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Survival guide: Retrograde Mercury Turns Direct!

Survival guide: Retrograde Mercury Turns Direct!

What to expect when Mercury goes direct? You may have kissed Mercury retrograde goodbye, but Mercury's station direct can cause even more chaos and confusion! Read all about Mercury retrograde, its shadow period and its direct stationing!

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

A planet this small couldn’t possibly cause any big issues though, surely? Think again! 

Now, where did I put those keys? How many times have you muttered this to yourself in the past few weeks? More times than you can remember? Can you even remember, or is your brain scrambled? Yes? No? Don’t know? We’re all on a seemingly never-ending spin-cycle of chaos when brain/communication planet Mercury is retrograde. And everything that we humans directly or indirectly control also gets infected, like transport and appointment systems  - the smooth running of anything really. Did something electrical suddenly short out or lose the will to live? Maybe the shop didn’t have the part to fix it and you’re kinda lost without it? Maybe your flight was mega-delayed? Luggage end up in Brisbane instead of Boston? We must lay at least some of the blame for all of this type of thing squarely at the dainty winged feet of Mercury.

This planet might be dwarfed by its solar system buddies but it can still cause a lot if discomfort, like the pea in the princess’s bed, when it goes backwards. This, we’re afraid to say, happens three times a year. It also kind of follows that when we’re labouring under a Mercury retrograde is not a good time to sign contracts, launch a new business, move house, buy a new BMW, or travel very far from home, and especially without the right travel insurance. Incidentally, the planets (Mercury’s not alone in turning retrograde) don’t actually go backwards, it just appears that way from earth. One of the good things is that, however unravelled things get, you might get a snap chance to fix them once Mercury gets his skates on and faces the right way again. Speaking of which…

What happens when Mercury turns direct?

Mercury turning direct, or stationing direct as it’s known in the trade, doesn’t mean that we’re completely out of the woods. We then enter what’s called the shadow period, (the same as we do as we prepare for it to turn retrograde, and some astrologers believe these to be the most chaotic parts of the retrograde phase) and, believe us, this little planet can cast quite a long shadow. You should, therefore, try to give it about a week before fully trusting that normal service has resumed. If you have that kind of luxury in life, which of course many of us don’t, which is exactly why you should always look at what else is going on in your horoscope before you resign yourself to everything going belly up when Mercury’s up to his tricks. 

So, if you’re wondering what else can go wrong after what’s just happened, bearing in mind we’re going through a rocky patch right now, then you can take a little comfort from the fact that things can only get better. 

Once the dust has settled, you might want to revisit all the stuff that didn’t quite work or hit the mark when Mercury was retrograde, or that you, as it now turns out, wisely put off, or that circumstances dictated you should tackle at a later date.

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