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Summer Fling or Permanent Thing? It’s all in his Star Sign!

Summer Fling or Permanent Thing? It’s all in his Star Sign!

So summer’s here and you’re in love. But is it just a fling or is it the real thing? His star-sign reveals all. Or…at least it can go a long way toward telling you the odds. It will also tell you how to keep your summer beau once the autumn leaves start to fall. Will he diss you and leave you heartbroken? Or…will he become a pest, hard to shake off? (Remember, this is also a possibility!) It all depends. Read his star sign and get a handle on things!

Caveat: your man’s attitude will also depend on planets in other zodiac signs, so check out his birth-chart to find out about these influences. Then read the horoscope below for his Venus, Mars, Moon and Ascendant Sign for added assurance. You can also check out Venus in love: where does Cupid strike?

Holiday Romance: Your Chances Sign by Sign

Is your holiday romance meant to last or doomed to whither? Read your hunk’s star sign to discover your chances and how to make it stick. If it’s all getting a bit intense and you’d like a more personal touch, feel free to call one of our expert love and relationship psychics on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470), on call 24/7!


Love is a game of cat and mouse for Aries guy. The moment he wins he loses interest. But keep him guessing and chasing after you and you’ve got him hooked. He won’t stop till he has conquered you - and he does like a challenge.  A summer romance with the ram is likely to be a whirlwind but potentially short affair. Aries will definitely do everything he can to get you into bed, as fast as possible. He’s honest, hotheaded and direct. But do not expect stability or longevity to follow. Aries gets bored very easily. Read more about some of the biggest threats in your relationship with this star sign. Can you keep Aries guy’s interest piqued after the summer is over? It all depends on whether he is still trying to win this contest, i.e. how much of a challenge you present. If you let him think he’s conquered you then he’ll just move on. But keep him hot on your trail, always just missing his target by a gnat’s wing, and he’ll stay hooked. Don’t let things get old either. Keep the chase new and exciting and above all: never ever surrender.


If it’s sensuality you’re after - massages, hugs and kisses, gifts and lovely dinners under the moonlight, (and great sex) - this is your man. Taurus is a sensuous lover. He likes to take things slowly and enjoy every minute.  Don’t ever rush him, as being told to hurry up is a huge turn off for a bull. He may take his time making a move, weighing his chances. That’s also because he needs to ensure he’s getting real quality. Taurus doesn’t like change, so don’t push him to do too much too fast or he’ll backtrack. Once he’s convinced that you're the one, he may be hard to shake off - this sign has incredible tenacity - so make sure this is what you want. He’s jealous and possessive too, so you'd better behave.  As for longevity, Taurus is stable and unlikely to wander off (it's too much hassle anyway) - as long as his considerable libido and physical desires are satisfied. (His greatest weakness is his inability to resist carnal pleasures). Tantalise his senses, make him feel satisfied, safe and valued and he’ll slowly but surely be yours. Catch your daily love horoscope to stay abreast of developments!


Gemini is the ultimate charmer of the zodiac and you are guaranteed a good time with him. But he is notoriously fickle. Bored in the blink of an eye, he’s likely to flit from thing to thing as and when it catches his fancy - much like a butterfly. He loves variety so even if he really likes you, his eyes will wander. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but don't let it kill your summer romance: don't take his flirtatiousness to heart. It's just his nature. Gemini loves to flirt much more than he likes being in a relationship. He hates commitment and loves to experiment. Make long term plans and he’ll be gone in a flash. He does love to talk so be ready to showcase your wit at the bar, at the diner-table, by the seaside. If you want to keep him interested, be witty, non-committal, multifaceted, youthful, interesting. Running out of clever banter is a no-no. Keep him firmly in game-mode trying to work his charm on you and you might just keep his interest alive for a while longer. Does your Gemini ever mean what they say? Find out!


