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Spot My Star-Sign! How to Tell Someone’s Sign by Their Looks!

Spot My Star-Sign! How to Tell Someone’s Sign by Their Looks!
Do you want to learn a neat party trick? You can often judge a book by its cover, astrologically speaking, for people's appearance often betrays their Ascendant or Sun-Sign! Some people have next to no astrological expertise, yet they have a knack for guessing someone’s star-sign. This is feasible, since someone’s appearance is intimately tied up with their star-sign or Ascendant - namely the sign that the sun was in when they were born, their Sun-Sign, and the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the hour and place of their birth, their Ascendant or so called “rising sign”.
Of course, there are always some exceptions to that rule. For instance strong planetary placements and aspects can also colour someone’s appearance. If someone is a Gemini with Leo rising, but has five planets in Taurus including the chart-ruler, then you will surely detect Taurean characteristics in their looks too. Another influence may be a planet that’s closely conjunct the Ascendant, which also leaves its unmistakable mark. But as a rule, the Ascendant and Sun-sign are clearly discernible, with the former easiest to spot, as it reveals a person’s most obvious characteristics. So, let's get down to business and see exactly which characteristics correspond to each star-sign! 

The 12 Star-Signs and their Distinctive Looks

How can you tell whether someone is an Aries or a Taurus, a Sagittarius or a Pisces? Here are some clues. We reveal the key physical features of each star sign to help you tell who's who!
Aries Star-Sign / Ascendant
Easy to spot - the shape of the Aries-face resembles that of a ram. The eyebrows are well-shaped, arched and often meet in the middle. Aries tends to be of average height, with a rather muscular and athletic physique. They have a wide forehead and a relatively pronounced nose and men tend to lose their hair early. Aries’ eyes are more commonly blue or grey-blue and both men and women tend to wear glasses. Both sexes have a large and fast stride, a brisk walk with a spring in each step! Aries’ skin is light-coloured and often tends to be reddish, reflecting their ruler, Mars. They have a loud and pleasing laugh and look their best dressed in casual clothing. Red really suits them and their mannerisms often reveal their self-centred and impulsive nature. If they come out with complaints about a headache or about over-sensitivity in their eyes and ears, this gives you another clue by which to spot an Aries.
Taurus Star-Sign / Ascendant
Tauruses tend to have wavy or curly hair tumbling over a relatively small forehead - small at least compared to the rest of their face. You can also spot them by their neck, which is usually sensual and fleshy and often short and relatively stocky. They often lean toward the heavier side and have an unfortunate tendency to easily put on weight. Their face is usually squarish in shape and their eyes dark, as is their skin and hair. Their ruling planet, Venus makes them attractive, giving them a deeply sensuous allure. This is complemented by their voice, which tends to have a pleasing, melodic tone, like a musical instrument. The ladies often wear trinkets and jewels and they have a weakness for scarves, which they wrap around their soft neck. They also have a preference for flowery designs. Taureans are typically somewhat reserved and proper in their behaviour and they prefer expensive, quality items - whether this is accessories, house-goods or clothing. You can often recognise a woman Taurus browsing, when you see her buy the most expensive T-shirt in the shop. Failing that - since Taurus is also quite money-conscious - she will certainly buy a good quality fabric - or one that feels good on her skin. You can also tell a Taurus by hearing them complain about their sensitive throat.
Gemini Star-Sign / Ascendant
The easiest way to recognise a Gemini is from their walk! It is light, agile and upbeat, exuding vitality and self-confidence. Their hair is often dark brown or reddish blond with eyes of a green or greenly brown colour. Even their skin sometimes exudes a reddish glow! They usually stay quite thin, as they are hyperactive. They are incredibly fast on the uptake, and this is another key to telling a Gemini apart from other signs! This allows them to strike conversations and express their thoughts quickly and animatedly, using their hands and firing words at a high speed. Many Geminis are left-handed and, of all the signs, they are the most likely to use gestures as they speak. Geminis are also incredibly flirtatious in how they interact with others - something you will quickly come to realise once in conversation with a Gemini! They love to play with fashion and prefer to wear colourful outfits, with yellow being a Gemini favourite. If the person across from you complains of aches or problems with their hands or shoulders, you will have another clue that you are faced with a Gemini!
