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The Moon in the 12 Zodiac Signs

The Moon in the 12 Zodiac Signs

The Moon is of great significance in Astrology. Depending on the zodiac sign in which it is placed in our birth chart, the Natal Moon shapes our inner life in a certain way. The Moon’s influence is the reason why people belonging to the same zodiac sign are often completely different from one another. Along with the House and the phase it is in, the Moon sheds light on our feelings, our instincts, our habits, our subconscious, our private life, our past lives, our relationship with our mother, as well as on how we handle intimacy. The Moon rules our emotions, our moods and our reactions to external stimuli.                          

How to find your moon and sun sign? Check your birth chart!

The meaning of the Moon's placement in a birth chart

The Moon’s position in our birth chart reflects how emotionally secure we feel. Our natal Moon represents the instinctual side of ourselves, which some of us do not feel comfortable expressing. In times of great stress, this part of ourselves can get exposed, thus causing us to feel like we’re out of control.

In a man’s birth chart, the Moon represents the mother and the type of woman he’s most likely to be attracted to – though not necessarily the type of woman that would be ideal for him. In a woman’s birth chart, the Moon represents the mother and reflects the way she expresses her personality and femininity. Read on to find out what the Moon means based on its position in your own birth chart.                                        

Aries Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Aries in your birth chart, you get easily enthusiastic, but just as easily bored. You speak your mind with no filter, which may hurt other people’s feelings. You’re impulsive, impatient, blunt, and tend to act instinctively. You struggle with routine, repetitive tasks because you lack the patience and tenacity they require. You’re full of energy and capable of finding a quick solution to any given problem. You’re extremely lively, but need to be more careful when it comes to your relationship with your loved ones. Your unrestrained impulsiveness and your tendency to behave recklessly can give rise to conflict. As regards your professional life, you prefer to work as a freelancer or to occupy managerial positions. You don’t take kindly to advice or being ordered around.   

Taurus Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Taurus in your birth chart, your emotions tend to be strong. You don’t like change, so you find it hard to adapt to it. You’re a practical and resilient person, with high moral values and a tendency to possessiveness. You want to feel useful and are drawn to tasks that have the potential to be considerably rewarding. You seek out tranquillity and comfort, and dislike distractions. You enjoy good food, spending time in nature, spending time with your family, or simply relaxing at home. You’re very close with your loved ones; when your emotional security is threatened, you get jealous and possessive. You’re materially creative. You prefer actions to words. You place a high value on both financial and emotional security.

Gemini Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Gemini in your birth chart, you’re not particularly sentimental or sensitive (unless this is offset by the Moon’s aspects to the other planets). You’re often regarded as shallow – as erudite, but emotionally challenged. You’re terrified of commitment and tend to be emotionally independent. You’re good at public relations, mingle well with others and like to juggle many things at once. You’re moody, flexible, sociable, quick-witted, vain and very fickle in your emotions. You feel most at ease when in the company of good friends. You have an inquisitive mind and like to socialize with people from all walks of life. You’re intelligent, eloquent, persuasive, and know how to get out of situations you find uncomfortable. You have a double personality and an adventurous streak.

Cancer Moon Sign

When the Moon is in Cancer (the zodiac sign it rules), its influence is intensified. So, if the Moon is in Cancer in your birth chart, you’re strongly attached to the people you love, and need to know that your love is reciprocated. For you, love is a source of strength. When you have a family problem, it affects you deeply and you find it hard to perform well in other areas of your life. You like to take care of your family by creating a comfortable home environment. Keeping your family together is important to you. You’re oversensitive, prone to sentimentality, and cannot stand being single. You’re given to mood swings, so you need an assertive partner – someone you can draw strength and support from. You need to become less emotionally dependent on your family, as your overattachment to them can lead to stagnation in other areas of your life.

Leo Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Leo in your birth chart, you’re self-confident, and those around you admire your lively, optimistic spirit. You’re gifted with leadership skills and have a high sense of pride; you cannot stand being insulted, rejected, ridiculed or humiliated. You seek to be admired and are willing to do anything to earn people’s admiration. You’re extremely generous to the people you love. When you get rejected, you feel humiliated – you bow out, never to return. You tend to be cheerful and full of enthusiasm, but can also be somewhat bossy. You’re impressively steadfast and very protective of your loved ones. You’re a loyal and devoted partner. However, you tend to surround yourself with people with dubious intentions because you’re vulnerable to flattery.

