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Star signs prone to lying, cheating and breaking promises

Star signs prone to lying, cheating and breaking promises

How many times has your significant other made you a promise he didn’t keep? Have you ever felt that he only promised you something because he wanted to evade an uncomfortable confrontation, or that he is forgetful of his promises to you? Do you think he forgets about his promises because his feelings for you are not strong enough? And most importantly: Is his failure to make good on his promises intentional? Astrology can give you some answers to these questions! Read on to find out which star signs are prone to lying, cheating and breaking promises... And then check out your free compatibility report to ascertain if you are a good match from an astrological perspective!

Aries star sign or Aries ascendant

Aries does not lie intentionally, but he is very likely to make a promise in order to please you or to get you to stop complaining, and not keep it. He may also get carried away with enthusiasm and promise you the world only to completely forget about it a few days later. However, his intentions are always good, and he never has ulterior motives.

Taurus star sign or Taurus ascendant

Taurus usually keeps his word; it is getting him to give you his word that can be a challenge! Taurus rarely makes promises; he sees promises as a form of commitment, and only makes promises he knows he can keep. If you want him to do something, go about it smoothly and avoid putting pressure on him; otherwise his stubbornness will take over, and he will never do it.

Gemini star sign or Gemini ascendant

Gemini can drive you crazy! He can make it look like he delivered on a promise he made without actually having done so! He is a great diplomat; he has a talent for working his way out of uncomfortable or complicated situations while making it seem like he did what was best for both sides. Generally, however, he makes good on his promises.

Cancer star sign or Cancer ascendant
When Cancer fails to keep his word, it is usually due to unforeseen circumstances; you don’t feel like holding it against him, because you know he is not one to make promises he doesn’t intend to keep. He usually makes good on his promises because he can’t stand the idea of you holding a grudge against him, but also because he would hate to hurt your feelings.

Leo star sign or Leo ascendant

Leo always keeps his word. Sometimes, he makes the mistake of promising more than he can afford to deliver, so he often ends up regretting not keeping his mouth shut! He always sticks to his promises – it is a matter of honour.  He does everything in his power to live up to his commitments; he would never risk losing your respect or good opinion!

Virgo star sign or Virgo ascendant

Virgo feels compelled to keep his promises. When he makes a promise, he feels compulsively obligated to fulfill it. Which is why making promises doesn’t come easy to him; he won’t give you his word unless he is confident he can deliver. Don’t try to get him to promise to do something he doesn’t feel like doing – you are sure to fail.

Libra star sign or Libra ascendant

Libra will promise you the world if it means earning your love and appreciation. Whether he will actually deliver on his promise is a whole different matter… If his heart is not really in it, he is unlikely to make good on his word; he’ll come up with all kinds of excuses in the hopes that you will understand and forgive him.

Scorpio star sign or Scorpio ascendant

If you think getting a Scorpio to make you a promise is easy, think again; Scorpio doesn’t make promises without having thought things through. When he does make a promise, though, he is capable of moving heaven and earth to make good on it. He would never risk losing your trust; you don’t need to worry that he might go back on his word. It is making good on yours that you should be concerned with!

Sagittarius star sign or Sagittarius ascendant

Sagittarius’ promises are like weather forecasts: He promises one thing and does another. Try to keep your expectations low. It’s not that he makes intentionally false promises; it’s just that he often loses sight of his goals because he gets easily distracted. You will find it hard to hold a grudge against him, though; he knows how to make you focus elsewhere. You may also be interested in our star signs in love what they say and what they actually mean guide!

Capricorn star sign or Capricorn ascendant

Capricorn rarely breaks his promises. His word is ironclad. He won’t make a promise unless his heart is in it and he is absolutely certain he can carry it out. He doesn’t get carried away by emotion. However, he is not unlikely to make an exception to his rules if he stands to gain something out of it!

Aquarius star sign or Aquarius ascendant

Aquarius can make you regret trying to get him to make you a promise he doesn’t feel like making; he will not only refuse to give you his word, but also explain the reasons why! You’d better be prepared; you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. When he does give his word, though, he more than delivers. He will only go back on his word if you do something that disappoints him.

Pisces star sign or Pisces ascendant

Well… Let’s just say that Pisces’ understanding of his promises won’t necessarily coincide with your understanding of them. You’ll have to reach a common understanding of what a promise is. At the same time, though, when he fails to deliver on a promise he’s made to someone he cares about, he is overcome with guilt and fear that he might lose their good opinion. In any case, he can make you believe what he wants you to believe!

This was your astrology love guide to the star signs prone to lying, cheating and breaking promises. What are some other big relationship threats and why do you fall for the wrong people? Read our guides and find out! 

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