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The most and least tolerant star signs

The most and least tolerant star signs

Tolerance. A concept some star signs are more familiar with than others. And tolerance seems to skip out the door right after romance has split, or as soon as the relationship hits turbulence for some other reason. Certain star-signs are designed to snap more quickly under the pressure whereas others will show their tolerant side should the relationship be subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous wotsit. Using astrology, we’re gonna break it all down for you, dear Horoscope Friends, from the most to the least tolerant, using their behaviour when they’re facing relationship troubles as a gauge. 

How tolerant are you when it comes to relationship troubles?

The most tolerant sign when it comes to relationship troubles is you, so- tolerant-that-we-could-just-gobble-you-up Libra. Yes, all you weigh-a-uppers out there’ll do anything rather than be alone or rock the boat because, and even though you can be confrontational, you like to make your relationship a fight-free zone. Next on our list, and just missing out on the top spot is you, dear, accepting Cancer. Yup, you’re a soft-hearted person once you’ve given yours away and really will put up with a lot in the name of love and being loved. Then we come to another water sign, yes you dear Pisces.  You’re a firm believer in the reuniting and healing properties of romance and of love conquering all, which is why you’re always very tolerant even when your little love boat hits choppy, shark-infested waters. Here’s looking at you Capricorn, and your ability, like your namesake the mountain goat, to tough out hostile environments. Your tendency to think strategically and to the long-term greatly helps you maintain your tolerance levels and places you quite high on our list. Next on our rundown of the most and least tolerant star-signs we have another earth sign, Taurus. As we all know, you bulls have infinite, elasticated patience, coupled with the fact that when you form bonds of love, they’re equally as elastic and snap-back unbreakable.Then we come to your opposite sign, Scorpio. You’re known for your ‘stillness’ and not reacting in a knee-jerk way, and this comes from a place of tolerance, plus you’re built from sterner stuff than scramming at the first whiff of hard times. All you Geminis and Virgos out there tie in next place. Why? Cos you’re both ruled by clever-clogs Mercury, a planet that endows you with a wonderful logic that increases your tolerance and understanding, helping you not allow all those little gnawing destructive thoughts and feelings get in the way and erode your level-headed perspective.

Now we’re getting into the least tolerant zone, starting with Sagittarius. Yup Sag, you archers have been known to get going when the going gets tough, and by that we mean cantering out the door! Now we come to two more opposite signs, Leo and Aquarius. You Leos are constant in so many areas of your life, but you can have a shorter fuse with tolerance and tend to take it personally when your other half doesn’t feel exactly what you’re feeling at exactly the same time. Whereas with you, dear Aquarius, you can be a little intolerant of other people’s wobbles or insecurities, can’t you? Or you give off the impression that people should pull themselves together. You may not mean to, but you do. Then we come to the least tolerant sign of all: Aries! You’re just too impatient to be tolerant once the honeymoon period is over, but the great thing is you’re no hypocrite and you don’t mind one bit if others are intolerant of you and your shadier behaviour or when you know you’re being demanding or a little edgy and so lovably annoying!

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