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The Star Signs and their Biggest Fears when starting a New Relationship

The Star Signs and their Biggest Fears when starting a New Relationship

At first, most romantic relationships are not just accompanied by feelings of love and passion, but often also fear and anxiety. Read on and find out what each star sign fears the most when they first enter a new relationship, and what they need to do to make things work! Looking for reasons to overcome your fears and give a new relationship a chance, then this article is the one for you!


The star sign of Aries is associated with ego and self-determination, so, naturally, what Aries people are most afraid of is losing their independence. They fear that too much intimacy may develop to co-dependency. As a result, they often make decisions without their significant other’s knowledge or consent. They need to learn to be independent without acting selfishly.

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As a fixed star sign, Taurus tends to see change as a threat. It usually takes them a long time to start a new relationship, and an even longer time to let it progress to the next level. Unfortunately their partner might think they don’t take the relationship seriously enough to want to move it forward. They need to realise: what doesn’t grow dies. Sad but true.


Gemini’s greatest fear is tied to their restlessness. They tend to easily get bored, so they’re afraid that growing close to someone might cause them to get bored even sooner than they would otherwise. They’re also afraid to reveal their weaknesses. They need to understand that they cannot be truly loved unless they’re fully known.


Cancer is afraid to let their vulnerability show. They tend to be shy, timid, guarded and reserved. They hesitate to reveal their soft, tender side and their need for affection for fear of getting hurt. The sooner they learn to come out of their shell and embrace the risks that come with love, the stronger the emotional connection they will build with their partner.

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What Leo is most afraid of is losing control. Their need to appear completely self-reliant at all times is so strong that they often end up making their significant other feel unneeded, thus driving them away. They need to learn to rein in their need to call all the shots and always have the upper hand, as well as to tame their tendency toward bossiness.


Virgo’s greatest fear is the fear of abandonment, and it stems from their perfectionism. They are afraid to reveal their flaws and imperfections. Their tendency to get overly self-critical undermines their self-esteem and makes them feel unworthy of love. They need to realise that nobody’s perfect, embrace their weaknesses, and let their partner see them for what they are.


Libra is afraid of confrontation and conflict. As a result, they often end up sweeping their relationship problems under the rug, suppressing their anger and frustration, and pretending everything’s fine. They need to realise that being honest about one’s feelings, especially the negative ones, is much more preferable to maintaining a façade and false sense of harmony. 

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Scorpio’s biggest fear is being betrayed. They operate on a double standard whereby they expect their partner to be totally honest and emotionally open while keeping their own feelings and thoughts to themselves. They need to realise that true intimacy is built on mutual trust, overcome their fear of getting hurt or abandoned, and learn to open up to their significant other.

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What Sagittarius is most afraid of is losing their freedom. They tend to associate long-term commitment with routine, boredom, entrapment, and unnecessary burdens. As a result, they end up running for the hills every time someone tries to build a deeper bond with them. They have to realise that becoming emotionally attached to someone doesn’t necessarily entail losing one’s independence.


Capricorn is afraid to let their weaknesses show. They constantly put on a brave face because they feel the need to always be in control, have the upper hand, and come across as strong, self-reliant and dependable. They need to learn to let their guard down, to allow their partner to see their vulnerable side, and to seek help when they need it themselves.

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Aquarius fears emotion itself. They prioritise reason over emotion, and tend to approach even matters of the heart in an overly cerebral fashion. This tendency to rationalise everything, along with their detached demeanour, often drives others off. Unless they’ve decided they’re better off single, they need to overcome the notion that love equals loss of freedom and learn to embrace their emotional side.


Pisces’ main fear stems from their nature as a mutable star sign. They are so malleable they often end up losing themselves in the needs of others and completely neglecting their own. As a result, they often fear that emotional attachment may threaten their already shaky sense of self. They need to learn to set boundaries and show their love without becoming completely absorbed in their other half’s problems.

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