Virgo Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Virgo in your birth chart, you have a strong need to feel safe. You lead a carefully planned life, and follow a meticulous daily routine. You’re very critical of yourself and other people. You’re shy, and even though your emotions tend to be strong, you rarely express them; you keep them to yourself as a form of self-protection or because you feel like grand demonstrations of affection are not compatible with your sense of decency. You’re over-analytical and wary of passion. You’re big on cleanliness and pay attention to detail. You tend to waste too much time and energy on minor things. You’re a realist and rarely give yourself over to love. You take pleasure in serving other people, which can cause you to neglect your own needs and be taken advantage of. You feel guilty when you take care of your own needs. You should learn to capitalize on your analytical skills.

Libra Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Libra in your birth chart, you value fairness and harmony in your interactions and relationships with others. You like to be seen as agreeable and easy to get along with; you tend to stay out of arguments and seek out the middle ground. You rarely whine about anything. You’re capable of ending a long-term relationship without ever having voiced any complaints, leaving your partner startled. You value good taste, hate vulgarity, and cannot stand loneliness. You’re gifted with sharp diplomatic skills and find it easy to compromise. You rarely express your anger; you have difficulty standing up for yourself. You’re prone to indecisiveness and procrastination. You’re very generous to the people you love. You tend to suppress your feelings, which can lead to sudden emotional outbursts when you can no longer contain them. Your personal magnetism makes you very attractive to other people.

Scorpio Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Scorpio in your birth chart, you rarely let your feelings show, which makes you very hard to read. You have difficulty expressing yourself in words because you fear you might be misunderstood. You continue to keep certain things to yourself even when you trust someone enough to let them in. This tendency to secrecy is a manifestation of your desire for control over others. No one knows how you think, how you feel, or why you do the things you do. For you, sex is inextricably linked to emotion. You seek to connect with your partner both physically and emotionally – even though you won’t admit it. When you become emotionally invested in someone, you also become obsessed with them; you tend to get jealous of them or make them feel like you could abandon them at any moment. May God have mercy on whomever betrays you! You will hold a grudge against them until the end of time and will get back at them the first chance you get. You let no one boss you around and don’t take kindly to people trying to impose rules or restrictions on you.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Sagittarius in your birth chart, you can’t stand staying indoors; you much prefer to be outdoors, socializing and spreading your joie de vivre. You’re not one to hold a grudge; you’re kind and forgiving. When it comes to romance, you avoid commitment and refuse to tolerate jealousy or possessiveness. You’re capable of coming up with all sorts of excuses to get out of the house. You like to enjoy life; you’re drawn to the new and the adventurous. You care about human rights and social justice, and have strong spiritual tendencies. You get along with everyone and carefully listen to what they have to say. You seek to broaden your horizons by getting in touch with your inner self. You cherish freedom and hate being controlled.

Capricorn Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Capricorn in your birth chart, you’re a reserved and emotionally distant person with a penchant for irony. There’s always something you need to do. And if there isn’t, you’ll bring work home with you. You’re a hopeless realist and tend to be too hard on yourself. You prioritize reason over emotion. You have a high sense of duty and could be living a life full of activities, but your desire for safety and stability confines you to a conventional way of life. Your tendency to overthink things makes you prone to melancholy and depression. You only open up after you’ve earned someone’s affection on your own terms. Sometimes, you feel jealous of free-spirited people. You rarely show your affection. You’re not receptive to advice or suggestions, but you’re loyal and dependable.

Aquarius Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Aquarius in your birth chart, you feel incredibly lonely; you have a void inside that’s hard to fill – a nagging sense of discontentment. You often seek refuge in your vision of an ideal world, which, however, bears little resemblance to reality. You feel hurt when other people disagree with your ideals. You’re very sensitive, and your soul craves affection. You know how to bring out the best in the people you interact with. You’re polite, but neither romantic nor affectionate. You don’t do intense passion, and jealousy has no place in your love life. You like being free to spend time with whomever you choose; you’re not particularly fond of the idea of getting married. You try to keep negative feelings at bay; you surround yourself with good-natured people and use your intuition to steer clear of ill-intentioned ones. Your outlook on life is eccentric and focused on the future rather than the past.

Pisces Moon Sign

If the Moon is in Pisces in your birth chart, you are very sentimental and have a strong subconscious need to be loved. You tend to behave like a martyr and to make far too many sacrifices in your romantic relationships, because you think that otherwise you won’t be loved. As a result, you’re often taken advantage of. You have difficulty finding an outlet for the pain you experience when faced with problems of an emotional nature; this can cause you to hide your feelings even from those closest to you, which in turn can give rise to depression and pessimism. You fall in love easily, get carried away with enthusiasm and make sweeping declarations of love until you suddenly realize that it was all an illusion – a trick of your imagination. You’re neither practical nor rational, and this makes you a victim to other people’s needs. You’re a romantic and a humanist. You’re very forgiving, because you accept people as they are. You’re not a very good judge of character, though. You need to learn to be objective when making decisions.

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