Cancer Star-Sign / Ascendant
The Cancerian face is usually round with a pronounced forehead that seems illuminated, much like their ruling planet, the Moon. Very few Cancerians can bear the sun's rays, as their skin tends to be incredibly sensitive. Their nose tends to be wide and they are usually not very tall - sort of average height. They often have blue or brown eyes. Their skin is pale, like the moon. You will often find Cancerians wearing loose and comfortable clothing. They have taste, but even the most carefully put together outfit is often spoiled by one clashing item! Men may wear the wrong shirt for their choice of tie, or their outfit may be almost perfect were it not for the shoes that clash with everything else. They tend to be very polite. Cancerians often marry at a young age since home and family means everything to them. If the person sitting across from you complains of chest or stomach pains, or of frequent indigestion, then you know that you are faced with a Cancerian.
Leo Star-Sign / Ascendant
Leos are easily recognisable by their luscious hair, which often resembles a lion's mane irrespective of age or sex. They walk in an upright, proud manner, shoulders back and head high, which makes them look taller than they actually are. Female Leos tend to have a clinched, tight waist. Both men and women tend to have certain lionesque features - the hair, the shape of their eyes, or the nose and mouth - which make them stand out. They tend to be broad chested and narrow-hipped, of average or above average height. Their eyes tend to be greyish blue and their hair is often a dark blond, or rich brown. Men tend to go grey at their temples, making them look more distinguished as they age. Leos have normal skin but tend to form fine wrinkles more easily than other signs. They have an imposing, royal nose, which may sometimes point downward. Leos absolutely adore jewellery! But it has to be the real thing, for they abhor fakery and faux bijoux. They dress in the most expensive fashions, preferring a glamorous and glossy look. They especially love fur, but may opt for the ecological kind because they also love animals. If they complain about pain in their kidneys, back or spine, then this gives you another clue that you are facing a Leo. 
Virgo Star-Sign / Ascendant
Virgos are usually well proportioned with an oval face, a tall forehead and a well-shaped body. They are highly agitated and nervous and can rarely sit down for any length of time. They tend to move constantly and they talk a lot, although they may suddenly stop mid-sentence and get up to help the hostess clear away the dishes. They are excessively tidy. Virgos' key characteristic is their weak and wispy hair, which may be a constant subject of discussion, complaining about a recent bad haircut or an unsuitable hair-colour. When it comes to clothing and accessories, Virgos love intricate flowery designs, and polka dots in blue and white. Young girls tend to adopt a style that is reminiscent of old romantic movies. Always spotless and pretty, they are incredibly shy. Virgos tend to have thin lips - especially when it comes to their upper lip, which tends to be on the small side. Their ways will win you over instantly! Shy and polite yet with an alluring purity, they tend to dress in a refined and elegant manner. They are also excellent listeners. If you hear them complain about food sensitivities or peculiarities in their digestive system, then you know you have a Virgo in your hands. 
Libra Star-Sign / Ascendant
Libras tend to be tall with a smooth, oval face. They tend to be thin and elegantly built but they do put on weight as they get older. They have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, which are incredibly expressive and bright and often honey-hued. You can also recognise a Libra from their beautiful set of teeth and their classic-shaped nose. Their hair is often wavy and tends to be on the darker side. Both men and women are incredibly attractive - irresistible in fact, as they have Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, as their ruling planet. They have soft skin, which gives them a natural finesse. Female Libras prefer blouses that emphasise their femininity, which is indeed hard to miss. Men take special care of their looks and they are distinguished for their taste and elegance among their sex. Both sexes tend to be polite, deferential and good listeners, which makes them incredibly popular. If you hear them complain about lower back pain or kidney trouble, then this gives you one more clue that you are dealing with a Libra. 
