you also connect with people differently. You meet new and exciting people when the eclipses are in the 3rd house and might also travel a lot - especially if that’s not something you usually do. All of this eventually expands your horizons and takes you right across to the matters of the 9th house (opposite the 3rd), to questions about what you actually believe and to speaking your truth.

The 4th House

The fourth house in astrology is at the bottom of your chart, at the root. It’s symbolically the midnight hour of the sun, hidden and secret, your own private, personal space. This is your home and family life. It’s also your roots, any land or estate you own, your parents, your heritage and your country of origin. Needless to say that when the eclipses hit that part of your horoscope, the ground shakes quite a bit. You might experience changes at home or with a parent or you might sell or buy property. This is your chance to refurbish your life from the ground up, reconnect to your roots and redefine who you are deep inside. And, as your whole inner world changes and you start building your life on a new foundation, you’ll find that your external goals also change. These are represented by the 10th house of career right across from the 4th. As you become a parent, for instance, or decide to care for one, this could lead you to change your career or review your professional goals. And so as the eclipses hit the 10th and 4th houses together, these determine your overall orientation in life. 

The 5th House

The fifth is the house of true love, joy and creative self expression. It’s the most fun house in your horoscope, it's where you have lots of sex and make babies but also where you unlock the window of your heart. It is in the 5th house that you fall in love - be it with a person or a hobby - and where you express this love. But none of this can ever happen unless you take a risk! And so when the eclipses come in this house you only have one question to ask yourself: are you taking that risk? Are you willing to open up to love and joy? Wearing your heart on your sleeve and sharing your talents means you have to face rejection. But what's the alternative? Living in fear of rejection only brings misery. And so ask yourself: what brings you joy? Then go after that. When the eclipses are in the 5th house you might find yourself freshly in love or passionate about a new project or hobby. And so, the cosmos forces you to take a risk and follow your heart. Across from the 5th house is the 11th which is what happens when you decide to express yourself. That’s where you find companionship, community and the rewards that come from letting your heart shine through.

The 6th House

The sixth house is not that much fun at all, as it is the house of work, discipline, and daily chores. It is also the house that symbolises your health, especially as affected by your daily routine. And so when the eclipses hit the 6th house you might start a new job, learn a new skill or embark on a new diet and exercise regime to improve your overall health and lifestyle. Never underestimate the power of the 6th house in your life. Because it is the little things you do every day - the work you do and how you care for yourself, as well as the thoughts you think - that determine your health, lifestyle and quality of life. In the sixth house you find the power of daily repetition to improve your efficiency and wellbeing. And so, when the eclipses hit the 6th house it’s time to to put your life under the microscope. Are you living well? Is your health suffering or do you hate your job? The eclipses will soon change all that and teach you some new habits! Across from the 6th house lies the 12th and that’s where you switch off from the daily hustle and bustle and get some rest, which you might be forced to do when the eclipses hit this pair.

The 7th House

Here we are in the realm of relationships. The seventh house rules other people in your life, marriage and business partners, as well as enemies and competitors. You can be sure that your relationships will change dramatically when the eclipses hit the 7th house in your horoscope! You might get married or break up, you might welcome a child that totally changes the dynamic with your partner or you might meet someone new and enter into a serious relationship, professional or personal. Your relationship status is very likely to change with the eclipses in the 7th house, depending on what's needed in your life at that time. And as you change your relationship status, so you change your identity and reinvent yourself, often changing your appearance and attitude or taking on a new name. And so we are back with the 1st house, which is diametrically opposite the 7th. It could also be a professional partnership that leads you to view yourself in a new light or a competitor who puts you through your paces, forcing you to train harder, for instance, and transform your body.

