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Summer holiday ideas for each zodiac sign

Summer holiday ideas for each zodiac sign

Stuck for ideas on where to vacation this summer? No sweat. Leave it to Horoscope Friends! Here is the best Summer vacation idea for each zodiac sign!


You gotta have a vacation destination with more get-up-and-go than most, dear Aries! Plus summer always awakens your inner Love Machine, so how about getting your rocks off in the Canadian Rockies?  Las Vegas?  (Notice that neither destination is far enough for you to get bored on the journey or start kicking the seat in front if you’re on a plane with choruses of “Are we nearly there yet?”)


A vacation with no - okay, limited - Wi-Fi, or a heaven-on-earth-type destination that’s so chilled you’ll gladly leave your device on top of the nightstand the whole time, is what you should be heading on, dear Taurus. A digital detox from friends and family dramas and all the awful stuff that seems to be on the news daily can be bliss. One vacation destination that suits your tranquil temperament is Ireland. 


Gemini is an adaptable sign that loves learning, new information and socializing with smart minds. So the ideal Summer vacation fo Geminis is multiple destinbations in Europe. In countries where you can check out historic locations, unique art, gardens, rock formations, or a variety of national parks. We think you’d start froma barren, bleak lunar-like landscape like Iceland, or slow-paced Scotland, until Rome and Greece. 

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With the sun in your sign for most of July, how does stay-cation sound, dear Cancer? Then you could catch up on some Zs in your own bed. If you jet off at the end of July or in August, however, once the sun has left your sign and moved into Leo, it’s a different story: you’re then likely to go to town with your vacation and hang the expense! With August’s eclipses, you could be looking at the holiday of a lifetime, or one that’ll arrest the senses and alter your worldview, like Japan.


You love luxury and you’re in sun-seeker mode, dear Leo. You’re looking for heat in your heart and the feeling of the sand between your toes. You might want to head across the border down to Mexico to luxuriate on the Mayan Riviera, or how about the Bahamas? On home turf there’s always Florida? California? How about catching the surf? (or spectating!).


The love planets, Venus (in your sign) and Mars, in August, could be crowbarring all you single Virgos out of what seems like a perennial single spell via a vacation romance. A destination dripping in beauty and glamor, like the south of France, is, says Venus, your ideal vacation destination. Or how about a vacation dedicated to shopping? A zodiac sign and their dough are easily parted when Venus is in their sign!


Libras enjoy culture, typically have fine tastes, and like to connect with people. Most Libras like having a partner with them when going on holidays. So, they need their vacation spot to be romantic, aesthetically pleasing and expensive, as they're ruled by Venus. Paris, France is the perfect destination eve for Single Libras travellung alone, you're likely to meet someone traveling in the city of love, too. 


Pluto, your ruling planet, always carries an element of fate! Ever thought ‘to hell with planning, I’ll just stuck a pin in the map and then taken off where fate dictates? We’ve got you thinking about it though, haven’t we! Places with a rich history or controversial culture are always going to  be tantalizing to you. We hear Athens, Greece, is lovely at this time of year! As a zodiac sign that likes mystery, you could also consider the abandoned City Hall Station underneath NYC, or Michigan Central Station,


With Jupiter in your sign your mind’s like a sponge. Try an educational vacation where you take it all in – it’ll stave off any mid-vacation boredom, dear Sagittarius – or a white-knuckle action/adventure vacation with extreme sports and plenty of challenges is equally you all over! Or will you be attracted to one of the great religious capitals of the world like Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca or New Delhi?


With senior-citizen planet Saturn (and your ruling planet) in your sign, a traditional vacation would suit you - or a destination that’s quiet and not teeming with other tourists, dear Capricorn. Or, sign of the mountain goat, seeing as Saturn rules you, a holiday in rugged terrain, or where you feel like you’re the only person (people) still left alive does it. You and skiing are compatible, although you are quite accident-prone!


The Full Moon in your sign in August tells us that your ideal vacation is anywhere that’s a complete departure from the drone of everyday life, dear Aquarius. It could be riding mules down the Grand Canyon, or a spiritual crusade abroad, or a big group vacation with friends, or something that’s on the cusp of being the latest craze that not many people know about.


As watery Neptune continues its 14-year stay in your sign, you’re looking for an equally as leisurely vacation this summer, dear Pisces. If only! We know it’s rather obvious, but you should also be thinking about a cruise if you’ve always been curious about getting your sailor stripes, or snorkeling, or visiting a sea-life or marine center. A little bird tells us that Madonna is moving to Portugal, a country that’s close to your heart, so send her our regards if you bump in to her.

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