Scorpio Star-Sign / Ascendant
The intensity with which a Scorpio observes your every move, and their capacity to concentrate fully on your every word, immediately betrays that you are faced with a Scorpio. They have a penetrating glance and a single look from those magnetic eyes of theirs can convey a thousand words! It should come as no surprise that Scorpios are incredibly well versed in the art of seduction. Looks-wise, they tend to have darker skin and be either strong and heavy-built or very thin and muscular. Both men and women have an alluring tone in their voice. A Scorpio's sexuality is another dead give-away, something that is immediately obvious in the way that they present themselves. They like to play around with fashion, mixing classic and more eccentric items in the way they dress, with a special preference for dark, sexy fabrics, like lace or silk. Scorpios often choose to wear black, which reflects their Plutonian origins - Pluto being one of their ruling planets. The colour red is also a favourite with Scorpio, representing Mars, their other ruler. If you get to know them well enough, they may complain of trouble related to their sexual or reproductive organs, which is another dead give-away.
Sagittarius Star-Sign / Ascendant
Sagittarians are relatively tall and muscly, with a strong and well-build physique. They tend to have a long face with a large forehead and peculiar front teeth. Their eyes are bright and clever, revealing their ever-questioning mind. There is an element of the eternal student, adventurer, or teacher/preacher with Sagittarius, which always leaves its unmistakeable mark on the impression they give to the outside world. Men like to appear more bohemian, shunning formalities and eschewing ties and suits. For both sexes, the hair tends to be darker and often curly, and their skin is often sunburned from their most recent adventure! Men of this sign often choose to grow a beard to show that they are anti-establishment, free thinkers. Both sexes have incredible amounts of energy, which they channel by talking incessantly, or through sport and by taking nature-walks. They have limitless energy and vitality and an almost erotic attitude towards everything, showing great zeal - especially when they pursue a new relationship! If they complain about stiffness, pains and aches in their thighs and hips, then you will know that you are faced with a Sagittarius. 
Capricorn Star-Sign / Ascendant
Capricorns tend to be tall and thin and they sometimes appear to have a bit of a hump on their back, due to the way they walk which tends to be a little hunched over. Both men and women tend towards the more conservative look, preferring to wear darker colours in strict and classic lines. Capricorns carry a pensive expression on their face and often form pronounced wrinkles around their mouth. Their eyes tend to be a mature blue-grey or dark brown and they often have a thin and sinewy neck and slender, lanky arms and legs. Women have a penchant for the classic little black dress, irrespective of passing fashions. Both sexes of this sign are incredibly reserved in their attitude. But despite their low profile in social situations, they never miss an opportunity to promote themselves and their interests both professionally and socially! They may often choose to wear an expensive piece of jewellery or a pricey watch that betrays their social standing and acts as a counterweight to their otherwise reserved and retiring behaviour. Their week spots are their knees and bones. 
Aquarius Star-Sign / Ascendant
Heavy eyelids are often an Aquarian trademark. Their eyes tend to be dark and their glance has a strange magnetism that may put you ill-at ease, as if they were carrying out a full X-ray scan of your thoughts. Style-wise, Aquarians stay ahead of the trends when they are younger, but become more and more rigid and stuck with a certain look as they age. Nonetheless, their style is always somewhat flamboyant and eccentric! They tend to have beautifully glossy hair and clear, smooth skin. Another dead Aquarian give-away is that while they are very friendly and talkative, once in their company you will quickly come to realise that you are permanently kept at arm's length! They have a proud walk and good posture and, despite their cool and intellectual airs, they do tend to be rather moody. If they complain of trouble with their joints - especially the ankles - or their circulation, then you can rest assured that you are dealing with an Aquarian. 
Pisces Star-Sign / Ascendant
Pisceans often sit with their legs crossed in a pose reminiscent of a fish’s tail. They prefer to dress somewhat eccentrically, especially when it comes to their choice of shoes, which they nonetheless end up taking off in order to feel more comfortable. Their eyes are large, moist and dreamy. Exuding sensitivity and romance, they can make you melt with a single glance! Their front teeth often reveal a little gap in the middle and their hair tends to be ultra-soft, like silk. They do tend to go grey at a relatively young age however. Pisceans have smooth, glossy skin and the women look especially stunning in authentic designer clothing. Both men and women Pisces have a penchant for velvet and for shiny, shimmering fabrics. Their style is always authentic and original and they look incredibly attractive, even when they turn up with totally messed up hair. Their behaviour is completely unpretentious and natural - as long as they are not gripped by one of their bizarre moods. If they complain about food-sensitivities or about their feet, then you can be sure that you are dealing with a Pisces. 
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