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The one question you should never ask each zodiac sign

The one question you should never ask each zodiac sign

What question can really hit a nerve with each of the zodiac signs? We all have a weak spot, something we hate talking about or being reminded of, because for one reason or another it makes us feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, frustrated, or angry! Find out yours according to your zodiac sign.

The absolute worst thing you can ask to each star sign

Here is the one phrase you don’t ever need to say to each of the zodiac signs (… or you can say and hit their emotional Achilles' heel, if you want to give them a hard time).

Aries: How long since you last hit the gym?

Never question the self-confidence and pride of an Aries

Unless you’re trying to kill an Aries or get yourself killed by an Aries, asking them this question is, well… out of the question. It would be a huge blow to their self-esteem; they hate feeling (or being made to feel…) insecure about their body.

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Taurus: How come you’re not married yet?

Never imply the lack of commitment and loyalty to a Taurus

Taurus seeks permanence and emotional stability in their romantic life. Asking them why they haven’t yet taken their relationship to the next level can cause them to unnecessarily question the strength of their bond with their partner.

Gemini: Do you need a helping hand?

Never question the brains, intuition and skills of a Gemini

No. They don’t. Stay out of their way. Let them concentrate. Gemini prefers to do things their own way. They’re also extremely confident in their intelligence, so they like to think they can do everything by themselves.

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Cancer: How come you’re still single?

Dont bring up to a Cancer their relationship status if they arent romantically involved

You may mean it as a compliment, but the truth is that this question can feel like a shot through the heart to Cancer. It will trigger their insecurities, make them feel unworthy of being loved, send them into a spiral of depression, and earn you a look that could kill.

Leo: So, who calls the shots in your department?

Never ask a Leo who is in charge or question their leadership skills

You don’t want to ask Leo that question – unless you wish to make a sworn enemy of them, that is. It’s like asking them, “Who’s boss?”. If it’s not them, something’s not right with the world. Because, there’s no question about it, it should be them!

Virgo: How long since you last cleaned up this place?

Never imply that a Virgo’s house or life is not in perfect order

There’s nothing Virgo values more than order and cleanliness. Implying that they don’t always keep their place perfectly tidy is an unequivocal declaration of war. Avoid doing so, or you’ll make them clean it up again; besides, they’ll also have to clean up the pieces of whatever object they will have thrown at you. This goes for Virgo women and Virgo men too!

Libra: You look different! Have you had Botox?

Never question the effortless good looks of a Libra

Here’s the thing with Libra: They tend to be very preoccupied with how they look, so they make a point of taking good care of their appearance, BUT they hate coming off as a try-hard. They like to think that the effort they put into looking good doesn’t show...

Scorpio: How long since you last had sex?

Never question a Scorpio’s libido or their excellent mastery in bed

You’d better think twice before asking the hot, passionate Scorpio this pathetic excuse of a question! Their sex drive is legendary for good reason, and their sex life is enviable, and didn’t your parents teach you any manners?!

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Sagittarius: No summer leave, then?

Never question the adventurous and free spirit of a Sagittarius

Sagittarius can’t live without travelling – it’s like oxygen to them! They never pass on the chance to visit a new place, even if it’s just for a couple of days. If for whatever reason they can’t take a break from routine, reminding them will hit a very sensitive nerve.

Capricorn: Did you ever get that promotion?

Never question a Capricorn’s determination and career achievements

For Capricorn, nothing takes precedence over their professional ambitions. Having someone question their capacity for professional success, even if only implicitly or unintentionally, can send them off the deep end!

Aquarius: So, how’s all that saving-the-world business going?

Never question an Aquarius’ humanitarian life goals

Well, not that it’s any of your business, but it would be going very, VERY well if your stupid question hadn’t compelled them to violence. Save your irony for someone else, ‘kay? 

Pisces: I thought you were going to Ibiza?

Never confront a Pisces with their little white lies

Oops! You caught them lying – Pisces will do that every once in a while. Where’s the harm in telling a little white lie every now and then? And, not that they owe you an explanation, but it wasn’t really a lie – there was a last-minute change of plans. No need to be tactless!

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