The 8th House

The eighth is the most taboo house of the zodiac. They say that only two things are certain in this life, death and taxes, and both are ruled by the 8th house. Add sex to the mix and you’ve got the gist of it. The 8th house governs transformative encounters with primal forces in your life - birth and death, the occult, surgery and the merging of energies that happens when you have sex or take out a loan. You can expect to get deeply involved with someone when the eclipses hit this house. Intense experiences like the birth of a child could be in store, you might be concerned with a business merger, or be dealing with an inheritance, joint account, taxes or loan repayments. All of these are symbols of what happens when you get irrevocably merged and entangled with outside forces. Transformation happens! And the 8th house deals with that. Right across from the 8th is the 2nd house of your personal self-esteem, your our own resources, energy and money. And it’s no accident that the eclipses transit both houses at once. 

The 9th House

The ninth house contains all things out there in far away places, exotic, unfamiliar. It represents foreign travel and getting an education, which used to be the same thing before there were so many universities. It’s where you expand your horizons and open your mind. The 9th house also represents law, religion and the high halls of academia, which is where the higher mind lives. It is your principles in life. Taken to the extreme it can result in dogma, which is what happens when you think you’ve seen everything and know everything. The good news is that, should this happen, you’re sure to end up with pie on your face once the eclipses arrive in this house! The eclipses in the 9th shake you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to totally unfamiliar and unsettling experiences and ideas to make you reconsider your entire outlook on life. And so, as you come across foreign cultures and unfamiliar beliefs, your mind is stimulated to keep learning and exploring, activating your 3rd house, which represents the facts and the 'man on the street' and which lies right across from the 9th. And so the cosmos has a built in way to bring you back down to earth and all its nitty-gritty.

The 10th House

The tenth house is where you find your midheaven, so called, the highest point of the sun as it gets across the sky. And it is also where you shine in life. It is your calling, your vocation, your most public and visible face in the world, your profession and career. It is a pretty big deal when the eclipses hit this house, as they bring changes to your overall life direction. You might experience dissatisfaction with your present goals and end up changing careers during this time. Or you might get married or become a parent yourself, giving you a whole new load of responsibilities. The 10th house is the house of responsibility - the responsibility to play your part. It is the mask you wear, the role you play in the world. And once the eclipses hit it, you might decide you are ready for a different one. Just as the 10th house is right at the top of your horoscope, the 4th is at the very bottom and the two are always activated together by the transiting eclipses. For instance, as you get married, change careers or get hot in pursuit of your goals you might relocate, neglect your family or leave the parental nest.

The 11th House

The eleventh house is what you aspire to in this world and what you dream of. It shows you the people you want to be like, to befriend and be surrounded by. It shows you the groups you want to belong to. It's the house of friendship and community on the basis of shared goals and ideals. This is an outgoing, sociable house where you network and connect with people at large (or over FB), pursuing a common cause. It’s also where you want to contribute to the world and make a difference! Once the eclipses hit the 11th house, you could get really passionate about pursuing a dream. You make new friends during those times and meet people who have the same goals as you. Or you might find that you need a new dream because the old ones are long dead and gone. And as you find a sense of social connection your heart lightens and you’re willing to take more risks in life to express your heart. And so you might fall in love with one of your new friends or decide to pursue a new hobby and shine in special ways, which is all the territory of the 5th house, right across from the 11th.

The 12th House

The twelfth house is the very last house in your horoscope and the most mysterious of all. The best place to hide something is in plain sight, said Edgar Alan Poe, and rightly so for that’s exactly what’s going on in the 12th house. Things are usually very well hidden from you but obvious to everyone else, such as all your foibles, repressions and subconscious patterns, for instance, which secretly run your life. When the eclipses hit this house, it’s time to relinquish control. To let go. In the extreme case, you might experience loss or end up in hospital or under house arrest and be forced to let go. This teaches you to withdraw your attention from the external world, which is what was needed to make you see what was right in front of you all along. And so 12th and 6th house (which lies across from it) work in tandem, healing body and soul and weaving the tapestry of your life. Really exciting things can also happen as the eclipses transit through the 12th. You might experience a spiritual awakening, a surge in libido or incredible creative inspiration! Again, what happens then? Well, you shut yourself away from the world so that you can make the most of it. And so the universe rolls…

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