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The Best Quality of your Star Sign: Your Gift

The Best Quality of your Star Sign: Your Gift

Every star-sign has its gifts or virtues, just like it has its flaws. The art of astrology and Horoscopefriends can help you discover your best qualities based on your star sign and make sure that they do not turn into… curses in disguise!

We often make the mistake of viewing people in black and white terms. But, even though the tendency to see the world in simplistic terms can occasionally become too hard to resist, we should always try to remind ourselves that the beauty of life lies precisely in its complexity – in the fact that it consists of various shades of grey. 

We all have characteristics that endear us to those around us. Each and every star sign has been endowed with some appealing qualities that are unique to it. Are you aware of your own best qualities?  We’re here to give you some insight as to your most charming personality traits, based on your star sign. Be careful though: moderation in all things! Too much of a good thing can make others sick. So read on to find out (or confirm) what it is that others love about you, as well as how to prevent it from turning into a weakness.

The Best Quality of Your Star Sign

Check out your star sign and discover your special gift. If you want a more personal approach, get in touch with one of our friendly readers by calling 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).

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There are certain words that have no place in your life: reserve, hesitation, self-restraint. Once you’ve set your mind on doing something, you go about it with utter spontaneity, without fear of the consequences or other people’s reactions. You don’t bottle up your feelings or suppress your desires; you feel free to be yourself unapologetically and without being bound by what other people think. The problem with all this is that, sometimes, your freedom infringes on the rights of others. In other words, you have to learn to keep your ego in check. Gone too far? Do something special to show your loved one you care: cook a special dinner based on their moon sign horoscope!

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Remember that song that goes, “You make my life so beautiful”? It must have been written for a Taurus. You surround yourself with comfort and beauty, and enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer: places, food, music, people, objects. You always find a way to have a good time – even when you’re short of money. And you make those around you have a good time, too. However, when things don’t go your way, you get sullen and refuse to adapt. Check your numerology birth-day number for an added perspective!


Your interest in the people surrounding you, particularly those you have just met, makes them feel like the centre of the universe. You ask them about themselves, listen carefully to what they say, and remember every little thing about them. This makes you extremely popular because people are flattered by your attention. However, your interest in them is often devoid of emotion – nothing more than curiosity. You tend to treat every new person you meet as if they were an interesting movie; when they no longer intrigue you, you press “stop” and move on to the next one.  If you’re not a Gemini but this describes you rather closely, find out if you have your natal moon in Gemini by drawing your free birth-chart!


You are a blessing to those you love. Your affection for the people you hold dear is unparalleled – it knows no bounds. You’re fully devoted to them. You’re always there for them; they’re never left feeling betrayed or abandoned. The problem is that, sometimes, your love becomes suffocating. Your emotional state is entirely dependent on the mood of your loved ones. And when you let your insecurities get the best of you, you become insufferable.  Find out more about the gifts of your star-sign in Cancer and the Imagination!

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Your personality is as warm as your ruler – the Sun. You make those around you feel safe, comfortable, good. You support and protect them. You’re loyal and generous to them. You make them feel privileged to be part of your circle – or should we say “entourage”? Sometimes, you treat the people in your life as if they were your satellites, forever destined to revolve around and be defined by you. Just because someone is emotionally devoted to you doesn’t mean you own them. Find out how you can grow personally in relation to the planets!


Despite your modesty, you know full well that you are the Mother Teresa of the zodiac; you’re always ready to offer your help and support. You give others your undivided attention. You help them analyse their problems from every possible angle and find practical solutions to them. But when, for whatever reason, the recipient of your help doesn’t follow your advice, you take it personally. You have to learn to let others make their own decisions – even if they’re wrong. Virgo also tends to love pets, so why not check our Dog Signs in Astrology and your Dog?


Your courtesy is proverbial. You make those around you feel comfortable with themselves, flattered, and desired. You know how to break the ice, how to be hospitable, how to make others have a good time, and how to cater to their tastes. And, above all, you know how to say the right thing at the right time, how to avoid potential pitfalls, and how to navigate every social situation with grace. You speak your mind without offending others. You are confrontational in a diplomatic way. Could you be too good to be true? All this politeness and delicacy can make others think you don’t always mean what you say. Find out where your Mercury is by drawing your free birth-chart and how well you communicate based on your Mercury element!

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You have a gift for making others trust and open up to you. You enchant them; you make them feel like you really care about them. You’re always there for them. You become their companion, their confidant, the friend that will stand by them and help heal their pain by supporting them emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. The problem is that, sometimes, your well-intentioned concern crosses the line into intrusiveness. When someone close to you chooses to keep something to themselves, your curiosity gets out of hand, and you feel offended and rejected. It’s like you don’t acknowledge other people’s right to have secrets of their own. Is someone being cryptic? Find out if they mean what they say based on their star sign.

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People say that healthy relationships are built on honesty, and Sagittarius is definitely not lacking in that department. Whoever wants the truth and nothing but the truth is sure not to be let down by you. You are as straightforward as they come; you tell it like it is. You speak your mind without caring about the consequences or other people’s reactions. The problem is that, even though everyone says they encourage and welcome honesty, very few people can really handle it. And you often tend to overestimate people’s tolerance for the truth. Find out what to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with; this can help you know when to speak and when to stay silent…


You are firm in your decisions, steadfast in your beliefs, and unwavering in your devotion to the people you hold dear. You’re as reliable as they come; you mean what you say and keep your word. You are fiercely protective and supportive of your loved ones, as you value nothing more than justice and duty. You believe that some things are matters of principle – and you place nothing above your principles. To those around you, everything feels safe, clear… and set in stone. Sometimes, you become so predictable that you end up being boring. You have to make some room in your life for the unexpected. Try something different: read your Chinese horoscope 2016!


You’re a fierce advocate of everyone’s right to freedom, independence and self-determination – not only in theory, but also in practice. You respect other people’s choices – even more so when they are aligned with principles you subscribe to, in which case you defend them as if they were your own. You believe everyone should be free to decide for themselves how to live their life. Sometimes, however, you give others so much room to define themselves that you end up coming across as detached and indifferent. You run the risk of alienating even people you care about. Find all about the biggest relationship threats for your star sign.


You’re sensitive, indescribably sweet and, above all, compassionate. Your compassion is not based on self-righteous pity or a false sense of altruism, but on your ability to empathise with other people and fully identify with them. Your heart is made of gold. That’s what people love about you: your kindness. The problem is that, sometimes, instead of comforting others, you end up getting depressed yourself and dragging them down even further. You have to try to remind yourself that it’s not your duty to carry the world upon your shoulders.  Get some much needed spiritual support with a free celtic cross love tarot reading.

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