Crabs are shy. They are on the defensive by default and always keep their cards close to their chest, despite their often friendly or even dynamic outward appearance. They will never reveal much about themselves until they've seen whether you are to be trusted enough to be admitted to their inner circle. (Don't hold your breath as this may well be reserved for family members only.) But if you want a truly romantic liaison this summer, then this guy is for you. He's tender and caring. Even if he puts on a 'tough guy' front, he's incredibly sensitive in truth, so don't be fooled. If he’s really into you, he may be hard to shake off come winter and may bring you to meet his family (let’s hope his mom likes you). Unless, that is, he's still attached to his ex, in which case you don't stand much of a chance. (He may even tell you all about it, so you’ll know.) If you want to win him over for good, cook for him, be caring and tender and respond to his every need (you have to divine what those are). Just stick around until he gets used to you being there. Once you're 'family' (if you make it this far) he can put up with an incredible amount of mistreatment before ever deciding to move on. He will moan and whine instead so be prepared! Cancer doesn’t handle rejection well either - find out more in the star signs and rejection.


The roaring lion is the king of the jungle and a real ladies man. Flattery works with this guy so don't hold back. But do it tastefully. He will eagerly lap up anything that boosts his ego. He may also be a jester and a showman, as he thrives on attention of any kind. Show interest in him to get him hooked but don’t go as far as becoming part of his entourage.  He needs to feel that you’re above the rest - a real queen fit to rule the kingdom by his side. Make sure he knows that he must impress you if you are to be his - much like a knight has to win over the heart of his lofty beloved by some worthy deed. A summer romance with Leo guy can be majestic, luxurious and dramatic, making you feel like a million dollars. Will it last? It all depends... Keep him on a quest to win your heart. Big him up but never submit to him completely. Don't get upset if he enjoys general female attention, he needs that. Just make sure he knows not to cross the line... Never be petty. Stay proud and magnanimous. Make sure he knows you're one in a million. Also, don't hurt his pride or he may never forgive you. Does your love affair have potential? Find out with your free love potential tarot reading


Not an impulsive kind of guy, nor one to fall prey to passing passions, you will have to showcase your intelligence to get Virgo guy's attention. If he fancies you, chances are he will find things to criticise about you, tease you and point out everything that you're doing wrong. He will also put you to the test to discover how you fare under different challenges. If you do pass his tests, he is unlikely to walk away once summer is over. Virgo functions based on reason and hates to waste time and energy on meaningless encountersunless that is, his objective was all along to get a nice break from his demanding work-schedule. In this case he may indulge in a summer fling. But Virgo is honest and pragmatic and he may well give you clues about this from the very start. If in doubt, check out the signs that your partner is really into you! If you want to keep his interest beyond a brief encounter, avoid drama and tiresome shenanigans. Showcase your intelligence, self-sufficiency and pragmatism. Be clean, fresh and smooth all over (Virgo hates dirt and hairy armpits). Be well put together. Make yourself useful. Even better, make him feel useful - Virgo likes that a lot. 


In love with love itself (and his own reflection), Libra guy is a real charmer... He may be very effusive in declaring his love for you but don’t take his declarations too seriously, as he is a natural romantic and potentially a little fickle. Libra hates to be all by his lonesome - even for a second - and this is the most likely sign to have a summer fling, just to not have to spend the summer alone. If you want to have a good time, you certainly will with Mr Libra. He’s a real gentleman with impeccable manners, style and a taste for the good life. And he’ll treat you fairly and with decorum. But he might quickly change his affections once summer is over. (Certainly if you live a long distance apart.) Determined to keep him by your side? Shower him with beauty and romance. Don't raise your voice and never be rude or vulgar. Compliment him. Be the perfect companion - charming and polite, soft-spoken yet strong enough for him to lean on. And make sure you always look and smell good! Your love numerology can give you a few more clues as to what to expect from this relationship.


If you want to experience real passion, look no further than Scorpio guy. But be warned. Your summer may be very intense, with power games, obsessions, spying and jealousies - not advisable if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. Dating a Scorpio is complicated, but great sex makes it worth it (or so people say). Although Scorpio is not generally interested in superficial relationships, he loves sex. So a mysterious glance and great legs may be enough to get his attention. Beyond that it takes a lot to impress a Scorpio. Plus he is incredibly suspicious and difficult to read. It may just be physical so don’t expect things to last necessarily. Scorpio craves intensity and may get bored once things get too "routine". (In fact, you’d better arm yourself with a few more clues as to what to expect if you’re in love with this sign.) How to make it last? Be mysterious, intriguing and hard to read. He loves to play detective. Show passion and don’t be afraid to challenge him. He hates all things bland. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so once in a relationship, he is unlikely to budge…unless you cross the ultimate line and betray his trust. Don’t do it. Heads up:check out the zodiac signs that never forget!


Sadge is a free spirit and (along with Gemini), the least likely of the signs to be actually looking for a long term relationship over the summer. Being tied down would be anathema to this happy-go-lucky guy. Sagittarius just wants to have fun. When the fun stops or things get serious he quickly gallops on to explore greener more promising pastures. So your chances for a long term thing are slim here. It’s best if you accept this right from the start and enjoy it for the adventure that it is. Don't make plans for the future. Seriously. At the first whiff of you trying to stifle his freedom your Sadge will bolt. How to keep him? Never ever let him think that he has conquered you completely. Stay untamed, wild, out of reach. Always have your eye on the next adventure. Say that you would love to spend more time together but you are planning to go travelling to Bhutan next month, so you can’t say for definite. And who knows what next! Move constantly toward where the grass is greener and he’ll stay forever on a quest to catch you up. Tired of making the wrong choices in love? Find out why based on your star sign!


Capricorn guy may well be the real deal but he’s difficult to find. Hard-working and ambitious, he may not even go on holiday, caught up as he is with his work and career plans. And if he's not there then how can you meet him? If you do come across this rare species you'll know: he exudes a natural authority, he’s serious-minded and not interested in small talk. Plus you just know that he’s capable of taking care of you. He has traditional values and is unlikely to look for his ideal mate in a frivolous beach bar. On the other hand, Capricorn loves sex… So if he’s chatting you up in a club, he may be doing it purposefully and solely for recreational reasons. If this happens, you will quickly know exactly where your limits are. Improve your chances with the old goatfish by exhibiting timeless values, practicality, intelligence and a willingness to support him in reaching his goals. Be a little conservative. Show him you are a hardworking, loving gal, who will stand by him through thick and thin - especially when it comes to his career and worldly ambitions. Get extra ammunition in 'how to make each star sign fall in love'.


Cool and out of reach, Aquarius is not really interested in ordinary relationships. You are more likely to have a semi-platonic affair (a meeting of minds) or be friends ‘with benefits’ with Aquarius guy. He hates to be tied down and abhors being told by anyone what to think or do. Aquarius knows best after all. If you can handle sex with no strings attached - or an affair that abides by his own unusual rules and his alone - then great. If you have a love of the unconventional and get turned on by intellectual types, Aquarius is your man. He will win you over with his grand eccentric ideas and his friendly, open manner. If you want to keep his interest past a holiday romance, display your own intelligence, free-spirit and progressive ideals. He hates frivolity and pretence so be high-minded. Avoid jealousies and stay aloof, friendly and cool. Admire and support his ideology, convincing him that you two could really change the world for the better - it was all his idea after all. Is your Aquarius man being cryptic? Our accurate and trusted psychics might just hold an important clue as to his behaviour.


This is the man with a thousand faces…You may think it’s true love one minute, then the next you find out he has a wife and kids, or that he has suddenly found the love of his life (not you). He is shimmery and slippery like a fish, incredibly imaginative, tender and sensitive but also changeable, fickle and hard to pin down. If it all ends, you will realise that he was just as much a victim of his own imagination as you were. A holiday affair with Pisces man will lead you through the looking glass and into the land of Oz - full of magic, escapism and romance…plus a little weirdness (expect events and conversations to go down strange paths). How to keep this dreamy fish by your side? Become his muse. Inspire him. Play make believe with him. Be multifaceted, intuitive or artistic. Indulge his flights of fancy, but also provide a safe harbour for him to return to. Above all,  be kind. You will most likely have to sacrifice any need for clear boundaries and accept that there are shades of grey to everything. Can you handle it? Testing for love compatibility between the star signs can tell you more. 

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